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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 17: UNDERSTAND

When was the last time you dressed up and took yourself out on a date? Why not? You keep going out on dates trying to get to know other people, how about you get to know yourself too? I know it sounds crazy to go on a date by yourself, but trust me, I had to do it myself and it works! I don’t of course ask myself, hey where are you from, what achievements or failures did you have in life, I don’t even bother asking what the hell happened any more, because no one seems to have a clue including myself. Instead, I follow all the protocols for a date, that is, no phone, no computer, nothing to be busy with, just sit out there and get to know yourself. We have done so many exercises in the past to watch our thoughts, stay in present, notice our surroundings, feel what we feel, look inside us for answers and so on. One thing I take with me on a date though is a little treat for Marley because the poor guy still keeps wiggling his tail and staring at me, curious what’s wrong when he spots a tear here and there. I smile back at him because I want him to know that I am happy to finally get to know myself and grateful to have a four legged companion like him. Nevertheless, I believe this still qualifies for a date with myself alone.

Another way to get to know yourself is through books in the libraries where you could browse through the self-help section through the subjects that trigger your curiosity for a few hours, perhaps spending some time in a library cafe indulged in a self-exploration.

Understanding in this practice refers to understanding your own self, getting to know you, the person, finding out your desires and dreams, simply finding out what you are made of. It expands on the importance of the subject and suggests to work on your understanding of your own self through time alone, and particularly time alone away from any distraction. Please watch the session and feel free to share your own crazy story about dating yourself. Did the waiter come up to you and ask shall we wait a little more for him/her to join you? Or were they curiously staring at you throughout the dinner wondering what’s wrong with you?

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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Books are great.

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