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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 16: VISUALISE

When we visualise, we normally form a mental image of something. If you have ever paid attention to the kind of mental pictures while browsing the lovefraud pages, since you first came across to this site, you have probably been petrified. You probably considered yourself a well-educated, well-rounded person, with great empathy, affection, attention and care for all, but you probably felt like a zebra chased by a lion, a fish caught by a bear or a rabbit tortured by a fox. It’s impossible for anyone to understand a predator and a prey relationship unless they have been a victim too. When you feel like you’re in a war, all the scenes of the bloodshed seem to keep coming back like uninvited guests. You wish to get over those mental pictures for once and for all, but it seems like a daunting task, turning into a mentally dangerous loop.

This practice has been designed to help you create your own mental pictures of the life you desire intentionally, enabling the automated flow of grey scale pictures to be replaced with colourful and vibrant images. Consistent visualisation practice is very important to divert the chain of thoughts into a new path. Intentional visualisation for positive, motivating and stimulating mental pictures is similar to giving a command to your subconscious brain not to follow the path that leads it, but to leave a trail where there is no path for your dreams to follow. You deserve to live a fulfilling, loving and abundant life and unleashing your power of visualisation will take you one step closer to accomplishing your dreams and desires.

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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