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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 29: FAIL

Another four letter F word you might think, and you are quite right! We learned about FINE and it’s quite fine to fail, since failure is the First Attempt In Learning. If you define it as anything else, it may be a misconception.

We have been programmed to perceive failure as a negative experience, however, this practice redefines this word and encouraging us to fail – fail today, fail tomorrow and fail over and over, because every time you fail, you get one step closer to your dream!

Open up your dream journal and decide to fail for each dream. If you don’t fail, someone else will hire you to work on their own dreams, fail for them, so they can be rewarded. Maybe you are already there, but it’s never too late to start again. Simply take the initiative, stay positive and believe in yourself.

Here is the entire Self-Love and Healing video series – to start at the beginning, scroll to the bottom.

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this is lovely.

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