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Sex offenders still live in off-limits areas

A recent article on (Despite Laws, Registered Sexual Predators Try To Live Near Schools), reveals that sex offenders prefer to reside in areas that have been deemed off limits by enacted residential laws. These areas may have a high concentration of rehab and other facilities they might want to take advantage of. However,  it also may indicate strategic movements on the part of the offenders to be in areas with a ready supply of available targets.

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Donna, thank you for this link – just goes to prove that sex offenders should be surgically implanted with location devices, Big Brother be damned.


Ox Drover

My experience with the 4 sexually offending (and convicted) men has been that after release they continue to try to be around children. Dr. Anna Salter, who is one of the world’s leading experts on sex offenders, bears out this trend as well.

SEX OFFENDERS DON’T QUIT…and especially pedophiles don’t quit.


OxD, this is the thing that I cannot comprehend. Research data has proven that sex offenders don’t stop harming, even if they’re chemically castrated – it’s NOT about sex, for crying out loud!

They should be surgically implanted with location devices and technically monitored. That’s it and that’s all.

It seems that there really are no true consequences. Taking away their “freedom” for a few years? NO big deal. They get together with other offenders of their ilk and share creative ways to perpetrate the same crimes when they are released. They only have to say the right words in the right order to appear to be “rehabilitated” for parole.


Ox Drover

yea, and the sexual registration thing is a JOKE…

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