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Signs of a sociopath: Man allegedly gets out of prison and immediately kills a woman

David Bohart (Tucson Police Department)

David James Bohart, 34, of Arizona, got out of prison on Monday, November 19, 2018. That same day, police in Tucson received a 911 call in which a man reported that he was just released from prison and had killed his girlfriend.

Bohart was arrested in a Tucson motel on suspicion of second-degree murder.

The victim, Marika L. Jones, 49, was found dead in a home. While searching the home, detectives found a Department of Corrections file box belonging to Bohart.

None of this looks good for Bohart.

This story gives multiple hints that Bohart may be a sociopath:

  • If he did, in fact, commit the murder, well, killing someone is a big warning sign. Killing someone on the day he got out of jail is also a warning sign. This man had so little impulse control that he couldn’t last one day outside of prison?
  • Killing his girlfriend is another warning sign. Did he think he owned her?
  • Bohart served two previous stints in prison — one for forgery, and the other for drugs. When you add in murder, he is exhibiting signs of “criminal versatility” — one of the diagnostic criteria for psychopathy.
  • He was ordered to check into a drug treatment facility — many sociopaths have substance abuse problems.

I wonder if Bohart was evaluated according to the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R). The whole point of this evaluation is to determine if  prisoner is likely to break the law again. Maybe it would have flagged him.

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David Bohart exhibits the classic “dead eyes,” common to many sociopaths. In the link, there is a second link where they showed pictures of Whitey Bulger and his assassin, both definitely sociopaths, and, they too, have dead eyes. Sometimes dead eyes is difficult to pick up in person, and is easier to see in photography. By the way, the Secret Service is trained to pick up on dead eyes, and to step up their security measures when they detect it.


That later report said a motive in Marika Jones’s death “was not immediately clear.” Still, it’s not hard to guess, is it? I’d be inclined to pick from about three.

1. While Bohart was in prison, Marika got wise and had second thoughts about their relationship. (There’s a suggestion of this in her Facebook statement about their relationship: “It’s complicated.”) Bohart arrives, finds she’s throwing him over, gets mad at being jilted, and kills her.

2. Bohart gets out of prison raring for sex. Marika (for whatever reason) “isn’t in the mood” and turns him down. He gets mad at this rejection and kills her.

3. Bohart comes to believe that while he was in prison, his Marika has been unfaithful to him. This may be a fact, or it may be totally untrue, and he only fears it because he’s paranoid, the way some of these possessive people are. Whether it happened or not, it’s what he fears or believes, so it doesn’t make any difference. He gets mad and kills her.

Of course, there are other possibilities. It could just be that he “expected” her to have drugs for him when he got there, and she “let him down” by not having any. She was supposed to read his mind, don’t you know? These disordered nutjobs can get mad about any little “offense,” real or imagined.

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