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Sociopathic control eventually turns to brutal murder

In the UK right now, Ivan Esack, a former Kent police detective, is on trial for brutally stabbing his wife to death. He made a threatening call the night before the crime.

‘How do you want to play it? Death, death or death’: Trial hears chilling phone call from ex-husband accused of murdering wife,on

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And the (semi-confessed) murderer asserts he’s not guilty of murder, but rather manslaughter, as he claims he has “narcisstic personality disorder.” NPD as a murder defense? Wow.

The phone call transcript excerpt is horrifying.

That NPD as a defense, takes the cake.

Of course it could work. His narcissism made him believe he was ENTITLED to kill her. So he did.

Ox Drover

This case makes me want to PUKE!


Ugh. OxD, I’ll hold the bucket for you, if you’ll hold it for me.

“I have NPD, so I’m not as bad as the murderer over there!” is what it translates to. Uh…..someone’s dead, deceased, crossed over, gone, done. Sure, there are crimes of passion, but telling someone that they have a choice to die, or to die is a clear indication that this man clearly meant to end the woman’s life. Clearly. Without a doubt.

There’s the classic case of NPD for sure!No remorse….his wife was just a possession….her happiness didn’t matter….obviously he wasn’t going to change;the most effort he would put forth would be his ‘crocodile tears’ and the money for vacation!NOBODY but NOBODY could have HIS POSSESSION!!!

I am now more convinced than ever that I cannot go back!I didn’t want to anyway….but if I ever feel weak,I’ll just remind myself of this SAD,SAD story!

Ox Drover

Blossom4th, the women who are murdered mostly do not have any idea that they are at risk for being MURDERED. The girl my son killed had no idea, she was totally without a CLUE that he was capable of MURDER. It cost her her life before she was 18 years old. What a shame.


Ox, I’ve seen enough of your posts to kind of feel like I know you but I’ve never read what exactly happened with your son…If you don’t mind me asking, why did your son kill her? What was the story behind it?

Ox Drover

Daisy, He was 20, out of prison for robbery and met this 17 yr old girl, she was out on her own, dropped out of HS…living with a roomie, She and My son Patrick (been in and out of trouble since age 15, very smart, rebellion delux) got some credit cards in her grandfather’s name and of course it wasn’t long before the bills came in and she told her family he did it, so he lured her out, saying they were going somewhere to get the money to pay it off,, but he killed her, two shots to the head. Cold blooded, premeditated execution…then in 2006 he sent one of his ex cellmates to rent a small house from me, infiltrate our family, and try to kill me and make it look like suicide. He failed to accomplish that but did go to prison for trying to kill my son C.

My egg donor (formerly called “mom”) sends money to my son, and hires him a lawyer to try to get out of parole. I hired a lawyer to fight his parole. If you’d like too write a letter to protest his upcoming parole

here are the instructions

That’s about it in a nut shell.

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