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Stolen Valor v. First Amendment

The Stolen Valor Act declared war on military phonies. Signed into law in 2006, the federal law made it illegal for any unauthorized person to wear, manufacture, sell, barter or claim any military decoration or medal.

Phonies are rampant. An organization called AuthentiSEALS, which worked to expose men who falsely claimed to be members of the elite SEAL teams, estimated that there were 300 impostors for each real SEAL. AuthentiSEALs disbanded in 2005 because its members were exhausted from checking out all the liars.

We’ve certainly seen the phenomenon here at Lovefraud. My ex-husband, James Montgomery, was one of those who falsely claimed to be a Special Forces operative. He also falsely claimed to earn the Victoria Cross, which is Australia’s equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He perpetuated the fraud for 25 years, until I busted him. And plenty of Lovefraud readers have told me that the sociopaths who deceived them also claimed medals, war service, CIA clearance, etc., etc., etc.

Since the Stolen Valor Act became law, many phonies are being prosecuted. The P.O.W. Network, administered by Chuck and Mary Schantag, is in the forefront of this effort. They check out the claims. They post the impostors on their website. They circulate information about arrests via e-mail, and, I’m pleased to say, a lot of these jerks are exposed.

Meet Xavier Alvarez

One of them is Xavier Alvarez of Pomona, California. Alvarez was elected to the Three Valleys Municipal Water District board. On July 23, 2007, Alvarez attended the Walnut Valley Water District board meeting. As a newly elected director, he was invited to introduce himself. Alvarez said, “I’m a retired Marine of 25 years. I retired in 2001. Back in 1987, I was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. I was wounded many times by the same guy. I’m still around.”

Alvarez talked about his military achievements on other occasions as well. He told a fellow board member that he saved a U.S. ambassador, and the American flag, while wounded by gunfire during a helicopter rescue in Lebanon. Then he changed his story and said it happened in Iran.

Previously, Alvarez ran for mayor of Pomona. While seeking the endorsement of the Pomona Police Officers Association, he claimed that he won the Medal of Honor. In fact, when Alvarez showed up at the offices of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper when he sought its endorsement, he wore camouflage fatigues.

Every claim was a lie. He didn’t win the Medal of Honor. In fact, Alvarez was never in the military. He was charged on September 26, 2007 with falsely claiming that he won the Medal of Honor. Then he denied that he made the claim.

Unfortunately for Alvarez, the Walnut Valley Water District board meeting was recorded; claiming that he never said it didn’t work. So what’s the next best thing? When a TV reporter confronted Alvarez at subsequent meeting—he refused to resign—Alvarez backpedaled.

“When I explained myself, I explained myself incorrectly. People took it out of context,” Alvarez said. “It was a bad day for me. I didn’t explain myself correctly.”

You can see this amazing performance in a TV report about the case by ABC News.

Alvarez and his ex

So, Alvarez gets himself elected to the water board, and what does he do next? He claimed that Juanita Diana Ruiz was his wife, and signed her up for health benefits. But the couple divorced back in 2002.  His fraud cost the Three Valleys water board $4,874.

According to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Ruiz filed for divorce in June 1997 after two years of marriage. She requested a restraining order. Here’s what she wrote in her court declaration:

(Alvarez) has thrown me against the wall, choked me and has threatened me with more physical violence. (Alvarez) has repeatedly stated that he would not hesitate to kill anyone who messes with him. (Alvarez) carries a firearm and will not hesitate to use it.

Ruiz also stated that Alvarez claimed to be a veteran of the Gulf War, became violent when intoxicated, and threatened violence against her family and friends.

The newspaper found more interesting information about Alvarez:

  • In 2002, Alvarez was convicted of driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and trespassing on railroad property.
  • Alvarez claimed that he earned an engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona. He never attended the college.
  • Alvarez claimed that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to name a bridge after him because he won a seat on the water board. That was also a lie.

Alvarez lies about everything, then lies about lying. He has a problem with alcohol. He was threatening and abusive towards his wife.  All of these behaviors are very familiar to us here at Lovefraud, because they are the behaviors of a sociopath.

First Amendment

There’s more. Alvarez feels entitled to lie. So entitled that he’s filed a case in federal court demanding that his indictment under the Stolen Valor Act be dismissed because it violated his First Amendment right of free speech.

A federal public defender filed the motion on his behalf. Quoting prior court cases, it stated:

False speech is protected speech. It is true that “neither the intentional lie nor the careless error materially advances society’s interest in uninhibited, robust, and wide open debate on public issue.” And yet, the Supreme Court has recognized that false statements of fact are “inevitable in free debate.” If erroneous speech is punished, the risk is that speakers will be “cautious and restrictive” in the exercise of their constitutionally protected freedoms, which may lead to “intolerable self-censorship.” (Citations omitted.)

Then, the motion argued that because Alvarez made the statement as an elected public official, his statements were “political speech—”free debate about politics and government—and the law should not intrude on it.

The motion was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner in a decision dated April 9, 2008. He wrote:

Here, this Court is presented with a false statement of fact, made knowingly and intentionally by Defendant at a Municipal Water District Board meeting. The content of the speech itself does not portray a political message, nor does it deal with a matter of public debate. Rather, it appears to be merely a lie intended to impress others present at the meeting. Such lies are not protected by the Constitution.

Both the motion and the dismissal are posted on the P.O.W. Network website.

Alvarez appeals

So does Alvarez back down? Of course not. He appeals the decision. The case was heard in Pasadena, California on November 4, 2009. An audio file of the hearing is available on the website of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It is enlightening.

Alvarez was represented by a lawyer named Jonathan Libby. In his opening statement, Libby argued that with the Stolen Valor Act, Congress made it illegal “to tell a non-defamatory lie about oneself,” which violated the Constitution of the United States.

Libby pointed out that everyone lies—they lie about their age, their marital status. They lie to make people feel better. They lie about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. “All Americans believe that simply telling these lies are fully protected under the First Amendment,” he said.

Libby conceded that the government had a legitimate interest in sanctioning lies that led to fraud, as in the cases where phonies have claimed to be veterans, even wounded veterans, to collect veteran’s benefits. But, he said, there were other ways for the government to protect the Congressional Medal of Honor, like publishing the names of the true recipients on a website.

Then the following exchange took place:

Judge: What First Amendment interest is served by allowing this type of speech?

Libby: Falsehoods can have affirmative value for speech; they spur the quest for truth. We live in a free society, where people are free to speak their mind, even tell lies. In this case, the government has decided what lies it wants to prosecute and what lies it doesn’t.

Judge: This guy is perpetuating a fraud on the public, in a public forum, in which it could be to his advantage to pump up his credentials. Why can’t the government protect our interest in those type of public fora?

Libby: Because it’s possible in our society that people prefer that liars get elected to office.

The big picture

I almost fell off my chair when the attorney asserted that American citizens prefer to elect liars. But the stupid claim hints at the broader issue that is at stake here.

The judges and attorneys argued about fine points of legal theory, such as the fact that the Stolen Valor Act did not have an intent requirement, meaning that it doesn’t say that people who falsely claim to be heroes have to do it on purpose. They argued about criminal and civil remedies.

But I believe that the important issue for the general public is that people who falsely claim to be military heroes usually don’t make the claim in isolation. If they’re lying about winning a medal, they’re lying about other things as well.

My ex-husband put on an elaborate charade of being a Special Forces hero, complete with medals and forged documentation. He was the keynote speaker at a Veterans Day ceremony. He did presentations for schoolchildren about the importance of Veterans Day.

He did not do this to claim veterans’ benefits from the government. He did it to make himself look honorable so that he could convince me, many other women and even businessmen to invest in his schemes. He created a false persona of honor so that we would believe and trust him.

That’s what these guys do.

For me and many other Lovefraud readers, the false military claims were just a symptom of the problem. The real problem was that the claimant was a sociopathic con artist out to take everything he could get.

I’m a journalist, and I’m all for the First Amendment. But using it as an excuse to protect lying con artists—and Xavier Alvarez certainly fits the bill—would be a tragedy.

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Quantum Solace

Here’s the part that never ceases to amaze me: no matter how Psychopathic the Psychos are, there is always an equally Psychopathic lawyer to cater to them, craft their lies, fight their fights and destroy, or continue destroying, other people’s lives. The scary part is that it is these very Psychopaths that write and enforce the laws, run the country and make decisions for the rest of us. Is anybody surprised at the mess we’re in and does anybody wonder why?

As a society – and a species – we’re doomed to fail.


“It was a bad day for me. I didn’t explain myself correctly.”

I know it’s a tragic problem, but very often, psychopaths’ dishonesty, poor excuses and twisted logic make me laugh.

I often listen to french comics broadcasted on the radio, and I’ve noticed that some of their characters make us laugh because they behave and think like psychopaths (for instance an undertaker behaving like if he was selling cars; or a lying seducer who loses track of his lies but incredibly manages to smooth his blunders over.)

One of the social functions of art may be to train our “machiavelian module” to prepare us to face real life cons.

Ox Drover

Dear Donna,

The part of the stolen valor act that says it is illegal to barter or sell medals is interesting because at just about ANY flea market, junk store, pawn shop, or antique store you can freely buy legitimate medals. Just a couple of weekends ago in Texas my friend and I went to a large monthly flea market and there were hundreds of medals available for sale.

The “nut job” who lives across the road from me (this is the guy who sued me for $50,000 for his emotional upset, after the plane my husband was in crashed on his pasture, killing my husband and severely burning 3 others, for HIS emotional upset that required money to make him feel better) claimed to have been special services, 5,000 parachute jumps —no one has ever made that many jumps–and FBI and CIA, and actually I have a deposition of him admitting he said this—wonder if I can get him prosecuted? (not really, isn’t worth the time)

His posturing, though, is so lame that no one in their right mind would believe him, and within a few days of him arriving in our neighborhood everyone in the area was calling him “crazy Bob”—-he was such a P.I.T.A. though that several of the local businesses actually asked him to leave and not grace them with his custom.

Others, though, with more social skills than “crazy Bob,” CAN and DO pull off the “Long cons” and actually convince people they are a “hero”—and then use that for financial or other gain.

I’m glad that the courts have upheld the Stolen Valor act and this creep has been exposed, one down and 10 million to go!


There is something funny (laugh out loud) about pretending to have medals for things never done.
psychopaths must feel entitled to have them. They do not have any qualms about stealing identities, money, trust, honour, valour…making them the lowest of the low no honour, no valour.

in their heads normal people must either be nice people because they believe the scam or crazy people who see through the lies…it’s a terrible version of reality. A really sad pathetic joke, yet they get away with it precisely because no one would believe any normal person would ‘want’ to fake being a war veteran…..

I guess the only real person is the one in front of you, right now… best not to believe the CV ever. I know this is Obvious and duh but I have to say it and say it and say it again they really are shallow, shameless and bewildering….Thats it, from shock to bewilderment.

Ox Drover

Well, while we do have “freedom of speech” it does not give a person a license to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and the person must face the consequences for the USE of their speech that hurts others as in liable and slander (though those things ARE difficult to prove sometimes) so I hope that the courts WILL uphold the Stolen Valor Act.

It just amazes me what scumbags like this will do to defend their “rights” to be con-men, and that they CAN find attorneys to help them.


and then there are those who actually serve……–cfb-trenton-commander-faces-2-homicide-charges

Trenton is a small Canadian town (north of Rochester, NY), where the military is the only game in town.

The Dept/ of National Defense have said that they will investigate murders in the other cities/ towns where The Commander has been posted. The authorities obviously have a great deal of interest in him or this piece of information wouldn’t have broken as quickly as it has, given that the information about his arrest has only been in the news for a day or so.

It will be interesting to see what information shakes out about the Commander over the coming weeks.



The veracity alone involved with Alvarez for lying and stealing honor and the rights of those who gave their lives and time along with true and real and honest displays of bravery is just hideous. He is not only a liar he is a thief. So now he is ENTITLED to representation for lying. He is also prolonging this nonsense for what? SO he can vindicate himself with his followers?

I have been conned by a man just like him who even recently went to great lengths to TRY to vindicate himself when he found his name and face on the site. This may be the only justice that we, (yes other women too have come forward) will ever see because he also feels entitled to justice. So he walks free.

“I almost fell off my chair when the attorney asserted that American citizens prefer to elect liars.” This is the justice they seek. Their lack of respect for others convinces the sociopath that they CAN tell the lies because they WILL be believed. And when the truth starts to come out they rely on the weak individuals who prefer the lies to realizing THEY have been conned. So as long as others rally around them (the sociopath doesn’t care who it is that stands by his side credible or not credible) they DO count on the stupidity and LACK of bravery of others who will NOT call him on his lies. And so it goes……

What are we teaching our children? Where is the reward in coming forward and screaming the truth at the top of our lungs so this idiot and his idiotic attorney can claim a “win”? THis is wasteful and a disgrace and should have long been thrown out of court.

The damage is emotional for those who did believe him for a time. The damage is in that they walk free because even the FBI doesn’t want to waste their time going after these people. It’s sites like the that continues to expose these liars who are much more. And yes this is just a symptom of other lies and activities.

The sociopath I dealt with, advertises himself as a graduate of University of New Mexico. It has not been proven, but his resume does not indicate that. Is it possible that he was a Navy SEAL, worked for the NSA and CIA covertly and obtained a bachelors degree and an associates degree from an upstate NY school all in four years while working three jobs? I don’t think so! Not only does the timing not work, the facts speak for themselves. He was kicked out of the Navy and was a laborer. And all that he has was obtained by suing insurance companies or given to him from relatives.

Shame on them all and shame on the justice system for allowing this banter and not laughing this guy out of court and arresting him for using his power and lies to obtain health benefits, stealing from his constituents.




Speaking as a lawyer, yes, the Code of Ethics in every state obligates a lawyer to zealously defend the interests of his client. That said, I cringe when I read of the antics of attorneys like Alvarez’s.

Moreover, what bothers me, is that from a societal viewpoint, we continue to engage in a race to the bottom. I recently read a newspaper story in which psychiatrists report a stunning rise in narcissistic disorders in patients seeking in-patient treatment in the last 20 years.

I can’t comment on the psychiatric community, but all I have to do is take one look at New York’s government and cringe. New York is on the verge of seeing its second governor in less than 3 years. The story, which is supposed to break in tomorrow’s New York Times alleges multiple instances of his cheating and drug use. His response? He lies. Our former head of the State Senate, Joseph Bruno was recently convicted for using his office to make millions on private business matters. Hiram Monseratte, the State Senator from Queens is facing expulsion from the assembly over his conviction for domestic violence, and yes, he lied and continues to lie about the whole episode. Today, the State Senator from the Bronx was arrested for misusing the funds of a charity he established. The list is endless.

Whatever happened to shame? Whatever happened to putting the community’s interests above your own? The level of disgust I feel for our society as a whole grows daily. Maybe, instead of building an island for Cluster-Bs which they can’t get off of, we need to build an island for those of us who can’t condone this crap to protect us from them.

Ox Drover

Dear Matt,

When does the boat leave? I am ready to go!

I mentioned yesterday and will add to your list here about the Justice of the NY supreme court Gerald Garson who was caught on tape accepting bribes for fixing divorce custoday and settlements, and talking about how he was going to give the kids and the money to a guy (who had presumably paid him) and “he didn’t deserve it” but then turning around and making a SEXUAL comment about the guy’s wife, who was ultimately the one who brought down this crooked judge.

Google GERALD GARSON and see the full stories of his crooked life.

Of course it is all because he was sick, he was an alcoholic. Poor baby! He never admitted anything else except how bad he looked on the tape where he took a bribe but it was because he was DRUNK.

Matt, though I agree that politics is CROOKED to the bone, I must say that this has ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE if you look back and really read history, it has NEVER BEEN DIFFERENT.

Even our own founding father, George WAshington, embezzled from his expense account! Campaigned for bounty lands for the soldiers, but got hundreds of thousands of acres for HIMSELF, and when he was questioned about it, he said, well, if I hadn’t done it (gotten the bounty lands) for them they would have had nothing so I deserve to be reimbursed. LOL

The year at VALLEY FORGE while Washingtons’ men were starving and without blankets, he lived in a comfortable cottage with Martha who was driven out in a carriage and six paid for by the continental congress, and GAINED 20 pounds that winter, while my ancestor had no socks, much less shoes.

In today’s money, an article I read said the carriage was worth $1.2 million dollars, and of course he kept it after the war. That would have bought a lot of socks and shoes for his men who had none. They also put on balls and plays and banquets while the troops starved, but Washington felt that as an arristrocat he was “entitled” to live well, even when the troops weren’t “living well.”

I don’t know a single country in the world where the “elite” don’t govern the resources of the country FIRST for their own benefit, and throw sops to the populace…some are of course worse than others, but We have the FICTION here that all citizens are treated equally, which of course we know is NOT true, but most people want to believe the fiction because it reassures them.

The psychopaths in my opinion rise to the top in many cases because they ARE willing to climb up the ladder on the backs of others, regardless of what damage they cause, or what illegal/immoral act they embrace.


Cheer up, Matt. Here’s some good news for you.

The Philadelphia Eagles have awarded dog-killer, Michael Vick, the Ed Block Courage Award….PLUS BET is grooming him to be a role model for the young men of America, by giving him his own reality TV series.

If that’s not your cup tea, you can always turn on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” for some real talent…..Bruce Jenner won the 1976 Olympics, you know.

Speaking of the Olympics, Thank God it’s an Olympic year!

~I agree with you, Matt….we are on a downward spiral.
If this isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is.

Ox Drover

Rosa, it may be an Olympic year, but there is NO SNOW up there, so they are having to TRUCK it in! Actually, I can send them enough off my farm alone to cover all the ski slopes, it is knee deep on the airport runway!

Yea, I love the Vic getting the COURAGE AWARD, I would award him one to see him get in the ring with a couple of those dogs he was fighting. WHAT a SCUMBAG, he needs to be in a cell with OJ—once in a while there is some “criminal justice” that comes around and OJ at least got some justice if not for all the things he did.

As long as druggies and psychopaths are the “stars” of the media and the kids worship them as role models our youth are being given lessons in social chaos that will resonate for generations of poor choices and pain. It is a shame.

I’m still waiting for Matt to tell me where to meet the BOAT, I’m ready to go, suitcase packed!


Just talking out loud here…..
I’d be willing to go ‘one on one’ with Vik…..maybe then he’d be closer to ‘earning’ the courage award…..but he’d be in a coma … who’d care!
This is just despicable!


The road to fame…..Kill some dogs or make a sex tape.

Just thinking out loud, as well…..


THANK GOD I never wanted to be famous!!


I know this is a bit off topic but I thought everyone here would like to know this. The new DSM-V draft is out and people can review it. I think many people will like the new way that one of the disorders is trying to be redone. It will be called Antisocial/Psychopathic type. You can read the proposed changes here


Thank you so much for sharing this link, Blogger.
I have to say that after reading the blogs, I thought that very few professionals know “the type” in the legal system. I was wrong: they do know the type. The attorneys are bound by legalities and the law is still written in a way that does not exclude the Antisocials/ Psychpathic types.

BloggerT7165, Thank you very much for the link. I agree it’s an improvement over the old criteria. Virtually everything I wanted to see there was included.

However, I left a comment, a request that they consider adding more information in the section on manipulation. It is really more about their impact on victims than their presenting symptoms, so I don’t know if the writers will even consider it. But I think it would be helpful to us if they did. Here’s the comment I submitted:

I am one of the authors on the LoveFraud blog for people recovering from long-term relationships with sociopaths. I’m also writing a book on the recovery path. Although I’m not a professional, I have been studying personality disorders and recovery for the last ten years.

I am pleased with this revision, and think it is an excellent overview of their symptoms. Many thanks to the people who contributed to this.

There is, however, one factor that is mentioned, but perhaps not with sufficient detail. Under item 3, Manipulativeness, their inclination to use guile and cunning to manipulate people does not include the fact that they use false romantic interest and sexual manipulation. In fact, their romantic and sexual aggression could also appear logically in the section on Aggression.

In the last year or so, a book was published, based on a research project into the experiences of women who become involved with these people. The second part of the book details this research, and may be the best information available on the process of psychopathic seduction and the paths of these relationships. The book’s title is “Women Who Love Psychopaths,” and I strongly suggest you read it before finalizing this criteria.

I think that beyond these intimate relationships, there is also a larger picture of induced collaboration in many venues, including the workplace. These people are lone wolves, predators in the world of feeling people. But they are excellent observers and mimes, and whether consciously or unconsciously, they seduce people into voluntary collaboration by identifying their deepest desires and reflecting them back to them, appearing to be the “answer to a dream.”

Their purpose is to gain trust and dissolve normal protective boundaries. Subsequently they begin to withhold in order to obtain concessions. And eventually, as the victim’s internal structure of self-knowledge and self-esteem begins to crumble, they switch to emotional abuse to keep the “source” in their power. The worst damage to the victim is in the area of relationship with one’s self, because the relationship appears to have been one of personal choice.

Chronic psychopathic behavior is characteristically found anywhere people are exploited without concern for the damage to the victims, and for the pleasure of domination or “winning.” This would include con games, rape, chronic abuse of any kind, etc.

The point being that psychopathy is, ironically, a social disorder. It is about the quality of interaction in the environment of a profound affective disorder, in which there is no trust, no bonding, no understanding of human relationships except in terms of power and supply. And one of the “symptoms” of psychopathy is also the wreckage left in their wake.

One of the reasons I’m writing you is because the criteria you publish will have impact and meaning beyond clinical diagnosis of personality disorders. The modus operandi of psychopaths and the characteristic psychological damage sustained by their victims are virtually unrecognized in the law. This damage is intentional, induced to keep their victims attached to them until their usefulness is exhausted.

If you can see any way to reference their use of psychological seduction or the intentional destruction of victim’s psychological integrity, it would be helpful to us who are trying to build awareness and better laws. It would also provide a caveat to clinicians attempting to deal with them, especially in family practice.

Thank you very much for your attention to my comment. And thank you again for the great work.

Kathleen Hawk

Quantum Solace

That was a great link. Thanks for sharing it.

Ox Drover

There are some articles on today’s NY Times about this, and some other articles linked there, about these changes as well.

I appreciate BloggerT for sending us this link about the revisions. He’s almost always the first with new articles and links! Thanks!!!!


Kathleen that was an awesome communication – well worded and definitely pointed out something that doesn’t even seem to be specifically considered in the new criteria yet would be a major part of the disorder. After all it’s generally not the everyday public they bleed – it’s the spouse or partner who has the experience of being sucked dry. I think they will take note of what you have written – thankyou for advocating for all of us in this respect.

I think the new criteria are much better – note that the person now doesn’t have to be diagnosed with conduct disorder in youth 🙂 I was always against that as a criteria because obtaining a diagnosis depends upon
1) the family recognising problems / symptoms
2) the family having the financial and resource means and know how to access the right kind of practitioner who can carry out a full assessment.

The new criteria also recognises the person may or may not break the law – this is new too. Not all of them are caught although many exist on the borderline of the law.

Some families have deep distrust of the medical profession and in particular psychiatrists. I know in my ex’s case, they wouldn’t have sought help for him because such behaviours were normal in the family so there was never going to be a diagnosis.

I wonder if the writers of the DSM are realising the explosion of sociopaths / psychopaths in our communities and the fact that few of them have previous diagnosis of conduct disorders.



I agree with you about the removal of conduct disorder from the list of criteria. In my case, while I was trying to piece together the puzzle of whether my S-ex was in fact an S, I kept trying to dig deeper and deeper into his past trying to uncover evidence of this. At the end I concluded that the way abusive way he treated animals no doubt stemmed from his childhood and animal cruelty in childhood is one of the signs of S, and I let it go at that.

What I should have been focusing on is (a) the fact that he exhibited most every other tendency on the list and (b) his treatment of me in the here and now was so abominable and making me so miserable that I needed to get him out of my life right here and now and not try to figure out the reasons why he was the way he was.

apart from the fact that this is a child, the defense is about his brain having an accelerator, but no brakes. Sound like anyone we know?????????????????????????????

I may even agree that psychopaths’ brains are messed up. But even if not to BLAME, they are RESPONSIBLE….and will continue to do what they do unless forcibly stopped.


Matt – it took me so long to recognise the signs … and then to find the outline of the psychopath. I never agreed with the conduct disorder diagnosis and knew little about his childhood. He chose to share little with me – perhaps there was a reason for that. But he had no criminal record at all. That’s a stereotype – they may play with the law but they don’t get caught. Fully 90% are outside prisons in regular society blending in and creating untold pain. It’s still incredible to me that I knew nothing about personality disorders … I seriously thought psychopaths were serial killers and anyone who was a borderline or something like that would be looking pretty I thought Narcissists were some kind of Freudian throwback … didn’t realise they lived in the flesh amongst us.

At least this group of criteria is more sensible. It basically allows any of us to go down the list and score how affected someone is by each trait. Bit late for me and for most of us but hopefully this will help others to get out quicker.

Governments seriously need to address this issue – what to do with them. They are NOT FIT for regular society. I wonder whether they should be made to register like sex offenders so the whole community knows where their local psychopaths are residing. And I think laws around psychological abuse need to be tightened somehow. We need some penalty and record for what they do ON PURPOSE to others. Otherwise they just go on their merry way and do it to the next poor sucker. It’s so sick that no government is doing anything about them. They should not be among us.


Article about the new DSM-V draft.|main|dl1|link3|


Another article .. The proposal will be debated over the next two years…this is the time to “jump on board – and make our beliefs and concerns known” .

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