Tell the experts about your experience with a sociopath

Lovefraud invites you to complete a survey about your experience with a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist in order to help professionals diagnose this disorder properly.

Two days ago, the American Psychiatric Association released a draft of the fifth edition its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5). This book is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health and other professionals. The revision has been underway for a decade.

A work group of 11 doctors and psychologists focused on the section about personality and personality disorders. They have recommended significant changes to the description of antisocial personality disorder, which is also referred to as sociopathy and psychopathy. In fact, one of the suggestions is to change the name of the personality disorder to “antisocial/psychopathic type.”

The new description of the disorder is much closer to what most of us at Lovefraud have experienced. You can read the description here:

Antisocial/Psychopathic Type

The American Psychiatric Association has invited public comment on the draft of DSM 5, and Lovefraud is taking the doctors up on their invitation. We thought the best way to do it would be to survey our readers, asking you how well the proposed description of antisocial/psychopathic type matches your experience with one (or more) of these individuals.

Please take the survey. This is serious, so be thoughtful and accurate in your responses. It will probably take you about 15 minutes, so please start it when you are sure you have time to complete it.

The survey will be open until March 3, 2010. After that, we will tabulate and analyze the data. We will prepare a report of the findings for the American Psychiatric Association. The results will also be published on Lovefraud.

Go to the survey:

Lovefraud DSM 5 survey

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Hi Matt – your comment ‘ I ended up so stressed out and focusing my energies on him rather than on myself and getting better’ Matt that was what it was like for the 3 years he was here, believe me he had no nursing skills and was not nurturing at all,, you and I both lost our health and mind during our relationships from hell.. thanks so much for your response – i will be ok – happy you are busy with a new life and keeping up the momentum and not buried under the covers watching Golden Girls – but I do love them golden girls….


matt – glad to hear that he new job is going so well; yay you!

and surgery with losers is VERY painful. oy!

You guys are toooooo much! What a bunch of weirdos! My gosh why can’t you be “NORMAL’ like me,, a fat old gray haired woman swinging skillets and riding a big black jackass named Fat Ass. I feel RIGHT DOWN NORMAL COMPARED TO YOU GUYS! ROTFLMAO

Matt, glad you liked your new job for the first week anyway! You know, it probably wouldn’t hurt a thing for you to wait a while before selling your place, you never know what may come up in a while on this new job. Keep your options open for a little while any way if at all possible.

Sometimes Jobs are like relationships, the HONEYMOON is just at the START of the relationship. I just keep remembering how I LOVED the job where the P was my boss, she courted me like all get out and then, SLAM! I saw the TRUTH! LOL

Henry, run on by my house, and I have this big magnifying glass and a fairly small mostly sharp knife and I will do your surgery for FREE! My hands have almost quit shaking too, nnnnnnot totooooo baddddd annny morrre. ROTFLMAO


fuck oxy – ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!


you’re makin’ me WHEEZE!!!

oxy I hear BIGFOOT lives in your neck of the woods.

Nah, it isn’t “Big foot” it is the FAULK MONSTER in Arkansas! Google that one and get a laugh! Actually all those weird sounds you hear are Fat and Hairy braying! They have some RANGE let me tell you!

Sorry One-step didn’t mean to make you have an asthma attack! This time of night I do get sort of fruit cakey sometimes. Been one of those days and my twisted sense of humor gets the better of me. Henry calls me his “TWISTED SISTER” cause I am sometimes pretty funny! You think this is funny, you ought to see me dressed up in pre-1840 clothing (my sons say it makes me look like a FAT GERMAN HOUSE WIFE!) cause it is 14 layers of clothing that add about 75 pounds to the look and I get really disinhibited playing my role and it’s better than watching a drunk stumble down the street I’ve been told! My favorite part is the “liars contest” (wild stories told as “truth”) I got beat out last time though by a 74 year old guy in a bear skin coat! He deserved to win, but my story WAS A GOOD ONE!

liars contest – oh somebody else done won that AWARD but tell us your story Ox


i am not even going to ask WHY you don the uniform oxy…

fruit loopy is my prefered state of being, so gotcha covered on that one

i’m with hens, i wanna hear the story…

Glad your checking in…..and glad things went well this week……sit back, enjoy that train ride back to a weekend in ‘heaven’….:)
take it slllooowww…’s not like the market is great….AND….nobody wants a lavendar bedroom anyways!

Hens….Oh my friend with the lesbian son…… 🙂
I’ve heard….not personal experience….that the cataract surgery is real quick and easy…..DON”T LET IT GET YA DOWN…..
Yes, those rose colored glasses definately create bllindspots…..

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