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The amazing audacity of sociopaths

Last week, Ed Hicks was sentenced by a Virginia court to a year in jail for bigamy. He had been married seven times, with four of his marriages overlapping. The bigamy charge was for marrying wife number six, Julie Flint, while still married to wife number five, Rose Marie Sewell. He has already served four months, so he’ll be locked up for approximately eight more months.

Wife number seven, Sandra Phipps, originally pressed the bigamy charge—Hicks married her while still married to Julie. Her case was not prosecuted due to a loophole in Virginia law. Still, the fact that Hicks was sentenced at all is a victory for the women—most bigamists get off with a slap on the hand.

Both Sandra and Julie testified at the trial. Observing the proceedings were two other women that Hicks dated while married, Lorraine and Marissa. The four women got together for dinner the evening before the trial—and exchanged stories about the audacity of Ed Hicks.

Juggling act

Here’s one of them. While Hicks and his two teenage children were living in Chesapeake, Virginia, his daughter graduated from high school. At this time, Hicks was married to Julie, but had told her to leave. He was dating Sandra. And he was dating Lorraine.

Sandra was invited to the graduation. The daughter’s mother, Johnette Erlandson—who was wife number four—was also attending the graduation. Johnette was staying in the Hicks home, so Sandra thought it best to stay in a hotel. Lorraine, in the meantime, stopped by the home to give the daughter a gift. Then Hicks had dinner with Lorraine, while Sandra was in the hotel two blocks away.

Johnette and the teenagers knew all about this. None of them said a word.

Montgomery does the same

My ex-husband, James Montgomery, was equally brazen about juggling multiple women. I left him in Florida on February 12, 1999. Ten days later, he married Kathy Macking. It was the second time he committed bigamy. Montgomery had been seeing Kathy since approximately 1991, and had married both Gale Lewis and myself while continuing to date her.

Then, the day after he married Kathy, a woman from Pennsylvania that Montgomery was dating—and swindling—flew down to Florida to see him. It was not a platonic visit.

Neither Hicks nor Montgomery saw anything wrong with this behavior. After all, they have no conscience and no empathy, so they just did what they wanted.

Ed Hicks showed no remorse in court.

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Sociopathic audacity! I know. I lived with a women in Seattle who was blatantly having concurrent affairs with lots of men, all denied in a cool form of brinkmanship. Without remorse!

She settled with having a restraining orders filed against me 30 days after I went back to San Francisco. I recently saw her at a seattle grocery store and she looked at me with those sociopathic/pyschopathic eyes. She then called my lawyer and told the seccretary what a horrible person I was.

She looked horrible, all that unprotected sex is claiming it’s toll.Watch out Seattle. One things remains, most sociopathic personalities do have money…


I am always amazed at how much media & public DENIAL there is about Ps and how people continue to try to get a P to understand what they have done and how they hurt people. I guess some just like to spit in the wind.

The dead look on Hicks’ face on the news, the poor-me attitude of William Barber and the I didn’t do it boyish look on Scott Peterson’s face. I often wonder if these Ps don’t have serious breaks with reality at times in order to justify their lack of empathy and conforming with societal norms. And the twisting of the facts, wrapping a huge lie in just enough truth so that the victims really wonder and their closed system of logic is breathtaking.

Never ceases to amaze me.

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