The Bluebird of Happiness

By Ox Drover

Today I had an epiphany: I am happy. Really happy. Joyously happy. Exuberantly happy. Why is today different that any other day? Two months ago I was unhappy. Why am I now happy? Nothing much has really changed from two months ago.

I’m a few pounds lighter, but that isn’t what makes me happy, though, I am working on losing some weight. My bank account is quite a bit lighter than it was two months ago, so that isn’t what is making me happy. The psychopaths in my life don’t like me one bit more than they did two months ago. I haven’t found the love of my life riding on a white horse, or even a white donkey.

What is making me happy? Well, today I saw the “Bluebird of Happiness.” Yep, the real honest-to-goodness bright bluebird of happiness. Two Eastern Bluebirds, both males with colors so vibrant that I actually had to get my bird book and look them up to make sure of what I was seeing. Not the dull blue of the bluebirds we normally see in this area, who nest in holes in fence posts or in the boxes people put out for them. These were the true Eastern Bluebirds.

Why did seeing these birds and ascribing them to happiness “make me happy?” Well, I have chosen today to be happy, to look for one thing that would lift my spirits, to make myself feel happy, rather than dwelling on the many things in my life and environment that are not to my liking, or that I would change if I could, but I can’t.

I have chosen today to view those two male Eastern Bluebirds, sitting side by side on the top of a farm implement, and then flying down to my studio window where they see their own reflection and peck at these mirror images of themselves to drive off the images, to select for themselves breeding territory and to defend that territory from those imaginary birds that are trying to take over and claim that happiness and territory for themselves.

The sun is shining today, and the air is crisp and spring-like, and these birds are the harbingers of spring. After all the drab, miserable, wet and cold winter weather we had, the tough times are passing and the world and my spirits are renewing. I have a favorite book called Come Spring that is the story of a pioneer girl in upstate New York, when the U.S. was still a colonial part of the British Empire, and her stories of the terrible winters of her life and the lack of food and warmth and safety were all put aside because she believed that everything would be okay, “Come Spring.”

Well, today with the birth of a little calf and the sighting of two Eastern Bluebirds, my spring is here, and I am going to embrace it. Everything is okay, now that my spring is here. The winter is passed, and today is good.

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Gosh, EB, I had forgotten this article! The posts you put there are so great too! Thanks for these wonderful reminders of who is responsible for our happiness!

“People who responsibly consider feedback ……”

We all need to responsibly consider feedback from others but We all need to also consider feedback from ourselves as well.

EB in case I haven’t told you lately! I luv’s ya gal! ((((((BIG HUgs))))))

XXOO Oxy Moxy!

I’m glad you found this as timely as I.

There is always so much to learn about ourselves.

I was struck by these too.



Only change is constant. Now, everything literally and figuratively is different. Getting here wasn’t as scary as being here…. New everything. Invisible. Life changes with my son back with me now.

Your post reminds me that the past doesn’t control the present but that it has bearing and that accountability matters. There is no getting around it. And, its ok. It is what it was – a – place to move forward from.

I can not help but think back over the last few months and review how grateful I am to everyone who has given me support during all this. Family, friends and LF. I have been given such grace because of it.

Regardless of the tribulations, there has been such good fortune in it that I am filled with the good fortune and love from it. It gives me strength not only to accept what is true and that for which I am accountable, but also to be able to pass it on to others – to those who shared with me.

I am grateful too for the reminders. Life isn’t about what happens to us, its about how we respond to what happens. And its about making decisions.

I’ll add that the best of leaders are not they who make singular best decisions but who are able to make many many decisions in rapid succession. If you can decide again and again and again how and what you will be and do, it is best.

So, I’m going to decide to get a cup of coffee and think on how lucky I am and have been and how great it is to share this sanctuary with other strong women.


Dear Delta1,

May I add, and share this sanctuary with other strong women “AND MEN”–we don’t have many guys here but the ones we do have for the most part are AWESOME!

Ah this morning for the first time in “forever” it is nearly 9 a.m. and not yet 95 degrees, so had my first cup of coffee on the back deck and did a few chores in the yard.

The Curr dog kept barking and I went to see what she was barking at and the horse and one donkey had gone walk about in the front yard where they are not supposed to be (of course)! Was so nice to just be able to be outside and breathe at the same time! You are right, Delta, we have so much to feel blessed for.

I second your sentiments about having had so much wonderful support here—-and I’m still here because I still get so much. What I give back is not 1% of what I get here.

This is my morning and I guess is your evening, but glad to share it with you anyway. Sip sip! Good java!

Sorry about that SILVER MOON, I mean to address that above post to you and ended up with CRS and said to Delta, but I love Delta’s posts too. DUH!

No worries OX!
Java is good. So is Life.

All is well….

Dear Silver, Java, the staff of life!

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