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The Five Step Exit – Dr. Amber Ault talks about how her Lovefraud CE online courses will help you decide what to do

If you’re involved in a toxic relationship, how do you get out? Or, if you’re a therapist treating a client who is in toxic relationship, how do you help them decide what to do? And if they decide to leave, how do you support them?

Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW, offers practical and realistic advice in two webinars based on her book, ‘The Five Step Exit The skills you need to leave a narcissist, psychopath or other toxic partner and recover you happiness now.’

The Five Step Exit course offers you a structured model to help you decide whether to hang in or get out. And if you decide that leaving is best, this course provides step-by-step guidelines for determining the best way to do it. Each step in the model includes specific goals and practices to help you do the difficult work of leaving an exploitative, abusive or toxic relationship.

You’ll be able to establish your priorities, create a safety plan, and prepare for whatever may happen, including your ex’s attempts to reel you back in. That’s why the last stage of the model recovery is so important. You’ll learn how to reground yourself in your own life, desires and well-being.

Therapists can use the structured five-step model to guide and support partners of people with Cluster B personality patterns in moving through the process of dissolving toxic relationships and recovering their sense of mental health and stability. Continuing Education Credits are available for mental health professionals.

Participants in the live webinars will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Ault questions. Both courses will be available online after the live webinars, but questions and answers will not be available.

More information:

The Five Step Exit for Survivors, June 6, 2016, 8 pm (Eastern)

The Five Step Exit for Therapists, June 15, 2016, 2 pm (Eastern) 

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This sounds like a good course.


Dr. Ault says not to leave a toxic relationship until you have a good support system in place otherwise you may go back.


I ordered her book.


Great job Sunnygal for making HUGE steps out of your abusive relationship!!!! Pat yourself on the back hon for making these important steps!!

(you watch this video several times & orders her book!!!)

Please also contact your countries National Domestic Violence hotline to talk with a free counselors and ask them for your local abuse center numbers and set up free counseling & woman group meetings..this will be a major support system for you because often friends & family will not get the kind of emotional & mental abuse you were in.

In the USA National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE

You can also use Donna Anderson’s consulting services for help out. She changes a small fee. Just go up to the top of LF and click on “contact” tab.


jan7 I’m out of the relationship. Dr. Ault simply says why it can be hard to leave.


I find this interview helpful. I have listened several times.


After being extremely stressed by no Internet connection, a memory of the aggressive psychopath occurred which normally never happens. Guess it is the stress.


A good course.


This sounds excellent.


Dr.Ault is very good.

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