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Lovefraud’s friend Ann at recently posted an interview with a 49-year-old man who had never been married. The man engaged in serious impression management. But, since Ann had known him for 10 years, she knew when his words were BS—and pointed them out in her story. It’s hysterical.

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Wow how true. so many women don’t get this and do think “well, thats how men are”. I have known men that so truly can’t connect to the real woman. They have to dehumanize boy how true!! I didn’t think about it like that to that extent….to dehumanize the woman they are with….

My sister (Bank manager) is going through so much. She has lent money to her boyfriend of 2 years, borrowed more money from her ex-boss for this guys apartment set up but now he needs to move again and he is trying to coerce her to now co-sign. He told her if she didn’t then he needed to ask his sister to do so and that his sister asked why the girlfriend wasn’t helping him. He sent my sister a text saying the sister said she feels the girlfriend is wasting his time!!

He then told my sister that his sister said that if she co-signs “that woman” isn’t allow at the apartment since she doesn’t really care for him or she would cosign….Wow!!!!

My sister told him she wasn’t going to co-sign and they had a fight that she said lasted 5 hours on the phone,and texting. During this time period, her boyfriend said he was going to go home and kill himself and called her a MF….She told him she was going to call his sons to let them know and the police. He then told her she would be very sorry if she did….(He has guns)

Later, he called and told her he had a toothache like nothing had happened.

The next day, she told him to go ahead and let his sister cosign and she was going to let it all be. He then told her that he was going to go to his cousins house instead and when he moved back to the area, things were definitely now going to change….

She can’t seem to pull away as we all know she is neck deep and over her head in the BS….

He is into porn and will tell her he doesn’t need to see her as he has taken care of himself…demeaning her if she can’t or won’t see him when he calls to come and “get it”…..She even asked me about things in the bedroom that at any glance look demeaning….like she can’t now tell the diff….

….but she has become a thin rail with him….she drinks….I can’t get her out……I gave her the book “Without Conscience” and “Gaslighting”…..

Thanks for letting me vent…..feeling down…..feeling helpless….I read Al-Anon book to help me to deal with my daughters issues…today I read “We are not bound morally to shoulder the alcoholic’s responsibilities. I will not permit myself to become emotionally involved in matters that should not be my concern. I will not interfere with the working out of another’s difficulties, however dear and close we may be to each other.” Detachment is a hard thing to do……

I told this above to my sister too… she can detach from her boyfriend, and that what ever he does after that, let him….If he loved her he would still be there for her and not be the pouting “boy” who isn’t getting his way….She says he is not a SP but just going through bad time and stress…..


Whoops I posted here but meant the article on porn…oh well, y’all know it doesn’t matter….I need an uplift…thanks…hugs

Ox Drover

Vision, your sister is not going to listen to your advice until she is ready. Until SHE is ready and obviously she is NOT ready. I hope that at least she is not too deeply in debt over him before she wakes up but that is about all anyone can hope at this point. Just be there for her when she does wake up. That’s all any of us can do.



Thanks for being there always….I wish I could sit in your kitchen and tell all my troubles…whew….the last two weeks have been hellish….had to hire an attorney to cut through and chase off a witch hunt including a “friendly” call from Police chief to my daughter. Back woods school. Parents knew my daughter from school when in grade school and now no kidding, have picked up where they left off with bullying. and my grandson is at school!….I was there whole time and although my daughter’s issues make her talk too loudly, she didn’t deserve the result which was a parent shaking her, and a superintendent (but called police on lies she was swearing) did nothing about it. They turned this on her but trust me on this one, not warranted.

Superintendent is hypocrite and said he couldn’t work on hearsay but he did believe hearsay on my daughter. I heard it all and he told her the parents didn’t want all the hugs my grandson gives to the other kids. That the other kids didn’t like it. Wow….a 5 year old loving everyone and wants to give hugs….

Ahh…anyway…more to it but I am okay…however, my daughter is abrasive and pugnacious. Borderline etc. Spoke about her before….and although she didn’t handle things in a friendly way, they didn’t either so they got nasty and she was staying to herself…I was there…..everyday….taking my grandson to school….

I feel good today….now….after I vented earlier…I am glad you commented Oxy…I am alone…not much support around me…I am making fried fish, green ‘maters, and mashed ‘taters, later….comfort food….watching movies now while I clean the closets out….looking forward to next week when I have my grandson…. get him Friday night to Sat…


Ox Drover

Dear Vision ((((hugs))) I wish I could brew you a cup of coffee and hold your hand while you vented about this soap opera! Boy can I ever relate to these “drama ramas” and like the one with your sister, no one wants to believe the truth….I think that is the big deal at Penn State in the sweeping it under the rug, don’t want to believe this, don’t want to really deal with it, so we’ll pretend it isn’t so. The other side of the coin though is the taking and making a “mountain out of a mole hill” and ramping up nothing to be something.

Your comfort food sounds wonderful, I’m not cooking tonight, just going to the auction and will eat at the canteen there and pig out on salt free junk food. LOL

Picked up two baby piggies yesterday for garbage disposals on legs, they are soooo cute when they are the size of small dogs! But that cute won’t last, so I’ll get over the “awwwww, ain’t they cute!” phase of raising pigs before long. I didn’t realize it until recently that the only pork I can buy in the stores has been injected with 15% salt and water, plus I also like to “know” what as well as WHO I am eating! LOL

I made a chicken pot pie the other night, hadn’t made one in AGES, and I forgot just how good they are home made and oh, gosh, will have to do taht one again soon! I lost my freezer last summer with my home grown chickens, so had to buy organic, but got it on sale so stocked up on it, and I’m gonna do that AGAIN SOON! I love winter when I can bake and make warming food! So keep it up Vision, just be good to yourself, fix your favorite foods, take a bubble bath and kick back…set a place for me at the table and talk to me like I was there physically. I’m there in spirit! (((hugs))) and God bless.


Dear Dear Oxy,

You made me laugh! Drama ramas! truly!

My grandmother used to raise piglets too. We helped out as kids on summer vacation and when we returned the next year we found out they were to be chow and wow how big they had become.

Remember using a piece of wood with a nail stuck clean through it to chase off the mean rooster let roam around the yard too.

The farm wasn’t such a easy place….MMMM love homemade chicken pot pie…the crust is the big deal….

I hear you on baking during winter…me too…I am also making today some stock for soups with some turkey necks and legs on sale….even though Thanksgiving is just about here…still need my stock for next week soup….

And I will set you a place, and feel real good, being my friend, you will be there…((((hugs)))) and May God bless you too…you have been thru so much and are a real wonderful example of a woman with a heart and good sense…won’t mention that iron pan….LOL….

Ox Drover

You’re welcome Vision! I’m not cooking TG this year but will be sharing a meal with my living history group at a nearby state park, Petit Jean Mountain, AND also coming down off the mountain to eat with some other friends at their new “MacMansion.” So I will be really stuffed more than the turkeys! LOL May just sleep for the rest of the weekend!

Yea, those old roosters can be brutal. We had one that just showed up here about half grown and the boys named him Chester, and he got to where he would jump on the goats and spur them. One day my friend came over and had her dog tied outside in my yard and the rooster attacked him and blooded the poor pooch. I had the boys go out and send Chester to that great chicken roost in the sky! Son D’s hound dog ate chester feathers and all! LOL

Well,, I’m off to pick up my friend and go to the auction. You guys keep it between the ditches this evening.


maybe you could encourage your sister to come to LF and get a “second opinion”, if she doesn’t accept your opinion about her BF. She can read all these posts and pretty soon it will sink in to her brain that we are all talking about the same guy!! They are all alike.


Hi Skylar,

I did try to get her to read here and I think she is at times. She knows something is wrong but defends him still saying he is so kind because he did such and such….

I had to throw him out of my Dad’s hospital room because he was drunk and disorderly. He was trying to use the room phone to call the nearest VFW to go drink while my sister visited. He started to put her down and I stepped in. I told him if he had any problems to step out of the room as he was being disrespectful to my parents and my sister.

This is when I wish I were a man…I would have taken him bodily and threw him out of the hospital….bartender style….one hand holding his belt at the back of his pants and hoisted up and the other holding the back of his shirt by the nape of his neck….

Pheww….now to get back to my comfort food!!!!

Thanks for caring…talk some more… always…
Hugs (((()))))

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