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The manipulative man interview

Lovefraud’s friend Ann at recently posted an interview with a 49-year-old man who had never been married. The man engaged in serious impression management. But, since Ann had known him for 10 years, she knew when his words were BS—and pointed them out in her story. It’s hysterical.

Read Interview with a never-married 49-year-old man on

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Ox Drover

Thanks for this link Donna!!!! Great Article, and great point of view about this man’s thinking! I liked the little “vote” on like or disliked the article.


Haha! A great dose of reality. Makes me realize how pathetic my spath was. THanks for the laugh.



This was pretty cool… How to spot a liar, this was on CNN


Thanks for sharing the video about spotting a liar!! Very interesting!!

Especially what she said about the “over-sharing” in blogs and Twitter!! So true of my psychopath ex!! Big elaborate stories to manipulate women into feeling sorry for him!! Pure fiction!!


Dear Purewaters3,
thanks for the link, very interesting!! Specially the intro, when she puts the mirror in front of us that points out that we all are expert liars! For me the toughest thing at the moment: I have been deceiving myself for such a long time, practically during all my life, strictly speaking. How to find trust in myself again? And how to tell the neighbors that I am unemployed (I have been working 60+ hours per week before and my apartment is under strict observation by the neighbors next door and the housekeeper)?

Allergic to Spandex

Libelle, is your job field one in which you could plausibly claim to be doing some “long-distance consulting, working from home over the computer”? (In my ex-spath’s case, “consulting” became a code word for “dealing drugs,” and “working from home” turned into “having a hangover and going back to sleep,” but everybody believed him anyway!)


Dear LadySweetG, in fact I COULD be dealing drugs and sleep in all the time 🙂 ! just seems not a perspective in the long run. No, my neighbors are my aunt and uncle, who own the building I have rent a wonderful flat. They were perplex as it turned out badly march 2010 when I could not become a partner in a private praxis (I am a physician). They were also very concerned about my working hours at the place I got fired two weeks ago. Once I forgot to shut the door of my balcony for two days in a row and they called the hospital and later my mum because they could not reach me in the hospital. They are very considerate not to interfere too much with my life but have an eye on me. I feel safe and cared for (although I turn 50 next year…). I will invite them next week to a lunch and tell them everything. The truth is always easiest. And the others need not to know anything, it is none of their business.
At the moment I am in a career counseling and I am almost ready to embark to another specialisation in psychiatry according to Victor Frankl (he invented logotherapy). It would be a payed for internship in a hospital. Will meet my counselor in 2 weeks, will have to discuss all these things with him. But I am very excited and optimistic.
But thanks anyway for your considerations, they made me smile! And if everything else fails, I will come back to this possibility 😉

Ox Drover

Dear Libelle,

I grew up with the mantra “what would the neighbors think?” and it wasn’t important what actually went on in our household, but more important what the neighbors THOUGHT about us.

In the end, Libelle, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT WHAT THE NEIGHBORS THINK….don’t let that stress you out, don’t let it make you lie, they have no right to know about your business. If someone asks, just say, “I’ve got some time off.” You are NOT REQUIRED to explain your life to them, or your job or anything else.

When I went on the Aftermath Radio, I finally came out of the closet and used my name….I am no longer ashamed of myself, and my family. The shame belongs to the people who do bad things, I didnt’ do anything bad to be ashamed of.

You are HUMAN, you made a mistake and you got fired. I am human, I’ve made lots of mistakes…but my mistakes are NOT FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW UNLESS I CHOOSE TO TELL THEM. You do not owe these neighbors to tell them your business.

((((hugs)))) and hold your head up high….and tell them the truth, but NOT THE ENTIRE TRUTH WHICH IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.


Hi Oxy,
I went to aftermath radio can I could not find your latest interview. Do you know if it’s available to hear yet? I’m looking forward to listening! Thanks.


Dear Oxy, thank you for your encouragement! “I got some time off” is a GREAT phrase, I will use it, thanks a lot! (like when I was rehearsing with my patients how to tell the others that they got cancer 🙁 )

When I was a child my parents gave a rat’s behind what all the others were thinking and did horrible things all the time, and I was always very ashamed of them. They told me that I had to learn to ignore the others when I begged them to be a little more decent.

Well: time to become wiser, isn’t it?


Libelle, my favorite answer when people ask a personal question that I don’t want to answer is “Long story. Maybe I’ll tell you some time.” You don’t have to tell anyone anything if you don’t want to. You life and your story are your own to share as you see fit. Or yeah, just say you’re taking a break from it. Which you are!


Thank you Star, yes, it is really a long story! As I can’t lie (don’t have a poker face) I have to tell things that are true. A completely useful phrase too, thanks! I will give you all a feedback how it went (tomorrow there will be a party at my sister’s, where I can have a dressed rehearsal).

Ox Drover

Dear Libelle,

“Ann Landers” had an answer for people who asked questions that were none of their business, like “how much money are you paid?” her answer was “Now, why on earth would YOU ask THAT?” Just turn it right around on the questioner.

I like Star’s reply too. The point is that these people are NOT OWED an answer to their nosey questions.

Sometimes people ask questions that you don’t want to answer that are sort of NOT intended to be nosey….like “where do your children live?” Or “what do your sons do for a living?” In the past I would say “Oh, one son lives in Texas and he works for the state of Texas” (both TRUE, he does live in Texas and he has a job inside of the prison, as all inmates are required to work.) But it depends now on WHO asks the question on what I answer, and in how much detail. I no longer lie to my extended family or neighbors about where my son Patrick is, or why he is there. If it is just someone in a grocery store line we are chatting to pass the time while we check out and I’ll never see those people again, I probably won’t go into any detail at all….just gloss it over. But I no longer lie to the people in my community, or my extended family….and when people ask about my egg donor, I no longer lie about her either. I just say that as long as she keeps on sending money to the man who tried to kill me, my sons and I don’t have anything to do with her. At least it has stopped people saying to me “well, you have to make peace with your mother before she dies.” Well, my answer to that is, “I have made peace with MYSELF, and my God.”


Oxy, you are right. Another good one-liner, thanks.

When I was at this course (two days with overnight stay at a hotel, very interactive, with MANY pauses in between to interact, just old colleagues and some others I did not know well, 15 people total including faculty) last week I also chose whom to tell the long version so that they at least heard my side too. The others I told that I was fed up with the whole medical system, all the hassle and needed a break and was considering a drastic change, psychiatry for instance, and that I was in career counseling. I still have to learn the smooth “gloss over”.

I am quite sure my former boss is smearing me, but I am reluctant to fight for “justice” and have my sister write a letter of protest about how things evolved. She and mum think I am the classic victim. As I refuse to play this part, I am NOT! :-), isn’t it? It is not worth it, and I feel comfortable the way it is, and I made mistakes, unfortunately (every one well documented, even our work related discussions where I was wrong, without any consequences. Example: I contemplated one time to ask a good colleague I wanted to chat along about a problem that was minor and did NOT make the call after my colleague reprimanded me that with my qualifications I MUST solve this problem alone; it was in my papers. No “good deeds” were noted, and that would be my sister’s point of documenting mobbing by her side).

I am now in peace and I do not need “justice”, and I do not want to break the NC too. Karma may prevail!


It’s none of your business’ works well also.


Oxy, you are right. Another good one-liner, thanks.

When I was at this course (two days with overnight stay at a hotel, very interactive, with MANY pauses in between to interact, just old colleagues and some others I did not know well, 15 people total including faculty) last week I also chose whom to tell the long version so that they at least heard my side too. The others I told that I was fed up with the whole medical system, all the hassle and needed a break and was considering a drastic change, psychiatry for instance, and that I was in career counseling. I still have to learn the smooth “gloss over”.

I am quite sure my former boss is smearing me, but I am reluctant to fight for “justice” and have my sister write a letter of protest about how things evolved. She and mum think I am the classic victim. As I refuse to play this part, I am NOT! 🙂 , isn’t it? It is not worth it, and I feel comfortable the way it is, and I made mistakes, unfortunately (every one well documented, even our work related discussions where I was wrong, without any consequences. Example: I contemplated one time to ask a good colleague I wanted to chat along about a problem that was minor and did NOT make the call after my colleague reprimanded me that with my qualifications I MUST solve this problem alone; it was in my papers. No “good deeds” were noted, and that would be my sister’s point of documenting mobbing by her side).

I am now in peace and I do not need “justice”, and I do not want to break the NC too. Karma may prevail!

Ox Drover

Dear Libelle,

I am glad that YOU are at peace with this, and “justice” is not necessary if you are at PEACE.

Even if you send a letter to document your side of the story, as you know, it isn’t about TRUTH, it is about the “smear campaign” and if you are being smeared by this person who was your former supervisor, then your side will not be seen or heard by anyone who talks to her. I think you are right to just let it slide.

As ErinBrock says “take the high road” and just move on with your life in another direction. After my husband’s plane accident in which he had third degree burns over 95% of his body and my son and two friends were seriously burned, I took 3 months off work, and then tried to go back, but my short term memory was so poor, I quickly realized I needed to retire. I did not have the recall or the patience to work in a HIGH STRESS ENVIRONMENT in which people’s very lives depended on me being “calm, cool and collected” and having a razor sharp memory. Since that happened 7 + years ago I’ve had 5 years of chaos in addition to the death of my husband, the protracted illness and death from cancer of my beloved step father, etc etc and severe symptoms of PTSD, but as My life has taken more PEACE AND CALM and I have taken care of myself, I am starting to recover my short term memory somewhat, and my ability to deal with some stress, but I’m glad I am not required to try to earn a living or take care of my own young children, or any number of tasks that require patience and judgment.

I realize also that some things that I used to think were “very important” (like what people thought about me) are NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT in my life any more. So put your own peace and calm and healing FIRST…..(((hugs))) And God bless. Find a way to make a living that is not so stressful. Taking care of cancer patients even at the best and strongest we can be is a stressful profession.


Oxy you have a very uplifting story. Please keep telling it.

Ox Drover

Athena, “there’s no fanatic like a convert” and I have been “converted” to PEACE AND TAKING CARE OF ME FIRST—I’ll keep on “preaching” and “preaching” for each of us to put ourselves first. It is only by taking care of ourselves that we have anything to give to others!


Loving Narcissists and the Myth of No Contact:

Sharing a site I have found that I thought was worth a read…

Have a good night everyone.

Love ~ Dupey


Wow Dupey, excellent link. Thanks.

That is exactly how I discarded my spath. I read and read and read and learned about what makes them tick.

Once I knew what he was, he became more and more disgusting to have contact with. Even the amusement of getting money out of him only lasted for a couple of weeks – and that was despite being desperately in NEED of money. Money is a powerful motivator but I’d rather shovel shit for a living than listen to his drivel.

Like I said, it was amusing to finally know where his buttons were and finally turn the tables on him, but it was just too repulsive at the same time. Like dissecting a frog. Sure, some people might have the stomach for it, but my spath was the most disgusting thing I’d ever encountered and I wanted out.


I don’t always assume when people ask personal questions, they are just being nosey. Sometimes they are just being caring. I know I ask personal questions to my friends and co-workers all the time. So I like the idea of a polite response when I don’t want to answer the question. Sometimes I want to share a little but not a lot, so I’ll just say, “That’s a rather sore subject right now.” Or “I’d like to tell you but now isn’t a good time.”

But if someone asks a question that seems really out of bounds or is totally random, I will say to them, “That’s an interesting question. What made you ask it?” or “Wow, that question was random!” They may say, “I was just curious.” So I will say (in a very lighthearted tone) “I know but we were talking about (fill in topic). How did we get from that topic to this?” I have used that from time to time to deflect a question that feels too personal for me or to slow down a conversation that was all over the place.

But I love the “Maybe I will tell you sometime.” The “sometime” could be interpreted as “when we are better friends”, “when I trust you more”, “when I am less tired”, or “when I’m in the mood to talk about it.” You’re not even telling WHY you don’t want to talk about it, because maybe you don’t want them to know that either. It’s a really really polite way to say, “none of your business.”

Ox Drover

Star, with friends or closer people, of course be TACTFUL (sometimes TACT=telling someone to go to hell and make them HAPPY to be on their way! LOL) but other times people ARE just being NOSEY and it is “nunna their bees wax” and I don’t have a problem telling them so.

Your suggestions though for a TACTFUL way to tell someone you don’t wish to talk about it are good. Having a “set phrase” in mind when someone asks something sort of “out of the blue” that you don’t want to answer is a good way to be prepared in advance so you don’t stumble over what to reply.

Sometimes though, people ask questions that NO one with any couth would ask or ask questions that only a CLOSE friend would ask and I don’t have a problem putting them on the SPOT!


Oxy, I’m trying to remember the last time someone asked me an inappropriate personal question. I’ve had exes call me out of the blue who hated my cats and say, “So, do you still have your cats?” My answer is “Why do you care?” or “Why, who wants to know?” These are my favorite answers if you’re not going the tactful route.

Ox Drover

Star, yea, I don’t have any problem with NOT answering a rude question when the person is being openly snarky…”exes calling me out of the blue who hated my cats” though sounds to me like a BIG RED FLAG, “calling out of the blue”—they are just checking to see if you might be a booty call I think…which is like that guy I dated a time or two that wanted to fly my airplane without any insurance and kept on insisting he “wouldn’t wreck it” and so I wouldn’t go out with him….then a few months go by and he turns up at my door–“just in the neighborhood” and turns out he CASUALLY mentions he got married and how tough it was to adjust to being married….didn’t even tell me her name. LOL I thought “I wouldn’t sleep with you when you were single, so what makes you think I’ll sleep with you NOW?” Sure reinforced my assessment that anyone who would have the balls to want to fly my plane without a current license or any insurance isn’t reliable enough to DATE. LOL I can’t believe that someone would want to drive my CAR without any license or insurance, much less my plane. LOL Who ever he married sure didn’t get much of a bargain!


Oxy, you are spot on, as usual 🙂 ! That is exactly what I experienced years ago (first spath, a very well known one in the whole country, by the way for his rudeness and spathiness, it is a small world). My sister and mother had dragged me to a lawyer who took a lot of money from me and wrote a letter, but that kept the spath NOT from giving bad references ON THE PHONE. Another former boss informed me about all these outrageous things (he simply could not believe them as he heard them). My sister still believes in the legal system which may be fine with lawyers but does not apply to others (LOL). She can threaten another lawyer of smearing her, and it works, she even reprimands state’s attorneys who dare to smirk while she is having her plea in front of the court, and it works! In my experience doctors and teachers “know it all better” and you don’t threaten them with them bearing the consequences of their doings. Not completely grown-ups, most of them.

The good thing is that the president of the national oncologist’s society is also on this course, and I can inform him at some point about my “fate” first hand (but I am not sure about that yet as he gave my other “partner” the advice to do the highly unfair thing so I did not embark with that one in private practice last year)

My calm and peace are priceless, and as it is not a CLEAR legal breach, I am fine with it. My sister always says to her clients when they want “justice”: If it is principles and not a clear breach, it will be EXPENSIVE. I feel more uncomfortable with the idea of the letter than with the idea of let go.

Star, you are right. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish “care” from “nosey”, isn’t it? Your suggestions for tactfulness are very appropriate. As I am not rude at all, rudeness would create even more curiosity as I would seem to defend the facts which seem to be VERY interesting to know. The thing is to stop the one who asks and “talk down” the subject, without offending or stirring up too much curiosity. Thanks a lot!


I used to have a woman living NEXT DOOR who was always telling me she was much too busy too see me and get together for going out for a drink or having a cup of coffee together but would always be wanting to phone me once a week for short chats where she asked me lots of questions such as – where did you go this week? did you see your lover this week? how many times did he come around? did you have sex? how is it going with him? etc. I thought hey. hang o. W e are not friends, and these are personal questions. She repeatedly made it clear she had no time or interest in actually spending time with me so
So I would say listen Mary. I am sorry if your life is boring and mine is more interesting. But I only give details of my private life to close friends. Ringing me is not the equivalent of the latest episode of one of the soaps on tv. where yo ufind out all the juicy bits and go until the next time.


Of yes and if an ex or someone who hasnt bothered to ring me for ages rings and wants to know all my business and who I have seen and where have I been…. my answer is

“this and that”. And they say “oh, that is not really telling me anything” and I say “yes, too true. You can tell me all about where you have been and who you have been seeing. I am all ears”.

the phoenix

My favorite way out is what either Dear Abby or Ann Landers called- the old ‘Jewish Mother’ response. As Oxy said, turn it back around as a question to them.

Why do you ask?

No need to be snippy or have an attitude, you would just like to know why they are asking. Look at them blanky and blink a few times. If they push the envelope-

Is this really any of your business?
Why do you need to know?

Again show little to no emotion. They may be looking for a response or reaction. Deflate their sails by not giving them one. Instead they will most likely be squirming, trying to get themselves out of the spotlight or tight situation they put themselves in.

An article I read once about saying “No” said to just say the word. You are never under any obligation to give a reason for anything further.

Why is it so damned hard to do???? We don’t want to hurt anybodys feelings so we come up with excuses when we really don’t need to.

No, I can’t _____.
-do this
-be there
-make it
-afford it….

If somebody presses for more information-

I just simply can’t.
I have other _______.
-matters to attend to
-bills to pay

That is all the ‘reason’ they need.

My extended family is waaaay beyond nosy! They have yet to learn I will answer their questions without going into detail. I answer them, but if I give them anything further- They RUN with it.

They also try their damndest to bait me into fights. They try to intentionally piss me off, just to get me to blow up and spew information in an outburst. Armed by knowing this, I know not to give in.

It’s almost funny actually, watching them try to break the shell and find a prize or something. If they can’t find a way in, they go back, regroup, whispering among themselves and try again. It’s a sick game when you think about it, but the quickest way to end a game is simply not to play.


HI.. this is Ann from…

This man wanted to be on my site.. I didn’t force him.. he wanted me to feature his book.. this man is

and he is a con.. he stole many ideas from me..

He is a Narcissist and a pathological liar..

I have known him for 10 years.. at arm’s length oberving.. after a very short romance 10 years ago, ( he was younger and thinner then) when I saw clearly what a weak, lying con that he is… he was like a person you just kind of hang out with then there is nothing better to do.. then I realized that he isn’t some dumb guy that doesn’t have a clue .. he is a manipulating, thief and con…

I have asked him to do a video and talk about male/female issues, writing, or whatever and he is now ignoring me.. he knows, I know who he really is.. THere are so many liars on the internet.. hiding behind a front.. if you notice in the photo on his site… he covers his mouth and hides the lower part of his face…

He is out to con women ..

I thought his answers to the questions hysterical.. as Donna did.. he is trying so hard to create what he thinks is the ‘politcally correct’ image that he doesn’t know who he is..

He is looking to marry wealth…that is his main objective.. he wants a woman who is financially and emotionally independent so he need not give, offer or share anything.. including himself…


Wow how true. so many women don’t get this and do think “well, thats how men are”. I have known men that so truly can’t connect to the real woman. They have to dehumanize boy how true!! I didn’t think about it like that to that extent….to dehumanize the woman they are with….

My sister (Bank manager) is going through so much. She has lent money to her boyfriend of 2 years, borrowed more money from her ex-boss for this guys apartment set up but now he needs to move again and he is trying to coerce her to now co-sign. He told her if she didn’t then he needed to ask his sister to do so and that his sister asked why the girlfriend wasn’t helping him. He sent my sister a text saying the sister said she feels the girlfriend is wasting his time!!

He then told my sister that his sister said that if she co-signs “that woman” isn’t allow at the apartment since she doesn’t really care for him or she would cosign….Wow!!!!

My sister told him she wasn’t going to co-sign and they had a fight that she said lasted 5 hours on the phone,and texting. During this time period, her boyfriend said he was going to go home and kill himself and called her a MF….She told him she was going to call his sons to let them know and the police. He then told her she would be very sorry if she did….(He has guns)

Later, he called and told her he had a toothache like nothing had happened.

The next day, she told him to go ahead and let his sister cosign and she was going to let it all be. He then told her that he was going to go to his cousins house instead and when he moved back to the area, things were definitely now going to change….

She can’t seem to pull away as we all know she is neck deep and over her head in the BS….

He is into porn and will tell her he doesn’t need to see her as he has taken care of himself…demeaning her if she can’t or won’t see him when he calls to come and “get it”…..She even asked me about things in the bedroom that at any glance look demeaning….like she can’t now tell the diff….

….but she has become a thin rail with him….she drinks….I can’t get her out……I gave her the book “Without Conscience” and “Gaslighting”…..

Thanks for letting me vent…..feeling down…..feeling helpless….I read Al-Anon book to help me to deal with my daughters issues…today I read “We are not bound morally to shoulder the alcoholic’s responsibilities. I will not permit myself to become emotionally involved in matters that should not be my concern. I will not interfere with the working out of another’s difficulties, however dear and close we may be to each other.” Detachment is a hard thing to do……

I told this above to my sister too… she can detach from her boyfriend, and that what ever he does after that, let him….If he loved her he would still be there for her and not be the pouting “boy” who isn’t getting his way….She says he is not a SP but just going through bad time and stress…..


Whoops I posted here but meant the article on porn…oh well, y’all know it doesn’t matter….I need an uplift…thanks…hugs

Ox Drover

Vision, your sister is not going to listen to your advice until she is ready. Until SHE is ready and obviously she is NOT ready. I hope that at least she is not too deeply in debt over him before she wakes up but that is about all anyone can hope at this point. Just be there for her when she does wake up. That’s all any of us can do.



Thanks for being there always….I wish I could sit in your kitchen and tell all my troubles…whew….the last two weeks have been hellish….had to hire an attorney to cut through and chase off a witch hunt including a “friendly” call from Police chief to my daughter. Back woods school. Parents knew my daughter from school when in grade school and now no kidding, have picked up where they left off with bullying. and my grandson is at school!….I was there whole time and although my daughter’s issues make her talk too loudly, she didn’t deserve the result which was a parent shaking her, and a superintendent (but called police on lies she was swearing) did nothing about it. They turned this on her but trust me on this one, not warranted.

Superintendent is hypocrite and said he couldn’t work on hearsay but he did believe hearsay on my daughter. I heard it all and he told her the parents didn’t want all the hugs my grandson gives to the other kids. That the other kids didn’t like it. Wow….a 5 year old loving everyone and wants to give hugs….

Ahh…anyway…more to it but I am okay…however, my daughter is abrasive and pugnacious. Borderline etc. Spoke about her before….and although she didn’t handle things in a friendly way, they didn’t either so they got nasty and she was staying to herself…I was there…..everyday….taking my grandson to school….

I feel good today….now….after I vented earlier…I am glad you commented Oxy…I am alone…not much support around me…I am making fried fish, green ‘maters, and mashed ‘taters, later….comfort food….watching movies now while I clean the closets out….looking forward to next week when I have my grandson…. get him Friday night to Sat…


Ox Drover

Dear Vision ((((hugs))) I wish I could brew you a cup of coffee and hold your hand while you vented about this soap opera! Boy can I ever relate to these “drama ramas” and like the one with your sister, no one wants to believe the truth….I think that is the big deal at Penn State in the sweeping it under the rug, don’t want to believe this, don’t want to really deal with it, so we’ll pretend it isn’t so. The other side of the coin though is the taking and making a “mountain out of a mole hill” and ramping up nothing to be something.

Your comfort food sounds wonderful, I’m not cooking tonight, just going to the auction and will eat at the canteen there and pig out on salt free junk food. LOL

Picked up two baby piggies yesterday for garbage disposals on legs, they are soooo cute when they are the size of small dogs! But that cute won’t last, so I’ll get over the “awwwww, ain’t they cute!” phase of raising pigs before long. I didn’t realize it until recently that the only pork I can buy in the stores has been injected with 15% salt and water, plus I also like to “know” what as well as WHO I am eating! LOL

I made a chicken pot pie the other night, hadn’t made one in AGES, and I forgot just how good they are home made and oh, gosh, will have to do taht one again soon! I lost my freezer last summer with my home grown chickens, so had to buy organic, but got it on sale so stocked up on it, and I’m gonna do that AGAIN SOON! I love winter when I can bake and make warming food! So keep it up Vision, just be good to yourself, fix your favorite foods, take a bubble bath and kick back…set a place for me at the table and talk to me like I was there physically. I’m there in spirit! (((hugs))) and God bless.


Dear Dear Oxy,

You made me laugh! Drama ramas! truly!

My grandmother used to raise piglets too. We helped out as kids on summer vacation and when we returned the next year we found out they were to be chow and wow how big they had become.

Remember using a piece of wood with a nail stuck clean through it to chase off the mean rooster let roam around the yard too.

The farm wasn’t such a easy place….MMMM love homemade chicken pot pie…the crust is the big deal….

I hear you on baking during winter…me too…I am also making today some stock for soups with some turkey necks and legs on sale….even though Thanksgiving is just about here…still need my stock for next week soup….

And I will set you a place, and feel real good, being my friend, you will be there…((((hugs)))) and May God bless you too…you have been thru so much and are a real wonderful example of a woman with a heart and good sense…won’t mention that iron pan….LOL….

Ox Drover

You’re welcome Vision! I’m not cooking TG this year but will be sharing a meal with my living history group at a nearby state park, Petit Jean Mountain, AND also coming down off the mountain to eat with some other friends at their new “MacMansion.” So I will be really stuffed more than the turkeys! LOL May just sleep for the rest of the weekend!

Yea, those old roosters can be brutal. We had one that just showed up here about half grown and the boys named him Chester, and he got to where he would jump on the goats and spur them. One day my friend came over and had her dog tied outside in my yard and the rooster attacked him and blooded the poor pooch. I had the boys go out and send Chester to that great chicken roost in the sky! Son D’s hound dog ate chester feathers and all! LOL

Well,, I’m off to pick up my friend and go to the auction. You guys keep it between the ditches this evening.


maybe you could encourage your sister to come to LF and get a “second opinion”, if she doesn’t accept your opinion about her BF. She can read all these posts and pretty soon it will sink in to her brain that we are all talking about the same guy!! They are all alike.


Hi Skylar,

I did try to get her to read here and I think she is at times. She knows something is wrong but defends him still saying he is so kind because he did such and such….

I had to throw him out of my Dad’s hospital room because he was drunk and disorderly. He was trying to use the room phone to call the nearest VFW to go drink while my sister visited. He started to put her down and I stepped in. I told him if he had any problems to step out of the room as he was being disrespectful to my parents and my sister.

This is when I wish I were a man…I would have taken him bodily and threw him out of the hospital….bartender style….one hand holding his belt at the back of his pants and hoisted up and the other holding the back of his shirt by the nape of his neck….

Pheww….now to get back to my comfort food!!!!

Thanks for caring…talk some more… always…
Hugs (((()))))

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