The manipulative man interview

Lovefraud’s friend Ann at WomenExplode.com recently posted an interview with a 49-year-old man who had never been married. The man engaged in serious impression management. But, since Ann had known him for 10 years, she knew when his words were BS—and pointed them out in her story. It’s hysterical.

Read Interview with a never-married 49-year-old man on WomenExplode.com.

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You’re welcome Vision! I’m not cooking TG this year but will be sharing a meal with my living history group at a nearby state park, Petit Jean Mountain, AND also coming down off the mountain to eat with some other friends at their new “MacMansion.” So I will be really stuffed more than the turkeys! LOL May just sleep for the rest of the weekend!

Yea, those old roosters can be brutal. We had one that just showed up here about half grown and the boys named him Chester, and he got to where he would jump on the goats and spur them. One day my friend came over and had her dog tied outside in my yard and the rooster attacked him and blooded the poor pooch. I had the boys go out and send Chester to that great chicken roost in the sky! Son D’s hound dog ate chester feathers and all! LOL

Well,, I’m off to pick up my friend and go to the auction. You guys keep it between the ditches this evening.

maybe you could encourage your sister to come to LF and get a “second opinion”, if she doesn’t accept your opinion about her BF. She can read all these posts and pretty soon it will sink in to her brain that we are all talking about the same guy!! They are all alike.

Hi Skylar,

I did try to get her to read here and I think she is at times. She knows something is wrong but defends him still saying he is so kind because he did such and such….

I had to throw him out of my Dad’s hospital room because he was drunk and disorderly. He was trying to use the room phone to call the nearest VFW to go drink while my sister visited. He started to put her down and I stepped in. I told him if he had any problems to step out of the room as he was being disrespectful to my parents and my sister.

This is when I wish I were a man…I would have taken him bodily and threw him out of the hospital….bartender style….one hand holding his belt at the back of his pants and hoisted up and the other holding the back of his shirt by the nape of his neck….

Pheww….now to get back to my comfort food!!!!

Thanks for caring…talk some more…..as always…
Hugs (((()))))

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