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The only divorce he will give me is on his terms

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call ” Terri-Anne”

I have been married close to 15 years with a sociopath from central Europe. We have three kids together. He promised me of giving our kids a good education.

I always felt this marriage is somewhat strange with my husband making excuses all the time to leave the house.

I only found out one year ago that my husband has been having sex with prostitutes. He dates them and gives them lots of money. He traveled with three of them; one to Utah, to Canada and five European countries.

All this time he promised that everything will be fine, but it was just all a lie.

Three years ago he had planned to leave us and run to Thailand to live with 50% of the money that belonged to me. I didn’t know his second employer had gone IPO in 2012. He had a lot of stocks with that company. As to date I do not know if he sold all his shares at IPO offer price. He fakes two domestic violence charges against me. It is still pending in court , so I cannot go into further detail.

The only divorce he will give me is on his terms. That mean no 50% of his net worth. He staged both of the DV charges against me within almost 30 days apart. He thought that if I get convicted, then he will get full custody of our kids and probably will not have to pay child support and alimony. My husband will not cook, do anything domestic and that includes mowing the lawn.

I was very shocked when I found out that my husband enjoys having sex with different women. He is like a Steve Boston of Google. He doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with that.

He sometimes have unprotected sex with women and he had oral sex with most of his prostitutes and sometime he also french kiss them.

I am so shocked.

My husband will not spend much money on me and our children, but he is willing to give a lot of money to prostitutes.

He feels no remorse. He thinks it is justifiable because he goes to work and I just at home doing nothing. The truth is he continue to lie. I pay a lot of money out from my savings for things that my husband will not pay for. For example: kids after school programs, summer school, chess at school, vacation with our kids without my husband, the list goes on and on.

But he can easily pay a prostitute $1,000 a nite to stay with him for a week.

My kids do not like their dad.

They witnessed his violent behavior three weeks ago. We are all very worried. My kids also want their dad to go away and leave us alone. My husband insisted that I am turning my kids against him.

That is so crazy.

My husband kept justifying his behavior and our kids hear all of it. I forgave him in June of 2015, then only to find out he lied to me all along.

He is still having sex with Prostitute. In fact he took a prostiute with him from California to Nevada to have sex with him. When he got caught he still keep on lying. I have some of it through email.

He injured me almost three weeks ago so I got him out the house. I wanted to call the police and he broke my phone and left the house, so I changed the lock.

I don’t know what to do. I want the best situation for my kids.

My husband is seldom at home for years. In the past three years he comes home late round 9 pm. because he was drinking booze and having sex with onlnine prostitutes from Sugar Daddy websites.

I tried to get him to get lost by offering him a deal. He doesn’t have to give us any money and in return he just leave and never come back.

He will not do it. He is crazy.

Last 2015 he wanted again to take off on us leaving me to raise the kids alone. Then his parents found out about his whores and insisted that he must raised the kids. What good is it if he is an absentee father.

He doesn’t like to be at home. He likes to date different prostitutes out and have sex with them all the time.

I don’t think this is good for the kids. The kids heard my husband admitting to doing sex with other women. HE told the kids you guys are too young to understand.

My kids thinks their dad is creepy and they don’t care if they ever see him again. He is an unfit father. His only interest in women is to have sex with them and that is it.

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Rosie Jackson

My husband obtained a bogus restraining order against me which prevented me from attending my son’s wedding – THAT I PAID FOR! His attorney later told mine that my psycho husband drop the RO as long as I gave him everything he wanted in the divorce (this is why he got the RO in the first place)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but where I’m from that’s what’s known as BLACKMAIL!


my good friends wife accused him of child molestation to get the divorce SHE wanted. then she got all his paychecks and he had to pay for “therapy” for his daughter where they taught her she had been molested by daddy and the perverse sex acts he did to her. …at age 6 and 7. they destroyed her childhood. and he was forced to P.A.Y. for this criminal therapy.
sometimes we dont even know the hell ppl live thru.



Consider getting a really good attorney who understands sociopathic behavior.

It sounds like you are thinking clearly and dealing well with the pain you probably feel from his betrayal and complete lack of caring about your well being and about the children.

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