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Tim Blair, aka rapper Tim Dog, exposed by women who “invested” in his business schemes

Esther Pilgrim met Tim Blair on an online dating site. He was charming, attentive—then offered her a business proposition. Well, we all know how that goes. But turned out that Blair had run the same charade on multiple women from across the U.S. to the Netherlands to Australia. They worked together and turned the tables on him—with one women even going under cover.

Watch the Dateline Show:


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Donna, thank you for posting this report. Eugh….that’s all I can type….what a SKANK!!!

Another glaring example of why “online dating” is bad, bad, bad. These predators can paint ANY self-portrait that suits their needs.

And, what kind of consequences is this a$$hole going to face? I wonder…..I just wonder……

Brightest blessings


interesting backspath story… alas, he was found guilty on lower charges and will be able to remove it from his record in a couple of years.


What? “She’s a woman and it’s a weakness to that!” OMG….

Such a coward sitting there with his sunglasses…

I loved watching his lawyers face at the end, when he was talking to Dateline. Wow. The way he was pursing is lips, there is something in that.

Of course the Dog played the race card, too.

And of course, HE was the victim. It’s amazing, they all do that. They all flip everything 180° to the truth. Such a sick, sick creature. Last of all he loved the attention.


PROOF there is NO such thing as Justice.
A RARE exposure to how these con men perpetrate their scam. You can follow how these women could fall for it. But maybe only those of us who have been victimized can see the seriousness of this bizarre behavior. I didn’t like how they smeared the women at the end of the show.

Made me sick to my stomach, reminded me of my X!husband and how he was able to get small town OLD folks to “invest”. He’d boast that they didn’t care if they got their money back. When banks were offering .5 to 1% interest, he was offering 15%. When I tried to warn people that it was a house of cards, I was condemned for being an unsupportive wife.

So while they didn’t win, maybe – I HOPE – they helped plant a seed of warning for other targets of these type of fraudsters. I think too many people miss that the scammer WILL arrange an “accident” that the young beautiful woman and her child were LUCKY was NOT a successful “accident”.


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