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Tools to predict if psychopaths will re-offend are only 46.7% accurate, study says

A new study in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that psychological assessment tools were about as effective as flipping a coin in predicting whether disordered individuals will re-offend after being released from prison.

Predicting violence among psychopaths is no more than chance, on

Predicting future violence among individuals with psychopathy, on

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This is either a very inacurate study or the study results are quantifying the risk of getting caught again, not the risk of re-ofending. I am so tired of statistical studies that do not use vailid criteria and then come up with such stupid so-called scientific results without any common sense. There is no way to determine if these individuals re-offend unless they are constantly monitored and it is impossible to monitor them constantly except for a brief period of time if that. There is only evidence if they re-offend while being monitored or if they get caught. Therefore the study is only a measure of if they get caught.

We all know these monsters do not offend when they might get caught and they do not want to get caught. So maybe the study is simply measuring their incompetence. In any event, these studies cannot quantify criteria that is not measurable and whether they actually or ever re-offend is immesurable.

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