Treating sexually active priests

A psychologist who treats priests was not  surprised by continuing revelations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. But there was something that surprised him:

“It was a surprise for me to see how many psychopaths I met in the priesthood,” Dr. Leslie Lothstein said. “Glib, callous, could say anything to you and be charming.”

Read A psychologist steeped in treatment of sexually active priests, on nytimes.com.

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Dear Blogger,

Thanks, you have “topped” my “list of CHURCHES who rape children emotionally” list for the month of May, fortunately, May is nearly over, so maybe nothing worse will come to my attention.

Actually I think we should bring back the “ducking stool” and the pillory, and possibly branding criminals like this “Church”–yea, isn’t that what JESUS WOULD HAVE DONE? I know that that group of pious folks just made Jesus PROUD of how they handled this poor girl! Maybe we could just burn a cross on the parking lot, or maybe just burn the building, but then we would be just 1/1000th as bad as those folks are! UGH!!!!!!

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