Two terrible stories about sex and children

In Trenton, New Jersey, a 15-year-old girl sold her 7-year-old stepsister to a group of men and boys at a party for sex.

Read: Cops: N.J. teen sold stepsister, 7, for party sex on Msnbc.com.

In Wales, a 6-year-old was repeatedly stripped, sexually abused and physically assaulted by other children in her school.

Read: Horrific ordeal of girl, six, who was physically and sexually abused by 23 of her primary school classmates on Mail Online.

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Dear Glinderella,

CONGRATULATIONS on such a wonderful step forward! It is great when something jells with us and we can SEE the LIGHT!

TOWANDA for you!


I’m happy for you! you say:

Comfort, validation, good advice…I need all of the above, so will be having a look..thanks for the information, it’s so important.

One thing that put me off the book was the P said HE FELT EMOTIONALLY RAPED By me!!! I was trying to get him to account for the truth and did some pretty hard core questioning… which he actually took on, and like a robot answered questions like a child trying to pass an exam…and he was just staring at me with a horrible look in his eyes that said ‘push me and I will destroy you’ I was suitably terrified and ran for the hills…..I will never forget his face, his look, it was calm couldn’t care less contempt- a horrible combination…he told me I was very intelligent at the end and I think if I hadn’t got that edge on him he would have squashed me like a bug.I just get so worried about what he could be doing now. I will never know. It’s terrible that I cant protect the people he has suckered in now.

OxDrover & Bulletproof-

Thank you for the encouragement and sharing…according to Michael Fox’s book, The Emotional Rape Syndrome, “Emotional Rape” is the use of a higher emotion of the victim by the perpetrator, ie, love- to fulfill a hidden agenda. Thanks for the Towanda Oxy..it is my very first!

Bulletproof – it sounds like your slick P felt cornered and then was honest with who he was for the first time…he bared his teeth…not with a deceptive smile but a fierce grimace…how crazymaking to be accused of what someone is actually doing to you! And no, you cannot protect his next victims…but hopefully this blog and others like us speaking up will soon become more mainstream. We seem to live in a time of increasing disregard for human decency and shame it seems to me.

I know it seems I read a lot….I guess I have been searching for answers at least in an intellectual way…the companion book I would say for “The Emotional Rape Syndrome” is by Beverly Engel and is titled: The Emotionally Abused Woman — this book helps one to understand how we may have been “programmed” or set up to be attracted to or by and blind to these types of disordered individuals who perpetrate these types of interpersonal, potentially life destroying crimes.

I used to feel guilty and sometimes still feel guilty about my own blindness or disbelief that such people who professed their love to me could mean me harm…but that guilt is said to be the form of denial of the victim…as we all know, the perpetrator feels nothing and it is their lack of conscience and empathy that allows them to stay in their form of denial that perpetuates their ability to perpetrate….how sad for them because at least there is hope for recovery for us…very little for “them”

Glinderalla………ah…………..the guilt. “If it was so bad, then why didn’t you leave?” I actually had a case worker for Adult Social Services say that to me, last year! I had contacted ASS with regard to the safety and well-being of my youngest adult child who is still in the care of my eldest spath son. I had been instructed by NDVH to contact the supervisor of my son’s case, rather than the case-worker, to discuss my concerns, and that was precisely what I did. The case worker called me at my studio (thank GOD there was a witness to the exchange) and began the conversation by asking, “Now, just what is so important that you felt the need to call my supervisor?” The call rapidly deteriorated into a 20-minute verbal assault by this guy and I’m not going to get into the details because it would take up too much space. Suffice it to say that I asked him, “Are you trying to blame me for my son’s sociopathy?” He shouted into the phone, “I CAN blame you and I DO blame you!” I disconnected and was comlpetely hysterical for the next half hour. At no time during this “conversation” did he “allow” me to address my concerns about my eldest son – it was all about the spath being a “decorated combat veteran” and questioning my “patriotism,” and such like.

Guilt is something that I learned that I do not have to accept, under any circumstances. Shoulda, woulda, coulda isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm. The choices that I’ve made were the best ones that I could at the time. Were they “wrong” or “bad?” Yeah, many of them were. But, they’ve been made and they can’t be unmade. Hopefully, I’ve learned something from my bad choices and decisions, and I won’t make the same errors, again.

I wanted to add that, at no time during the “conversation” was I “allowed” to address my concerns about my spath son. Rather, it was that I was attempting to assasinate the character of a “decorated combat veteran,” and that I was not “patriotic,” and so forth.

That whole episode was a deliberate attempt to force me to feel guilt, and I refused to accept it.

ROTFLMAOTMNR!!!!!!! that translates into: rolling on the floor, laughing my arse off ’til my nose runs.

I am so tired that I edited the previous PREVIOUS post to include the previous information. Wow……


I read some where make sure guilt is coming from your own head, do not let anyone else put it on you. I have learned that, and yes, I do still feel guilty at times but only when I say I should. Then I try to learn the lesson and move on.

Guilt is like Chinese handcuffs…hard to get out of and hard to function with them on…I am finally feeling my righteous anger and rage at these buffoons who I have suffered too readily…no need to feel guilt for expecting others to be human and decent when that is what you are offering and naturally expecting…so sad to know that you can’t even expect that in this “blame the victim that I vicitimized” society of ours….onward toward survival and not having to even give these assholes a second thought…their reptilian brains can’t process it!

It is time to say NO MORE to the vanquishers and become our own champions….TOWANDA!!!!!!!!



from an article by Amanda Kloer, ” Craigslist is projected to make about $122 million in 2010, which means that even if they shut down all sex-related advertisements, they would still be raking in a tidy sum. But the fact is that, money aside, Craigslist just doesn’t seem to want to change. They have begrudgingly admitted that their new status as America’s most notorious pimp for trafficked women and girls is not a title they really love, but they don’t seem to detest it enough to make real change. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and CEO James Buckmaster know that their website makes it possible for more men to rape children, with greater ease, anonymity, and impunity. ”

for full article: http://humantrafficking.change.org/blog/view/craigslist_makes_36_million_from_illegal_sex_ads

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