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Undercover British cops deceived women they spied on into relationships

John Dines

John Dines

Here’s a whole new twist on relationship fraud police chiefs in the U.K. have admitted that undercover cops engaged in “abusive and manipulative” relationships with women involved in political organizations that they were assigned to spy on.

One of the victims, Helen Steel, told her story in detail. The behavior of the man she was involved with, John Dines, was right out of the sociopath playbook.

Seven women reached an out-of-court settlement with police. An eighth woman did not agree to the settlement.

Five undercover officers engaged in the fake relationships.

A Lovefraud reader brought this story to our attention. She comments:

How far should the police be allowed to go? Four undercover police officers who had relationships with the women they spied on will not be prosecuted. One victim says, “There is nothing in law that says that if a policeman suspects you of any offence, let alone involvement in a political campaign, that that entitles them to sleep with you to find out.”

What are the laws in other countries around this issue?

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Where were the responsible authorities? This is moral insanity — oh, wait, that was the original definition of psychopathy.

I borrowed part of this in

Let me add, just look at the arrogance in John Dines’ eyes.


Won’t it be interesting to see how the 8th does in front of a jury. I’d fry everyone’s ass! The cops and their superiors!

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