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Utah track athlete shot by ex-boyfriend who lied about his name, age, and sex-offender status

Lauren McCluskey (University of Utah)

The story of University of Utah track athlete Lauren McCluskey, 21, is a tragedy from beginning to end.

She started dating Melvin S. Rowland in September. A month later, she found out who he really was — a 37-year old sex offender who had recently been paroled. When Lauren broke off their relationship, Rowland stalked her. Then, on October 22, he shot and killed her, leaving her body in a car on campus. He fled and later killed himself.

Here’s a timeline of the events in the extortion and shooting death of University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey, on

When Lauren McCluskey first reported Rowland, the university police did not open an investigation immediately. They also did not contact the parole board — possibly even unaware that he was on parole.

Rowland had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a teenager and attempting to meet an underage girl for sex. He moved in and out of prison, being paroled and then violating his parole. During hearings, he admitted that he had raped two other women, and was sexually attracted to young girls and vulnerable women. He was released on parole again in April.

Man who killed Utah student Lauren McCluskey had a history of sex assault that was downplayed in the criminal justice system, on

I feel so badly for this young girl. She did everything right, and still ended up dead.

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My reaction is outraged disappointment that the legal system can gain a confession for rape of a minor, and not consider the perpetrator ‘violent’. Our definitions, legally speaking, are obviously too parsed and nuanced to properly protect the public from violence.

This young woman’s story is a total tragedy. She tried to help herself in all the right ways, and no one was able to connect all the dots of this abuser’s life and intervene.

I am glad he is dead.

This also illustrates the need for more public knowledge about personality disorders, how to spot them, and how to get away before too much damage is done.

I am (also) amazed that reporters, police, etc.. are always looking for the ’cause’ of the violence and death. Like, ‘he was in financial trouble’, or ‘she was wanting out of her marriage to be with her lover’. These are such superficial explanations when one knows about narcissism and sociopathy. Lots of us want certain things, and may even ‘hurt’ the ones’ we love out of inconsideration. But we don’t rape, maim, and murder because we need more money or want a divorce. We don’t kill people because they reject us. We don’t lie incessantly to get our own way.

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