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Victory, of sorts, against the sociopath

Dennis SanSeverino is in jail. Trish Rynn, from whom he scammed more than $350,000, put him there. How did she do it? Legwork and persistence.

Lovefraud initially posted this case on our True Lovefraud Stories page in February 2008. The headline is, First he flashes wads of cash, then he steals her home and inheritance. That pretty much sums up what happened to Trish Rynn.

Unfortunately, Lovefraud has heard from plenty of people with similar experiences. They fell in love with the sociopath, trusted him or her, and lost everything. The difference with this case, however, is that Trish Rynn fought back. She reported him to New Jersey law enforcement authorities and actually got him prosecuted. When the case went to trial, SanSeverino pleaded guilty to taking $275,000 from Trish, his former fiancé. He was put on probation and ordered to pay restitution of $2,000 per month. He complied, sort of, for awhile, and then stopped paying—violating the terms of his probation.

Violation of probation

At that point, the authorities probably would have done nothing to force him to pay. That’s when Trish really went into action. She kept calling the guy’s probation officer. She hounded the prosecutor. She wanted the guy to pay—or go to jail.

SanSeverino was ordered to appear for a violation of probation hearing in early February 2008. Trish took off of work to be there, but the case was postponed. This happened multiple times over the next seven months—the case was scheduled, Trish arranged to be there, and the hearing never happened. Finally, the hearing actually took place on September 26, 2008—almost a year ago. SanSeverino didn’t show up and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The guy was a fugitive.

Legal authorities were not exactly energetic in pursuing SanSeverino. But in April 2009, he was pulled over in Pennsylvania on a traffic violation, gave a fake name, and was arrested for falsifying his identity.

About the same time, coincidentally, Trish heard from a woman who met SanSeverino at a casino in Delaware. This prompted Trish to call the New Jersey sheriff’s department handling the case. The officers checked their computers and discovered, to their surprise, that SanSeverino was in custody in Pennsylvania. So after he served his time there, he was sent back to New Jersey. His long-delayed violation of parole hearing took place on July 2, 2009.

Sentenced to prison

SanSeverino tried to talk his way out of going to jail. He acted remorseful. He said he was going to “live in darkness” until he paid Trish back. He needed Trish to forgive him. The judge, Susan F. Maven, didn’t buy the act and sentenced SanSeverino to five years in prison.

Maybe, if the people of New Jersey are lucky, SanSeverino will serve at least half of his sentence. Because the only real benefit of him being in prison is that it may make it difficult for the guy to find new victims.

For Trish, the damage has already been done. In the victim impact statement that she read in court, Trish said,

“I am 47 years old now and I am dead broke. I am still paying attorney fees from all of this and it is almost three years later. I am a single mother. I worked as a massage therapist for the past 20 years of my life and truthfully, I am physically ready to retire from my work because I am hurting and I have injuries to my shoulder and nerve damage. But I cannot retire because of what this man did to me.”

Trish also said she was angry because her daughter’s life has been sidetracked as well. With her inheritance, Trish could have sent her daughter to college. SanSeverino took the money, and her daughter dropped out.

Moral victory

I don’t know if any victim of a sociopath ever wins a satisfying victory. I beat my ex-husband, James Montgomery, in court. The judge found him guilty of fraud and awarded me all the money he took from me—$227,000—plus $1 million in punitive damages. I was never able to collect my judgment and ended up declaring bankruptcy anyway.

Still, I think it is valuable to pursue justice. Sometimes our efforts get the con artists off the street, at least for a little while, so that maybe someone else is saved. Sometimes the predators end up with a record, which, if a future victim is smart enough to investigate, also may prevent the sociopath from pulling another scam.

But mostly we need the moral victory. We did not roll over. We fought. And even if we did not recover the money or property that were taken from us, we can feel justly proud for recovering our self-esteem.

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Ox Drover

Yea, Donna, it IS a “victory OF SORTS”—having been in court battles with a psychopath con person (over a con-busienss deal) and my husband having been in a 7-year court battle that ended up taking 7 years of his life, and ALL THE REST of his money as well as the TIME that could have been spent MORE PRODUCTIVELY, and still “losing” 100%—due to the trickery and LIES of the psychopaths, I’m not sure when it is wise to chase a “bad investment” with GOOD money/time.

I think each individual case has to be looked at by the person who is the victim and only they can decide if they want to spend the resources they have left (sometimes NONE) persuing “justice” or if it is more important to spend those resources and time on healing yourself.

I recently lost the chance to recoup the loss of “int4ellectual property” that belonged to my husband from a major corporation which took his patent and used it for 25 years, due to the “way the courts” work—wasn’t about right or wrong—but since I did it for my late husband, to finish up what he had started and I knew would have persued it to his last breath and BEYOND I continued the suit for another 5 years after his death—corporations live forever, but people die, and because he wasn’t alive to give direct testimony, and though we had documented proof he owned the patent (he tried to sell it to them but they declined to buy it) then used it….buit, in the end, they ‘won”—was it worth it? Nah, it wasn’t, but since I didn’t expect any “justice” I wasn’t disappointed anyway—besides, it wasn’t my ox that was gored…it was my husband’s. He never did give up on wanting JUSTICE. He never got it either, but I think of all the time, effort, emotion, money and grief he poured into trying to get it for DECADES…was it worth it? Not to me, but I saw things differently than he did about that.

Sometimes, I too want “justice” against the Ps, but other times I see that I am better off just spending that effort on ME, and letting go of the resentment, letting go of the unfairness and just accepting what IS. But, each of us have to make our decisions, i think, based on what is best for us at the time. I do applaud the small percentage of “winners” that get a “sort of” victory, but I am no longer grieving over what I didn’t get, just accepting that I am the ultimate winner because I am recovering, healing!

Thank you for this article, I think it gives us all something to think about. (((hugs))))


This article is for ME! This is my story. This is what happened to me without the happy ending. I owned my home that i loved and had worked on and paid for by myself through sheer hard work. When I received an inheritance from my Grandmother I went to a solicitor to claim it. I was targeted by the psychopath solicitor. I ended up in a relationship with the solicitor and LOST MY HOME AND MY INHERITANCE within 18 months. They changed the judge just before my case… and in court, no press were allowed, I was told I was not allowed to write anything about him or his family EVER again. I refused to give up. When I wrote to the ombudsmen and the politicians and newspapers he had me arrested and thrown in the nuthouse. Whe I continued my battle he threw me in jail. I was followed and harrassed and bullied and threatened that I’d be killed if I didn’t leave the state. I stayed, and fought. My lawyer who represented me against him was a good friend of his! I had no-one but my young son who stood by me in the end.
In the end I fought for another seven years. Thru the courts and thru poverty and threats on my life.
He was never charged and still targets vulnerable women today. He is a billionaire now and has kids all over the place.
The cops are on his payroll.
I fought in the SUPREME courtand had my name cleared and got all the charges dropped.He was never charged with anything EVER.
I stayed out of a relationship for seven years.
Then in walked the p dentist with my favourite book in his hands, quoting it ad naseum, “mans search for meaning” by Victor Frankl.
I am alive.
If i had killed them I would be in prison. This is because i am NOT a psychopath and would probably fail at my attempt to kill as i am not cunning enough . And if I did succedd i would be bragging to the world how I finally cleaned the streets of the scum of the earth!!
Instead i am broke, living in poverty, painting psychopaths, healing on love fraud and i am a (quote oxy), “loud mouthed old broad”. I am resentful and cynical and if a bloke says “i love you” (unless its my son) I can’t stop laughing for days! But i am FREE! I am NOT IN PRISON BORED OUT OF MY BRAIN,CLEANING OTHER PSYCHOPATHS SHIT UP AND TRYING TO HIDE FROM A FIGHT!
I am free to be a bloody bitch to whoever I want, so long as I don’t kill em.
And I would never say any of that to anyone in my life, not even my son, but on love fraud i will scream it at the top of my lungs “I AM NOT IN PRISON!!” TOWANDA!!!

No amount of money would ever bring true “justice” to my kids and I. Nothing will ever make us whole again- too much damage was done. We can all go on to lead happy, satisfying lives, but there will always be a not quite healed crack deep down in our souls that will trigger every so often…even when we, ourselves, think we’re “over it.” But knowing that he is in prison and UNABLE to hurt another child or another mother while he is in is very, very satisfying.


I was talking to a friend today. It’s scary to me how few of us actually want revenge. He was surprised too. I explained that we are fearful.


Thanks for this article…..

But mostly we need the moral victory. We did not roll over. We fought. And even if we did not recover the money or property that were taken from us, we can feel justly proud for recovering our self-esteem.

There is something deep in my soul that feels we can’t just sit and roll over!
The fight is an outlet to grow, productively and allow the anger to transfer into righting a wrong.
You all know how I feel about this……and I will never be walked over…..I allowed it for 28 years……NOW IT”S MY TURN!
I am always thrilled to see a person who is vindicated and fights and never allows a S to run and hide……..get away with all the crap and destruction…..then just be happy they are out of OUR lives……they move on to another victim… doesn’t become the ‘if I don’t see it, it’s not happening effect’…..THAT”S JUST PURE IGNORANCE.
I think we owe it to the world to hunt them down and let them know WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG PERSON……..Rise above them….and FIGHT! Call on our ‘inner Sociopaths’ and use their tactics against THEM! Finally!
THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS WE CAN FIGHT BACK……EXPOSE…..and Protect ourselves and our families.
It takes an immense amount of work and energy…..BUT……so does grieving and anger…..may aswell do both at the same time!

SO….I raise my glass to all the sociopath warriors here on Lf and beyond……..
What’s right is right, and whats wrong is wrong!
GO GETEM!!!!!!


“I think we owe it to the world to hunt them down and let them know WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY! YOU FUCKED WITH THE WRONG PERSON—..Rise above them”.and FIGHT! Call on our ’inner Sociopaths’ and use their tactics against THEM! Finally!THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS WE CAN FIGHT BACK—EXPOSE”..and Protect ourselves and our families.”
Spoken by the words of a true survivor of a psychopath’s sustained abuse!


My post doesn’t have to do with a court victory bc the SP I was involved with didn’t rob me financially”..thank goodness he didn’t get the chance. Although I’m certain that is what he wanted from the onset.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I believed every word the SP in my life kept telling”.there wasn’t another woman, I was making up crazy warped thoughts in my mind”.always thinking! Never mind that I saw call after call and text after text on his cell phone bill to the same number, and all of the sudden he had no time to do the things we once did”..just too busy with work and his kids and if couldn’t understand that”.too bad. Then he eventually smartened up and got another SIM card so that he could talk to her undetected. One that she paid for. When I saw it in his car, he told me it was his cousins”.whom by the way, he never saw!

Then when things got ugly and we were on and off, I still made these incredible excuses for him. No matter how horrible he spoke to me or treated me, he was still calling and texting saying that he loved me. I just had to understand. And so I did”.I kept telling myself that something is just horribly wrong in his life. He used to remember every word we said to one another, now he couldn’t remember the last time he saw me. What in the world could possibly be wrong? Whatever it was I wanted so badly to help him. To be there for him, ready when he called bc he promised me his love forever. He MADE me look in his eyes and promise that I would always remember that he loved me”.until the day he would die! He told me to get a different number, so I did, then when I texted him to let him know”.he had the OTHER woman call me and tell me to leave him alone. That I was stalking him and I had no self respect! That he no longer wanted me! It was her that he could not live without. It was the ABSOLUTE darkest day of my life. I have NEVER been so hurt or humiliated. I tried to contact him to ask him what was going on. But he changed his number. I was totally blind-sided. I never wanted to believe that she existed. And for so long he had lied her away. But now she was real and he wouldn’t even speak to me. He had HER threaten me. How could this be? How can someone who supposedly loved you, not care that you are hurting? How can they kick you in the stomach and walk away without saying even one word? And worst of all, looking back at my words and actions – it appeared that I might really be some physco chick? Maybe I am the crazy one???!!!

But no, I now know that I’m not. He took a completely intelligent, normal, healthy and sane person (me) and drove me to think I was crazy. He left me grasping for the straws of reality and trying to find the person I was before he came into my life. I realize now that I am not at all crazy. Today I took the advice of a few others and went to the library to check out some additional resources on a narcissist, sociopath, antisocial! They all start to fade into one! And although I wasn’t able to check out the suggested readings bc they were not available (imagine that), there were plenty more on the subject! And the great thing is that the more I learn, the more I know – the more strength I feel. Today I went to the library and researched like the smart and determined woman I am. I realized that he had made me feel helpless. Like I had to accept what he dished out. I didn’t want to even open my mind to think some other way bc I was afraid to know the truth. The truth that I really knew deep down inside. The one that is now saying to me” were ENTIRELY too good for him. He is a loser and doesn’t deserve someone of your good heart. And in therapy, my therapist even told me these words: “You want to know a secret. You would have eventually left him anyway bc you know the meaning of the word love. And HE will never be good enough for that love, nor is he capable of love.”

My reflections have made me realize that he was also with me for financial gain. Thinking back he once took me to a new subdivision and suggested that I sell my home and build one with him”.it would have been me paying and him getting a free ride. But he didn’t push, he only planted the seed as to make it look like my idea. He questioned me more than once about my salary and future plans and goals ”“ it was all a game that he was plotting very carefully until he messed up and got caught. My victory was small compared to many of you who have lost so much. For all of you, I am so sorry. I pray that you all will find peace and strength within. I lost my dignity, self-confidence and heart”.but I’m determined to fight my way back and he will never again hurt this very smart young lady!!!!


ErinB….YOU ROCK! When all of this finally came down for me, I did every mean and dirty trick I could to make his life MISERABLE – a living HELL!!!!! And while it did for a while, it just added to all of the dramas that feed his inner drive. And had he ever found out it was me, he would have the satisfaction of getting more of my time and attention….which I decided he no longer deserved!

So for me, I decided to focus on myself and I think I’m worth way more than he will ever be.

But it takes a very couragous person (like you) to stand up for yourself!!!!! And I completely get where you’re coming from! Good luck to you!


it’s absolutely heart-warming to know that this online community helped save a beautiful soul such as yours from the agony of further loss and betrayal.

And you know what else? if we were all P’s, we could not feel good for each other. Your story would mean nothing to a P. But it means everything to me. I feel hopeful that the modern technology of the internet made it possible for you to avoid the many years of slavery that some of us endured.

I told you all the books would be checked out! It’s fricken amazing. Read the books and then your job will be to spread the word about P’s to as many people as you can, in as many different ways as you can.

Be alert to P behavior in every situation, not just love. Anytime someone is subtly controlling or manipulative or when you hear lies. Be intolerant of that. Learn so much that you can explain it to others convincingly. We need to change the acceptance of hate and envy in our society. It isn’t acceptable anymore.


Skylar, I guess I had been struggling for so many months feeling so lost, so alone, so sick (LITERALLY SICK) with no one to talk to. No one that I felt understood. After my last encounter with him, in desperation I searched on line and landed here. I guess so many things that I was “catching on to” finally made sense. Now I feel like you all are my life line. I feel calm. At peace with the reality. I have finally ACCEPTED what is and what happened. I do still wonder about “the next time” he tries to contact me but not in hopes that it will be another chance for me to make things right with him – like I once did. I WILL NEVER think of him with love in my heart again.

Now my focus is on never letting it happen again. Making myself a stronger person in the future. And YES, I can soooo see where you are coming from about SPs not just being in love relationships.

You ALL (at LF) are truly amazing and I thank God for bringing you all into my life….even if it be in a bit of an unconventional but very technology cool kinda method. 🙂

Quoting The Manipulative Man by Dorothy McCoy, Ed.D. “Women are mesmerized by the forbidden relationship, the exciting stranger who radiates danger and yet seems vulnerable and wounded by life. We want to crush him to our breasts and ease his pain. Simultaneously, we desire the thrill and the exhilarating sting of danger. We want to be THE one woman who by virtue of her unconditional love will transform him into the perfect lover. Yes, we are certain we will succeed where lesser women have failed.”

That is the opening paragraph in Chapter 1…..OMG….she hit the nail on the head!!!! Is it really the same for all of us? My story begins on Page 1 of her book!

Hecates path

Donna & Henry,

A belated thank you for your very kind and helpful posts to me last week re: the desire for a new relationship. I found them to be very helpful and thoughtful. Henry, I saw a butterfly magnet at the store the other day and bought it to hang on my filing cabinet at work where it can remind me of your kind and inspiring words.

My kids have been sick for the last several days so my apologies for not acknowledging my appreciation sooner. It figures that I would get two such thoughtful comments here and was away from this site in the days following.

Thank you so much to both of you for reaching out to me when I was having a “moment” of self doubt. My apologies to anyone else who posted and I missed your replies…

Hecate’s Path 🙂

Hecates path

Sarasims said:
“…a narcissist, sociopath, antisocial! They all start to fade into one!”

No truer words can be spoken… they do indeed fade in to one disordered abusive person.

Kudos to Trish Rynn for fighting her battle… I admire her tenacity. I think part of my stunted healing at times is due to the fact that as much as I wanted to make my ex-S pay, I backed off because his vengeful nature and need to win were “wildcard” factors that I had to take into account for the safety of my children and myself. I hate feeling like my hands are tied when it comes down to justice!


About a year ago, I wrote about my concern for the 22 year old college student, who comes from money, that my ex S had started dating. I felt helpless to help her and knew my biggest priority had to be me and the child I shared with this man, making “no contact” a non-option. Still, sitting back and watching this girl be exploited wasn’t something I could live with.

So, I refused to meet her, against his wishes, so I wasn’t used in the exploit is some vicarious way. I figured if she met me and I didn’t say anything about what this man is capable of, I was a party to his illusion that we split on good terms. If I did say something, she’d think I was the nut job!

After listening carefully to a few of his statements about her, the majority about how well off her family is, I caught wind about the kind of business she worked for part-time and what college she attended. (I only ever got a first name for her) I did a little research and found only two businesses like that in the area of the college. I took a guess and wrote an email, anonymously, letting the proprietor know what kind of man this young woman was dating. It was short, to the point, and led to an Internet trail with substantiating evidence if one were to choose to pursue its legitimacy.

And then I let go” I did end up meeting her, about six months later, as it became important to my son. I kept a healthy distance and attempted to not do or say anything that would make me an accomplice to the S’s intentions but, first and foremost, I made me and my children (I have an older one not by him) the priority.

A year later, or last weekend, I found out that she broke off the relationship. Turns out, her parents were concerned for her well-being. They had gotten information from her employer about her man, done an Internet search and, after playing things cool and watching them together for some time, had concluded he was a shark and forbade her to have contact with him. From the information I was given, it sounds like she was warned several months ago, had some of her own experiences, shared them with family and the threshold was reached.

I own nothing but my own decisions and actions. While I didn’t do “nothing” what I did was very little, rather safe, had no glory and took its own course and time. As a result, I live relatively conscience free and fortunately for this girl, relatively consequence free of him!

Until the next one”



I had the best news yesterday. The P has finally left the country and gone to join his OW, financed I’m sure by the money they scammed from me.
Although it isn’t a victory for me – they are not in prison where they should be but it does mean that I can go anywhere now without the fear of seeing him and it will validate everything I said about the two of them.
I feel as if I’ve just had 10 tons of concrete taken off my shoulders.

Ox Drover

Dear Duped,

You can only do what you can do and you did what you could do. sometimes it is a lot and sometimes a little, but that is all anyone can do, is what they CAN do. I’m glad you protected your child and yourself first of all.

I am also glad that apparently your e mail eventually bore some fruit. God bless.


I too am ruined financially… a P…I, after knowing he had been taking everything from me moved in with him because of the situation he put me in…no money..I had no choice. My own mother who yet I need to diagnose turned me and my 4 kids away when I went to ask for financial help..and gave me a list of homeless shelters! She lives in a beautiful home in Cape Cod and did not want us there…she treats her dogs better than her daughter and grandchildren by far! Thanks to LF…I have realized the brick walls of intimidation and fear the P puts on me that made it hard to take a chance on leaving him,taking back my life and my own finances…I am leaving him…thanks to many words oxdrover had written to me and words that come from you all and I dont give a crap if I lose everything anymore….Oh yes it hurts…oh yes I am sure I have PTSD…Oh one gets it what its like to be a fly in a spider web except if you have lived it. My dream is to see that piece of garbage in prison picking up soap bars next to big bubba…but I am deciding if I have the strength to go through more battles….I still have my business by a fine thread…but I dont know if I can recover it from all the financial damage this piece of sht has done…but I am DONE and I think I am ready to take on whatever comes my way now..I wish all of us the victims can get together and hug each other and cry together beacause I know we are all the same type of person…we all deserve so much in life but because of our kindness and caring qualities and unselfishness we got into this hellish mess…say a prayer for me and everyone in our shoes….Thank you all for sharing…I cry often when I read this site because to know you are not the only one going through this…to know someone else gets a salvation…Thanks all…


My daughter who is 21 has almost been scammed by two men already financially, that she shared digs with, because she takes her committments seriously. I am trying to teach her to be much more strict about what situations she puts herself into and sometimes these are not situations that she openly agreed to, but situations where her flatmate lost his job and couldnt pay the bills. These are serious life lessons, as women we have to learn to be SELFLESS and look after our own business and protect ourselves. More about this, when I have thought it through.

Ox Drover

Dear dear BoPeep,

I am so sorry that you have such pain, but I am so GLAD that you are finding your STRENGTH and COURAGE! Being courageous is not the absence of FEAR, it is being scared chitless and doing what is right ANYWAY!!!

We must take back our strength, our courage, and our selves. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I know you can!!! Come here and continue to read and learn and grow stronger and be validated, because YES, we do know what is is to be caught in the web and to look the PREDATOR IN THE EYE, but we also know what it is to get FREE of that web, whatever it takes!!!

I’m sorry your egg donor is not there for you, and I definitely know how that is with my own egg donor….you would be better off in a homeless shelter than with her, anyway, at least they would welcome you and apparently care more about you than she does.

Hang on to the knot at the end of the rope and keep on!!!!!! (((hugs)))) and my prayers for you. In the end, only we can rescue ourselves!!!!


I am praying for you and I reiterate what Oxy says: “YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I know you can!!!”
Keep coming back here Bo peep, I NEED YOU!


I would like to thank Donna, for her support that I have had and still have,from her website and reading also her own story.
I am glad that I did not go and crawl into a corner in shame, after the sociopath/psychopath come to my home, the only reason he come to Australia was when he knew that I had come into some money having sold my large home.He had to leave Australia twelve month ago , and had to go back to the USA, as his 12 month Visa had run out and the Immigration Department refused his request of an extension.I rang the Immigration Department as soon as I knew he was on the flight back to the USA and thanked them for the refusal of extending his Visa.I decided that I owe it to the humanity to get him exposed for what he is, as he has been doing this for many years on four continents. I have discovered that there are very many women.I am very lucky that he did not get my home and assets as that was his intention, how ever he did get my small inheritance, I took him to court for here and got what was left of the money back, as he had left that in a bank account he had here in this country, as soon as he went I called my attorney and we put an injunction on that bank account.
This sociopath make his living by taking over woman’s homes and taking there money, and what he does is sit on the computer almost 24/7 finding women on single sites and also on the porn sites. He owns nothing what so ever but is involved in every con that comes his way, he even promotes coins and money on his websites as real money, knowing full well that he has been told by the US treasury in writing to cease promoting this, as it is illegal tender it violates 18 U.S.C. § 486, I and many others are amazed that he has not been put away.[He should never own a computer ever again] He made one statement to me, that I did not care if he has to go back to the USA that he will be going to prison, I sure do not care if he is caught the sooner the better, I am not giving up to expose him as I discovered that there the most victims in the USA, he seems to like Oregon for some reason and that where he is at present hanging out with another victim to be.
I also like to say that Erin Brockovich has my respect and I just think she has done so much for women internationally.
Donna,keep up the great work you are doing and hopefully if we all speak out about the likes of those male and female sociopath / psychopath, they will not be able to prosper as well as they do.
I am becoming more and more aware of how lucky I was and enjoy my freedom and peace, that I have regained.I can once again just think with a lot of fondness of my late husband that I was married to for forty three and a halve years.[This sociopath would not allow me to have any pictures of my late husband in my home or mention his name, he also started alienating me from my children and friends, with out any success ]


easp, congrats on getting rid of him for good.
My exP goes to oregon once in a while…I wonder whats going on in oregon?


My story as well is one of the true LF stories. Even though everyone told me to walk away, I couldn’t. Every other woman who had been scammed by this man had walked away, but I was not going to go away quietly. Through the court system I was granted a judgment against him for default of payment and then to collect,garnished his wages. Then to avoid that, he filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy; so I filed an adversary,claiming fraud. I won another judgment whereas a chunk of money will be non-discharged from the bankruptcy and it will still be owed to me when the bankruptcy is over (if not paid off before). This all took place in a span of 3 1/2 years. I now get a check every month from the bankruptcy trustee, and will for 3 more years as long as funds are deposited.

I will never get back all that he owes me; I have spent more money on attorneys fees then what I will receive; and I will forever be paying that bill. BUT after all is said and done, it is a moral and emotional victory for me; because he has been exposed and the court agreed with me that I was defrauded, and is going to hold him accountable. In my world, he did not get away with it!

At one point before the trial, when I thought that things were looking kind of bleak, I told my attorney that I was going for broke. That someday I may have to file bankruptcy myself, but I was not going to stop until I had exhausted all my options. I have acheived what I set out to do, and will never have to kick myself later for not following through.

I know not every one is in the financial postion to do what I did, but I also knocked on many doors. Some could help me, others just listened. Donna and LF was a big help. Thank you!! I am not crazy!!

I wish for everyone, that has been emotionally and/or financially devastated by a S, the ability to heal and some day find peace in their life – though I admit for me, it will probably be an ongoing process.


skylar, thanks for your comment, I am asking myself the same thing, I know that there are a lot of his victims in Oregon,I had made a report about him to the police in Oregon including a senior police person here also made a complaint about him, and never got a reply, when I inquired about, I was send a email the next day by the detective that they looked at the information I send them and he stated that this con did not commit a crime in the USA, well lucky the federal law enforcement thinks differently.
I just wish there was some one I could contact so that his antisemitic website and the other two he has could be shut down, the man is full of hatred and is even rewriting history by stating there was no Holocaust he belongs to a militia group, that is dangerous. I found a lot of stuff about him on the internet, I wish I would have known about him before I ever replied to his first email, if he thinks I am that far away and would not find out about him , that was his biggest mistake,
he obviously did not know how resource full I am. Just think he come to Australia with no money as I found out all to late, he lived here for nothing as he did not pay anything, he was always telling me that his former partner stole his “six figure” income and that he would get his money and website back that she “stole” from him and he would pay me back. I found the former partner in Oregon and she never stole a thing it was her website, he abused her and her son for six years, whilst he was also on with several other women in Oregon.
This women is still a wreck and hurt by him, he stole 6 years of her live. I lost only about 18 month and live becomes very pressures as we get older, but one thing I must say, I thank this sinister sociopath for keeping my brain very active, at least I am getting exercise and will not get Alzheimer’s I hope.
The terrible thing is he claims to be American Indian and very spiritual, he is not Indian, it is a shame that he uses the Indians for his con as well.


EMJ170ORD, I am glad you did not walk away and try to forget, I was told the same by my friends, but they do not know what it is like to be a victim of such evil person, it is also part of the healing process, it is better to put all that hurt into something constructive and that is getting those sociopath /psychopath exposed, if some one would have done this years ago to expose them, there would not be so many victims that they leave along there trail.Many people still don’t understand that those S/P are professional and born criminals, they have no concision or morals.
I am only so pleased that I found Donna and her website, I have learned so much and it is so great to know that there is this support, and the best thing was when I realized that there are others out there that also have been victims of some one like that. To realize I was not alone.
I have to laugh these days when some tells me they meet this real nice person on the internet.


I am posting one of the many emails I received from another one of his victims, in the hope that some other victims are on this forum and will also come forward.also to show it as an example how cunning he is and others like him, there are pictures of him on the internet of what he really looks like and not the pictures he has on his website and sends to women on single sites. I hope that this will help some other unsuspecting victim.

Hello —–,So pleased to meet hear from you. I’d be pleased to meet you and talk to you about how we can live and work together. My job is much too much for one person to accomplish, and two hearts living and working as one would be a great benefit to me and to the people. More than that, our relationship of intense and passionate love could have implications beyond our imagination.I am completely capable of immense love and compassion. I love with integrity and honesty as a spiritual dedication to a mission I accepted 8 years ago. I now have a clearer understanding of what that mission means. Without a woman of your love and compassion for people and for me this mission could not be accomplished. I was promised a partner to share this dream dance. The fear of being beaten by me is totally unimaginable. WHO I AM permits only unimaginable love focused on you and with you. Little else matters.——
wrote: —–, am really excited to hear from you and i must confess that you have a lovely job, more about me, i grew up in —-where my mom and dad live and i have a kid brother, i left —-when i was 28 years old after the death of my late father, and i came to——- to live and work hard to be able to take care of my mom and kid brother, my work is great but i wish i could get another job if i had the opportunity and am looking for a caring and loving man thats gonna love me for me and not beat me always or cheat on me, i love to swim, read,listen to musci and play video games, so what else would you like to know about me? and whats your yahoo id do that we can chat on it———–
wrote: Hello——–, My name is ———-. I am a webmaster, teacher, and Internet marketer through my website, ————www.—— I’m —–and bring a message of spirit and dance a new dream for the people. I get 5 million hits each month and help people in many ways to get past illusions and find solutions.I’m also a Regional Currency Office for ———, a REAL money currency when our fake money from the Federal Reserve is falling badly. My territory is——–Recently I was named Chief Financial Officer for ———, a multi-trillion dollar charitable and humanitarian organization that is recovering assets stolen by forgery and embezzlement by many of the corrupt corporations, agencies and individuals in the world. We have foreclosed on banks, newspapers, mortgage lenders, title companies, insurance companies, auto dealerships, and government agencies as well as the WatchTower Society.I’m divorced and single. My kids are grown and on their own. I did a great job and so did my ex. love to write, sing, hike, walk the beach, run, weave dream catchers, gather sage, collect beautiful stones for my children’s book Grandfather Story Stones. Haven’t canoed or camped for a while, love to photograph nature and people, garden, play table tennis and much more. I live alone in ———-, soon to move to a 73 acre ranch nearby that I bought through the trust.——- , the primary trustee, lives in a motor home parked on my property and he has set up a temporary office on my front porch.I don’t have time or interest in head games. The Great Spirit has asked me to dance a new dream for the people and that has been both a joy and a challenge. But then I’m a Leo.All of my time is free time. I play at what some people call work because I love to help people and watch them grow in power and wisdom.The qualities that I seek in a woman is her spiritual approach to all facets of life. That would include integrity, clarity, open mind, an open heart, compassion, a passion to love with intensity, an ego-free and heart-directed intention to love, honor and respect all beings in the web of life. Her beauty shows in her being and the fruits of her actions. She walks the path of beauty in harmony within herself.I’d like to know more about you, —-, your business life and your internal weather. Let’s talk when you return. I am also on Yahoo messenger and we can talk forever by phone. I have unlimited long distance within the US.Perhaps we can soar together, ——, and dance the dream together.——
My name is ——, single female from ————- and am a business woman i supply packeges to companies, like clothings,footwears and electronics, love to ride a bike, swim, play games, hang out, read and listen to music, am on here for a serious relationship and not to play games, if you think you are here for a serious relationship too dont hesistate to reply me on my yahoo mail ————- becoz presently am out of the state to supply some packeges to the motherless homes in west africa and i would be back this month as soon as am through with the project. so tell me more about yourself……………..


Wow….what a compliment….it humbles me to read your post…
Together….we will prevail….we will expose, we will protect oursleves, our children and our finances…..we will educate society, the courts, the healthcare field, the media…..
We will not be silenced….we will not be intimidated!
GIRL….you are an inspiration…..keep up the productive work you are doing…..not just for yourself….but for all of us here and the future victims we may meet soon enough.
Congratulations on an important job well done.
I am truely speechless and humbled by your post.


I’m so very glad that weight is lifted…..distance is a wonderful thing.
Feel safe, gather yourself and pick up the pieces.
Even though I think most of us would rather they all drove off a cliff together…..or whatever horrid thoughts we have shared…..
I share the relief you feel knowing they physically are as far away as they can get…..It is a comfort…..
Stay vigilant and aware…..but allow yourself to move onto the next phase of healing.
Sleep well!


EMJ170ORD says:
WOW…..the strength we have is unbelievable…..I commend your fight!
We all do it for different reasons…….
I love your balls!
I am of the mindset……take em down!
You were vindicated in the system and paved the way for the next victim with all the ‘legal’ personell you came in contact with… EXPOSED the behaviors…..
This is what is so necessary……we all have to contribute in our own ways!
GO GIRL!!!!!


Erin,I thank you for the encouragement and your comment.
When I set out last August the 27th 2008, after making sure he was on its way out oft his country,I set out to expose him where ever I can, not for myself alone but all the good and trusting women/man
to warn them. I was very lucky and as the Australian Federal police told me I could have lost every thing, it did not take them five minutes to tell me that he is a conman, and they actually ordered me not just told me, should he by any chance ever get back into this country and come to my door . I am to call the police immediately.
I was told by friends that he meet his match in me, I have this thing I live by, that is called persistence and honesty, I will leave no stone unturned until he and his gang are caught. I longer feel like a victim, but have the conviction to see that he is stopped , even if I help only one person by going on, that is one less victim and spared a lot of pain.
I am also concerned how he and his ” associates” taking money from people promising the that they can eliminate there debts, take money from them and once they have them sign on the dotted line, claim they are only giving them advice and are not legal people, from what I found it is quiet a hefty sum. He does not care if some of them commit suicide, as there in such a situation of loosing every thing and he is there last hope.
The way people are loosing there homes because of the financial disaster, he and his “associates” having a Banquet.


Go getem girl!!!

Have you heard my theme song?



Erin, thank you I have just listen to your theme song, interesting
It is very tempting to send this to the sociopath, but it would only be like water of a ducks back to him as he has no feeling for anyone but himself.


Here is part of another email, I got from another victim. sadly it was to late ,I only got this after he had gone back to the USA. When she was warning women at the time I had moved house and also changed my email address, she certainly tried her best to warn others.
I have never talked to her, but would like to thank her for her courage as I know she would have put her job on the line, for warning other women.And this is a lady in my mind that has a concision and lives by her conviction,

to all of you women out there who have had contact with this man, be careful, he is a deceive and
will say and do anything to get you to care for him, actually many of us at the same time….i know
of at least 14 in the last week, myself included…thankfully a very dear soul opened my eyes and
together we are opening the eyes of the unsuspecting out there he’s made contact with deceptive
intentions, i must apologize to those who are not of his, “dance the new dream”, group of
intended…for i cannot discern who is who from the list that as you can see goes on and on
go to his email if you have doubts,
his is———– password —— also to www————user name——- and password ——. i work for the——- dept. here where i live and did some checking on this man. i felt it was my duty when notified of some of his doings to alert those he’s contacted under false pretenses, check for yourself, i intend to send him this copy of this letter first thing tomorrow morning which will give all of you the chance to see for yourself.
good luck in your journeys————–


Thank you Erin,
I took the plunge today and called the ImmigrationDepartment of the country he has gone to as it is hard to believe he has been given employment there without any education or qualifications. The officer I spoke to was extremely sympathetic and thanked me for passing on the information about him and his partner and their crimes over the years. I will never know what transpires because of the privacy laws but I see it as a little victory of hopefully exposing them and stopping them and hurting others.
I do believe that morally I should pass on my story ( even though it has fallen on deaf ears up till now) as the one thing a con artist dreads is being exposed. I would also add that it needs to be done without putting yourself in danger. My information cannot be passed onto anyone and they didn’t take my name so I am not worried.


Erin, I found this on one of the websites he has put a comment on in relation to finance , and this is one of the reply’s to him, wow would like to know who he or she is, it appears he has very many enemies among women and man.

this is the reply:
this guy is a freak of nature, a lying sack of shit that should be castrated, covered with honey and put on an fire ant mound. he is a low life with no morals that sucks the scum off the bottom of the trailer toilet. the kind of idiot that kicks people down when they are vulnerable and grasping. fucking ass hole……… you better watch out


Do his initials contain the letters B or J or last name starting with an A?
Has he lived in London or California that you are aware of?
This guy is sounding familiar.


Sounds like he has a growing fan club…..this is GOOD!…..
for you!


Erin, he has lived in California and just about every other state of the US, I know he likes to travel internationally[ of course never at his expanse, always at the victims cost]he brags on one of the blogs how he traveled to Bali and also with in Australia, Erin his initials have A and a H, but than he does not use his real name,that has A H and B in it, but he also uses two others to make him sound more ‘American Indian”

The women he talks about never stole a thing from him but she dared to stand up against him.

this is what he says on the blog:
Born white, learned of Native American heritage when I took my art to family reunion. I’d begun a discovery journey. Grew up poet, artist, storyteller, dreamer, tree-climber, master’s degree, taught science, history, sociology, geography, anthropology, got married, had kids, did ordinary things that I treasure and then someone up there lifted my anchor. I’ve been soaring ever since. Chose between teaching students lies of history or leaving the schools. Did odd jobs, began hearing the spirit wind that whispers in the heart, discovered wisdom of the —— weaving dream catchers. Took my art and teaching across USA for 5 yrs, to Europe 3 yrs, learned how to bring websites to the top to take my art and teaching to the world. A website stolen from me reached 200,000 visitors every month. She lied, she stole, but she didn’t conquer. Yr in Australia, touring, photographing, meeting people, Tasmania and Bali, and returned to USA to explore legend of Kokopelli and mysteries he revealed

This is a reply to what he posted about himself:

10 months, 3 weeks ago

We have finally a full understanding what soaring means, that you do so well
and have been doing so well for many years,it is an eagle getting a free ride from the uplift of the wind, you have that down to perfection.
and you do enjoy all the freebies it has been giving you, and now you have a student that you can teach the same soaring as you do, so you can put all the freebies together and live happily ever after,just make sure that you also teach your student how to walk in two worlds , as you already have four legs and in order to keep up with you , your student also needs to have four legs to walk in two worlds,than again you do claim you had taught your student to walk. Maybe put a forked tongue in for good measure.
As for the spirit wind that whispered in the heart,maybe it needs a very strong storm to find your heart , as you still need to find true wisdom.

10 months, 3 weeks ago

would you like to tell the rest of the world, how you could travel and stay in another country for all this time, with out spending any of your own money or very little , as you have none. we all would like to know so we can travel on the same principle as you .
as we all would love to travel and pay nothing for it,


Sarasims, I can relate to your last paragraph the S/P that was in my live constantly tried to tell me that my money was not safe I should invest it with his associate [ the fake money] so what I did
I contacted my bank manager and financial adviser they both come to my home and told him in no uncertain terms that my investment was in a safe place, you see I had started to doubt myself, as he was scaring me every day, that was when everything started going bad in the economy world wide, it was about six weeks before he had to go and leave this country, he was aware for some time that he could not get what he wanted, when I finally let him know that I did not come down in the last shower and was not a fool,he claimed in an email that his work was finished in this country.
It sure was as he could no longer get anything out of me, there was one thing that was very scary when I saw him take out a dagger that he had brought into this country illegally among other things, I reported that also to the authority’s including quarantine department, I was not aware that he had this until I told him that there is no way I would help him to stay in this country, that was when he took that dagger out of my desk draw, when I told the previous women about it she told me she knows about this dagger and said that that was his manhood.


Eri, I just read another one of his emails to another women,in there he says he has been to England.

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