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Video: Learn to spot and escape psychopaths, sociopaths and other exploiters

Approximately 12% of the people around us have serious personality disorders they’re psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists. No, they aren’t all serial killers, but in one way or another, they all victimize just about everyone who crosses their paths.

Lovefraud Continuing Education offers online courses to help you spot, escape and recover from these exploiters and manipulators. The courses are designed for:

• people who want to protect themselves,

• people who have already been targeted by these manipulators, and

• mental health professionals, who want to know how to help their clients who have been victimized.

Learn more at Lovefraud Continuing Education.

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Donna, you are doing a great job, but in my opinion the focus should be on a Woman and how women should change not to be a sitting duck 🙂

Woman should stop presenting themselves as strong and independent and come across as weak and dependent.

We should be strong inside in a sense that we need to support the man emotionally, but not financially.

Most importantly they should chose the man for the right criteria, which is not looks, sexual appeal or money.

Donna I have a 9 year old daughter I am 57 years old (married 12 years) and I am seeing that my wife may be a Sociopath during the divorce proceeding . I found her whole history is based on lies, everything she has told me of her first two husbands were all fabrications. Now she does this to me, my stepdaughter (27) believes her my child tells me daddy mommy is lieing do not trust her. We are fighting a custody battle in Slovakia’s , I found my wife was not legally divorced for 333 days after we were married. I am scared but fighting this for my daughter. Can you advice please


Donna you are changing the world for the better!! Standing ovation to you and your team for all that you do!!!

Your ex had no idea who he was messing with!! Look out psychopaths, narcissist, anti social and sociopaths Donna & her wonderful team are going to expose each and every one of you!!!

What a brilliant way to spread the truth!!

Congratulations Donna (& Terry plus team) on all of your hard work.

Hope Springs

Oh boy, do I agree!


I’m attaching this link discussing parents with psychopathic children. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it. It’s back from 2009.

Hope Springs

My dear friend becomingstrong,

Thank you so much for sending this link to me. I have devoured it first, and then slowly re-read all of it.

So many of these people have almost the identical story to my own. Especially the almost willful objection to bonding, by the child. My story only differs in that my son has not been involved in criminal activity (that I know of, at least…he went into care at age almost 8 and we did not see him again until age 16, and then only rarely) and has never been incarcerated, which I am fairly sure of. However, my son is very smart and would never let himself be ‘discovered’ were he doing anything illegal. He thinks himself superior to everyone, so I am sure he feels that way about the law, police, and the court system as well. He thinks that he has it all figured out, how to get what he wants. (Counselors and psychologists too). They are all ‘easy’ to manipulate, especially with a hard luck story about being put into foster care by parents who ditched him, and now his going through this divorce and child custody, ALL due to ‘what happened to him as a child’. I am really not sure whether he really believes that to be the truth or not, or whether he just ‘uses’ that life story to his advantage. It doesn’t even matter.

So many things in that forum smacked of our lives. So many many things. I just become more and more convinced of HIS problem and how I cannot accept who he is so as to have any relationship with him at all ever.

Again, thank you for thinking of me. I don’t know what to say to express my gratitude for you.

Hope Springs

Actually…he did kill an animal when he was with us…he did steal when he was with us…he did start fires in his foster home…that is criminal activity.

Hope Springs

He started fires WHILE in his foster home, not actually IN his foster home…sorry about that mis-write.

In garbage cans at school.


Dearest Bev,

First, I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier I didn’t receive notification you had responded. I probably forgot to check the “box”.
When I read the story of the woman who was planning to move but sorry that her relatives would be subjected to her son I thought of you. I saw similarities, in fact that story, I thought it was you but then she said she had other children. I am so glad that you see and read accounts of women similarly situated. It isn’t as an usual as you think. If 25 percent of the population are sociopaths then those 25 percent were children right? But as we know its not PC to admit to having such a child and certainly taboo to admit not bonding with them. We as mothers are expected to be superhumans and love the unloveable. We are not. I spoke with a relative of mine, older female, and all she could talk about was how to protect herself from her son legally. She said, “How can love children when they are evil?” She was specifically referencing her son. I hope other parents read this, let it be a warning, a cautionary tale. She is in her mid 70’s, her husband is a little bit older. He is afflicted with Alzheimers and steadily getting worse, i.e.: wandering off. She had to go in and get a guardianship. The legal process involves sending out notices to the relatives. Their son, whom they haven’t seen hide nor hair of in 7 years, actually responded to the authorities. My relative kicks herself for not having had her husband change his will before he became incapacitated. But the will makes the evil son executor. She is in the process of changing her will but its too late for her husband. She afraid he’s going to wipe them out and rightfully so. So when you know your kid is bad the best thing to do is deal with reality and instead of playing the pretend game. She doesn’t drive so now she’s having to go to the lawyer’s and the banks to make the changes by cab. And it’s very hard at her age and with her husband in tow. Now that she is having to deal with the logistics of not having dealt with reality in the past, she is incredibly frank, with herself and others. And there’s no talk of love for this kid. She also said, “You think you are alone in your feelings and then you find out you’re not”. So the moral of the story is, everybody needs to get real about in whose hands their life is going to be in the future. And if you have rotten kids, don’t make them your executor.

On another note, but is it? Received pleadings this week whereby my spath husband is asking that I be put in jail and then placed on 10 years community supervision for guess what? Abandoning my duties as a mother by sending some of the kids to live with their father. Yep, on the one hand I’m a worthless mother and then on the other hand how dare I not take care of those kids. So if you don’t hear from me you’ll know where I am-in the pokey or reporting to my probation officer.

Love to you Bev

Hope Springs

becomingstrong, this ex of yours is almost something to behold…not!!

Did I not know what your ex is, I would not believe that anyone could even act like that. What a piece of distorted and disordered work he is.

You will not go to jail. There is no way. You can’t for ‘abandoning your duties as a mother’. That cannot be in the criminal code, especially when they are living with the other parent!! Lol…this is truly laughable. He is a class A idiot. He refuses to leave you alone, doesn’t he? How transparent he is!

As to what you said about it not being PC to admit not loving your own child, or it being taboo to admit to never boding with your own child. There are no truer words than that. Pariahs…that is what ‘we’ mothers are who have had this happen.

Thank you so much for your input. He is our ONLY child and I want to leave him NOTHING when we are gone!


Dear Bev,

Yes I like how you put it can’t be criminal to leave your children with the other parent. Show me the code is right. He’s asking that I be found in contempt. No he won’t leave me alone, he looms large over me. But I’m making myself loom large over him. I have always controlled his f/b and I regularly update the readers of what he is doing in the divorce, including the other day, loosing his appeal and then going home and sending me 92 emails in an hour and a half and I voted the emails for everybody to see this is true. And I am actually getting friend requests from people in his workplace. Which means to me people cannot believe what he’s doing and that he does all this knowing I’m going to put it on f/b. He’s outrageous and he has no more mask to wear. This pleading is so hateful on its face that this is tantamount to him beating me in public. Any judge would blanch at this pleading.

Good that you thought through what you have to do legally to protect yourself from your son. Given half a chance no doubt he will use your resources to sink you.


Hope Springs

That is the coolest thing ever that people that HE works with are SEEING. He has revealed himself and others are dropping away, off of his crazy ride. I love that you have access to his FB. That is a gift that you should use and run with as long as possible.

Yes, the ONLY thing my son ever wanted or wants from us is MONEY. You betcha!

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