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Dr. Paolo Macchiarini.

I just watched the documentary He Lied About Everything, available online at InvestigationDiscovery.com. It’s the story of Benita Alexander, who as a NBC News producer, was seduced and scammed by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a world-famous surgeon.

I think Benita was incredibly brave in telling her story. While the good doctor was love bombing her, they both recorded plenty of videos. Benita, I’m sure, thought she was recording her fairytale romance. I don’t know what was in Macchiarini’s mind, because he obviously knew his whole involvement was a fake, so essentially what he recorded was evidence of his psychopathy.

But viewers see the whole story, from the initial sparks to the overwhelming promises to the tragic heartbreak when everything turned out to be a lie. Even the doctor’s pioneering work was unethical and deadly to his patients.

Perhaps if there’s someone who doesn’t believe you, or can’t understand how you fell for whatever story you fell for, you can suggest that they watch this show. Maybe they’ll begin to understand how it happens.

He Lied About Everything, on InvestigationDiscovery.com.

Be sure to watch Benita’s behind-the-scenes interviews, also available on the same page.

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Could not access the videos because I did not have the proper membership, but I have a brother who is a sociopath, and I remember as a high school senior, that somehow he got FIVE high school girls to ask HIM to the prom (he did not accept from any of them), and he asked no one else. Also, he was able to emotionally seduce a 75 year old woman family friend with his “bedroom eyes.” Think he was practicing!

A real psychopath.

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