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What is on that computer? Ask Scout

If you’re looking for evidence about what your spouse is really doing on his or her computer—evidence that you can use in court—look into the Scout.

The Scout is a device and service offered by It was invented by Rob Moody, a forensic data specialist with 15 years of experience finding information on hard drives for corporate, government and law firm clients.

What kind of information can a computer forensic examination find? Here are some examples from Moody’s case files:

• Trip with the mistress: A guy used a travel agent to book and pay for a trip for himself and another person, who was not his wife. The trip was confirmed via text. He thought the text was deleted. Moody recovered it.

• Double books: A husband created two sets of financial records—one real, one fake. Moody was able to recover the original set of books, containing entries that the husband did not include on financial disclosure forms for his divorce.

• Cheating wife:  In preparation for leaving her husband, a woman was slowly draining their joint accounts. Moody recovered emails received via her Hotmail account, which had been deleted, confirming her new bank accounts, with the account numbers.

• Camera phone photos: Moody recovered incriminating photos that had been transferred to computers when the phone owners hooked up their Blackberries and iPhones.

How it works

The Scout is actually a device, like a little black box about the size of a cell phone, invented by Moody and manufactured by his company, Secure the Proof LLC. If you purchase the service, here’s what happens:

1. The company sends you the Scout device.

2. You plug the device into a Windows-based computer using a USB cable.

3. The Scout captures an image of everything on the computer hard drive.

4. You send the Scout back to the company.

5. The company transfers the computer contents to CDs or DVDs.

6. If you requested it, the company examines the files for five specific search terms.

7. The company sends the CDs or DVDs back to you.

Legal evidence

Many people have sought to capture information about a spouse’s computer activity by using a keylogging device or software. Keyloggers work fine, Moody says, but they have two problems. First, they only capture current data, not old information. Second, they can violate wiretapping laws.

In many court cases, evidence obtained through keyloggers is thrown out. In fact, some people who used keyloggers have been sued by the people whose activities were recorded without their permission.

Scout, however, is legal. Because it captures static information after the fact—not while a communication or computer use is in progress—the evidence it produces has a much better chance of standing up in court.

Affordable service

Forensic computer analysis typically costs thousands of dollars. “In a corporate or government setting, just getting the image of the hard drive can cost as high as $2,000,” Moody says. A full data analysis can cost $5,000 to $6,000.

The Scout collects all e-mail, all documents, all spreadsheets and all pictures for $395. The data extraction for five specific search terms costs another $395, unless you buy both at once, then the total cost is $595.

“We’re really listening to the need of a lot of people who have found themselves in bad situations, but don’t have the assets necessary to do a corporate-sized investigation,” Moody says. “There’s nobody out there that does this.”

For more information on the Scout, visit

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Ox Drover

Well, ain’t that SWEET! I’ve seen the ad for that floating up on the LF screen from time to time, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

IF you have access to his computer, you can get the information you need. I would assume though that you’d probably have to be already suspicious before you would shell out that kind of money just to find out if he was cheating (at least in the past if not currently) On the other hand, it would be “cheap at TWICE the price” if you got what you needed.

When you are dealing with a psychopath though, it would also make sense to keep a tight LOCK on your own computer if there is anything out there that the P might could use the information on—like the fact that you were going to leave him, etc. So, could cut both ways. Technology is awesome!


I want someone to create a piece of software that i can get the ppath to download via an attachment that does the same thing – but routes all the data to the company…’cause i never wanna see another thing typed by that lying sack o crap. the attorney general’s office would like it though.

Thank you once again Love Fraud. I am in possession of the ex P’s computer hard drive- siezed through a court order, but also, cannot afford the forensics to really scrub it for data. Two sets of books? you betcha. On top of two sets of lives and everything else that was duplicitous.

I will definitely use this service. A very timely article in my case and many thanks.

Elizabeth Conley

Before using Scout, it would be wise to ask ourselves if we’re really entitled to the information we’re seeking.

Hold it! Calm down. Breath into a paper sack. Think for a minute before you flame me on this one.

I’m not suggesting that anyone in particular is not entitled to the information she seeks. I’m just suggesting that we should have a really good reason before we violate someone’s privacy.

Ox Drover

Dear EC,

I agree with you, BTW glad to see you back, have missed you! but I think a cheating husband who is using his home or business computer to cover up his cheating has no right to “privacy”—or in the case of Anitasee, specifically, with a husband who is keeping two sets of books to cheat the government and/or her out of the just proceeds of his business is a good reason to not expect “privacy.”

I’m NOT flaming you on this though, because I have NO RIGHT to come to your house and sneak into your room and plug one of these things into YOUR computer because there is NO legitimate need for me to know about YOUR business, but if we are MARRIED I think I have every right to know about your business that is effecting both of us.

If I came into your house (since you and I are not even likely to get married LOL ) and got your information, I think you should have every right to PROSECUTE ME. Just like if I tapped your telephone.

I think like ANY tool it can be used for GHOOD OR ILL depending on how it is used. A gun can save your life or it can commit murder, and I think this tool can give you access to legitimate information OR it can help you steal information you have no right to have. But your point is a good one EC.


Hey Everyone….I’ve been really busy and haven’t had time to read or post…till today.
Speaking of computers….
It is So easy to lie and cheat in our “internet age”.
I have my profile on some online dating sites..since I know people who have met some nice friends and/or b/f/g/f’s online.
Well, I got an email from a guy and we started chatting (IMing). He asked how long I was on the site and how it was, since he was new too.
I told him that in the past, I met some “crazies”. I told him that women especially, had to be careful of predators and fakes.
He stopped the chat and never responded!
I did a reverse email checkup and found that his IP address was from California…not NYC as he stated he lived there!
So, I am VERY cautious when talking to “strangers” online.
I wonder if he IS a predator and knew I was wise to them!

Anyway, no loss. Just know that you really don’t know someone from internet communication and people even hide behind the phone.

Just gotta stick with meeting people in person. Even then, we don’t really know anyone.

I found that since I was lied to and deceived in my last relationship, I am VERY cautious with who I let into my life now. I feel “red flags” so strong and I follow my gut feelings now. Saves alot of misery and anguish!

Anyway, I am getting a big response to my profile, and I delete 98% of them. I’m the “red flag” expert now!


To clear up one question, If the computer is an marital/jonitly owned asset either in the home or in a business you have a legal right to the information on it. Scout do not capture any live data everything found is stored on the computer some place. All you have to do is log into any desktop and start Scout and it will find all the data regardless of who’s account its under. We alway suggest that you consult with legal professional make sure.


Scout says:

“If the computer is a marital/jointly owned asset either in the home or in a business you have a legal right to the information on it.”

But, many times this is NOT THE CASE.
If the computer is not marital/jointly owned, then the information obtained from it will probably NOT be admissible in court.
I’m not a lawyer, though.
But, I think I might be right on this.

Scout also says:

“We always suggest that you consult with legal professional to make sure.”

I would definitely take this advice and consult a lawyer FIRST, before you spend a lot of money on the Scout, obtaining information that is NOT admissible in court.

Talk about a bitter pill to swallow….having incriminating evidence on someone, and NOT being able to use it in court.

Ox Drover

Did you guys hear about this cop in california who was overspending his texting account (paid for by the cop-shop) and so they checked it to see if he was using it for “personal use”—OH, BOY!!!! WAS HE EVER! Love notes to his mistress and porno to his WIFE!!!! The lower court said they couldn’t do that, it invaded his PRIVACY!!! Sheesh, but the supreme court over turned that and said that since the cop-shop was PAYING FOR IT THEY COULD SEE IT!!!! Hee hee Glad that sucker got his pecker caught in a squeeze! He deserved it!!! Don’t you know his wife was pithed! Probably his GF too!


Rosa your advice of checking with a legal expert is alway prudent
in reality unless the computer is owned by an employer or you are not married to the person you should be OK The big difference here is that scout does not capture any LIVE data all the information that scout finds stored. That in itself is a big difference. The big issue here is that the scout offers people a chance to use the best cutting edge technology that the government and major corporations use at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to help people find answers

Ox Drover

Hey, Rosa, where is ErinB? Haven’t heard from her in a day or so.

Guess what! I went and got my HEARING AIDS TODAY GUYS! I am no longer PROFOUNDLY DEAF! He put them in and only upped the sound a BIT cause he said I’ve been so deaf for so longn that if he turned them all the way up I would FREAK OUT at all the sounds I have NOT BEEN HEARING! Sooooo, I took them out a few minutes ago, I could NOT stand the sound of the AC or the CLOCK ticking or the fly crawling across the ceiling! It was worse than what I remember (vaguely) of a hang over I had (the only one I EVER had, that cured me from drinking!) everything was SO LOUD!

So now I have my 3+ reading glasses, my hearing aids, and I’m waiting for the walker before too long! And you won’t believe how LOUD my computer keys are—and I didn’t know they even made a sound when I typed. And Hey, my cat is not just “moving her mouth” now, she actually makes a SOUND [email protected] I thought she was mute! LOL

I’m goinna to beddie bye guys! Ya’ll run EB to ground for me and tell her if she doesn’t show up by tomorrow I’m flinging the skillet her way! Love and g’nite! Oxy


I don’t know where Erin Brock is, but I MISS HER!!

Erin Brock!!!! It’s the late night shift! Where are you????

Calling EB calling EB where are you? We miss you! Come back to us! Love, Gem.XX


Hey, hey, hey……
EB is in the house! 🙂
I was busy getting my ars kicked by my 5 year old nephew!!!
Holy, moly………
They left today…..and poor Holly is in mourning! THANK GOD for Holly…..or mamma EB would have taken the brunt.

The kids had school this week….last week, so they weren’t around to soften the blows.

Summer has arrived at the Brock house!!
I’ve got a busy weekend, so I may not be around much……

I feel like i’m out of the loop on news too……the sloot deal and other news……I’ve been watching ‘Vegie Tales’ and Superman.
GIVE ME MY NEWS!!!!! I’m going through withdrawals.

Well Jr, ‘should’ have graduated today……and he went to the graduation….(pretty ballsy)….but he called me and said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done in his life….was watch his class graduate……said he cried.
I said…..welll whatareyagonnadoaboutit?

I knew I couldn’t even be in town today…..I left dodge and went shopping and dinner with a GF…..cried myself here and there in my travels today….
I know….he’s gonna go for 1 more year…..

I also went to the court today to file motions to compel for spath to pay CS another year and explaiin why he hasn’t done other things listed in divorce decree……
Thought i’d take the bull by the frozen balls and make the decision I want CS for Jr for another year…..if he ain’t gonna graduate….I may aswell collect CS.
cuz Jr’s gonna go back to school….says mamma!
And that means daddy-o will be ordered to pay another year. Per the law in my state….until 19 AND in High school….
Oh yeah….mailed off the Stalking order to be served on spath today too……Next week the Fl Sheriff should be a knocking on his door……and i’ll tell ya…..he’s gonna SHIT!!!!
If he just left us alone, and had his agents leave us alone…..there would be no need for ANY of this!!!!
But……not the case….so F^&) OFF……i’m following through!

Sorry for disappearing……but i’m gonna blame it on the 5 year old! 🙂

Rosa…..I thought of you as I was driving home….all the oldies…..(okay well 80’s oldies).

And Oxy Moxy…..Keep the damn skillet put away girl!

Mama Gem….my late night companion……Goodmorning darlen!


I think this is a FAB idea….Scout…..
To expose fraud…..GO FOR IT!!!!

It’s like anything……in the wrong hands it can be lethal…..
BUT… can also be lethal TO the wrong hands.

Hi, EB darlin, ! Missed ya Honey! Love, Mama gem.XXX

An interesting aspect of the Sout service, is that they find buried, deleted data. As I have mentioned, I have found hugely incrimminating spreadsheets, itemizing lots of cashola, but then the trail goes cold. I am sure that there is lots of useful info in the hard drive that I have not been able to access to date that will help me pick up the trail.

When I first discovered my exes online piccadilloes, it was by visiting the “trash” that I discovered dozens of saved profiles of men looking for one on one sex etc. Quite the shocker at the time.

In my case it does not matter if the evidence is admissable in court, as we have settled. It matters if I find info to trace where the assets have gone, as I have a court recorded agreement, that whatever I find becomes mine, and any income I find is half mine.

As for the privacy issue, sorry EC, but privacy, schmivacy in this case. The courts allowed me to sieze his computer without notice because I was able to prove, voluminously, that he embezzeled funds and lied repeatedly on all manner of financial info. Hence his loss of his right to protect said privacy.

Peace, A

Ox Drover

Dear EB,

Well, I am sitting here at the keyboard this morning listening to the CLICK of the keys (pre hearing aid I didn’t know they made any sounds!) LOL The cat is NOT a mute! Strange but I have to change my hair do as the hair rubs on the speakers and WOW! is that a SOUND!!!!! The AC is so loud, he said it would be, but have to get used to it. He only turned them up by 1/4 and I get to adjust to that for 2 weeks before he turns them up more.l I’m already turning the TV down to just barely ON on the sound, and has been all the way up! Son D will love that as his bed is on the other side of the TV wall and if I watch TV at all it is LATE NIGHT! LOL

Well glad you got your ducks in a row and that peace reigns at your house again! Yea, that is why God gives young children to YOUNGT WOMEN and us older bats get the teenagers. Not sure the young women don’t get the better deals! LOL

super chic

Oxy, congratulations on getting your new hearing aids!! Now you can hear everything… and it sounds like you’re really having a great time with it! Maybe the doc won’t have to turn them up any louder! What about the crickets and birds…

Ox Drover

Dear Chic,

Oh, my goodness! THe parrot that I thought didn’t make any obnoxious noises!!! He makes these HIGH PITCHED SHREIKS that are terrible, I haven’t ever heard them. My refrigerator sounds like a diesel truck parked in the kitchen, and when my hair rustles against the microphones it sounds like a bear busting through brush! LOL It is really funny, but I really don’t hear the “crickets” so much any more since I am hearing everything else! THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE of these things is better than a circus!

But feels good to do something FOR MYSELF. It is amazing to me how I would easily spend $5000 on something for someone else and not bat an eye, but spending $5 on myself is too expensive! I don’t have enough money to throw any away of course, but I DO have enough to take care of my NEEDS and I think medical care is a NEED! DUH!!!

I’m still a bit “guilty” spending this much money on myself but it is a FEELING not a THOUGHT, and I am using my THOUGHTS to over come my FEELINGS of being too freaking cheap to take care of ME FIRST! I DESERVE THIS! I did it so I am going to SLAP heck out of my back and say “Atta girl, Oxy! YOU DUN GOOD!”

super chic

Oxy, yeah, gotta love those high pitched shrieks!
I have a bunch of parrots around here that live outside
in the trees, and they are loud from there!

I know exactly what you mean about spending money
on someone else, but when it came to be my turn
I would balk and not spend on myself.
Thank goodness we have changed!
It’s not like you ran out and bought a diamond ring
or something (although that wouldn’t be bad either!)
like you said, you took care of a medical need,
and reading about how excited you are about hearing
all the details around you… well it made me appreciate
my hearing that much more!!! TOWANDA!!!

Ox Drover

Thanks Chic,
I didn’t protect my hearing when I was younger, loud music, airplanes, gunfire, etc. and I’m paying the price.l These kids with their headphones plugged in with LOUD music are doing the same thing. It’s a shame but each generation has to learn on their own. Same with SUN exposure, I used to show my college kids my “dark spots” on my skin from sun damage and they still went on laying out in the sunshine! (Sigh!) Oh well!

But I am glad that I did something for me. That is a step forward and I think we need to congratulate ourselves on the things we do for ourselves!!!! Heck, who knows, I might even go down to the GoodWill and buy me some new summer clothes next thing you know! LOL I do hate that these darned things cost more than the last car I bought though! NO LIE! Ouch! But the guy who is fitting them is really a cute hunk about 50 and I like spending time with him, just looking at him, he’s kind of EYE CANDY for OLD LADIES! LOL ROTFLMAO ain’t that a hoot! I’m getting kind of silly tonight but I need some laughs—where is EB I need one of her snappy-happy remarks!!!! E BBBBBBBB!!!!! Where are theeeeeee?


Oxy and Chic, funny you mentioned high pitched noises birds make. I have a pet bird who made up the most beautiful melodies. He’d wake me every morning with these gorgeous, original songs. Even the Vet who specializes in birds (had them since she was a kid) said, Wini, your bird is so sweet.

Long story short … when they (my bosses, or whoever they had do the deed) broke into my home (at least 3 times that I know of) … they tormented my bird. He know longer spoke, sang, was in PTSD for years. The first break in was in 2001. It took my bird until maybe 2 years ago to start acting like his sweet loving self again.

Talk about EVIL!

Ox Drover

Ah,, Wini, butg I’m glad he is starting to sing to yhou again! We h ad a freezer in the house with a buzzer alarm on it if trhe temp got to high, it was AWFUL and it only went off 2-3 times before I ripped it out and threw it6 out the door. Of course ONE time was all it took to get my TALENTED bird to pick that sound up! OUCH!!!!!! I’ve been TRYING to get him to say banana and apple when I hand him those fruits for 15 years, NO dice! bjut the darned freezer alarm that feels like an icepick in your ear WITHOUT the hearing aid and he gets that one shot! I think he’s a Psychopath—I know he’s oppositional any way.I’m gonna try toi get to bed extra early tonight so I can get ujp and RID MY BATHROOM of the BOB-TAILED 7-toed kittens that have been living in there for a couple of weeks. I think it is time they go out to the big cage in the barn til they get a bit bigger where they can run and climb from the coyotes a bit better and since heat index is going to be 106-110 tomorrow by NOON I need to drag out EARLY about sunrize and get them moved. Wini, they are SOOOOO cute!


Oxy, friends of mine have several sets of kittens. Different litters, different ages. There must be around 17 cats total (between several moms and all these playful kittens).

I went and bought 30 lb bags of cat food as a house warming gift (LOL).

Yes, my poor Chucky. He’s such a love button … but definitely had PTSD for years after the break ins. They must have been real bullies to him. I remember when it first happened, he would freak if anyone new came in my house. He’d start squawking because he didn’t know them (he never acted like this prior to the break in). Only after the same person came over a few times did he stop this behavior. It broke my heart to see him so shaken up. Then he went deep inside himself for years. As I stated, just the last couple of years did he slowly start coming out of his shell shock.

Nite nite Oxy. If you have a heat wave, that means I’ll be getting the heat in a few days.

super chic


I always wanted to use a service like this when I was with the ex S, mainly as a validation that I wasn’t crazy and yes he was cheating on me w/ both women and men. I guess finding out the truth could be a true life saver in many ways.

Funny in the end I found out he was spying on me via computer and cell phone. I always wondered why he would destroy cell phones and use programs like window washer on his computer but that is what S’s do to destroy evidence.

I am so glad I am not in that world with him anymore.


HOW did I miss THIS little gem of an article?!?!?!


Ox Drover

Dear Pilgrimage,

Yep, some of them are technically savy and can do lots of stuff to those of us who aren’t. Believe me on that one.

So, what we have to do is to make up for it with cunning and stealth. TOWANDA!!!

The Trojan Horse-Psychopath got hold of my credit cards and cell phone account and kept doing dirty pranks, which kept me preoccupiede he wouold call these info-mercials at night about “send 99$ and I’ll giv eyou the secret to make millions in real estate with no money down.” and order them and have sent to my house.

Those info-mercial things are like the mafia, the bill gets bigger and more regular and you can’t get out! Ditto with the cell phone account he got control of he was having items added to it, taken away and then shut down. All these things actually kept me OFF CENTER so that I couldn’t think about the other things that he was doing, like stealing money from my mother, sleeping with my son C’s wife, and buying guns….

If this Scout thing is legal to do, great!!! Give us techno-dummies a better chance of finding something out on hjim,.



Hi oxdrover,

My ex S did the same to me but not quite as malicious. He would take my debit card out of my purse and hide it. It would always turn up back in my purse but it made me feel crazy and forgetful. And twice I cancelled the card thinking it lost it. It (the card) had never been used during the times it was “missing” so I guess I was lucky in that regard.

Since he has been gone amazingly my card has never disappeared.

On a side note regarding your ID name do you have oxen? I am a photographer and my all time favorite models is of a farmer and his beloved oxen he raised from babies. Beautiful creatures (the oxen) and the farmer is not too bad himself. lol

Ox Drover

Dear Pilgrimage, Yes, and no. I did raise and train oxen for my living history group, but the last of them are gone now, but a friend of mine has some we use, he is getting too old to drive them though. I now use mammoth asses to pull a wagon, but I miss the patient and sweet oxen!

The “crazy making” that they do to keep us OFF BALANCE and make us think that we are going crazy is unbelieveable really! I was so focused on (and crazy) these unimportant things that I was not able to function in the REAL WORLD and ended ujp letting my own financial business slide to the point that I lost about 1/4 of my entire financial assets, and spent 1/4 on provisions for hiding out (I bought a large RV 5th wheel, etc) and attorneys and so on, so I used or lost about half my retirement assets because of this episode and being so “crazy” that I didn’t use good judgment financially.

There is some method to this madness of making us “crazy” and belive me if the word “crazy” means you can’t make sense of anything or figure things out, THAT WAS ME!!!! It was all smoke and mirrors but it kept me off balance.

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