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What makes a psychopath, and why they don’t change

Richard Matt and David Sweat

Convicted murderers Richard Matt, left, and David Sweat.

America’s attention in recent weeks was focused on the Hollywood-worthy escape from prison by two convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Matt is now dead. Sweat was shot, captured, and is now under guard at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York.

The media have referred to both of these men a psychopaths. Looking at their crimes, I agree.

Sweat was convicted of murdering Kevin Tarsia, Broome County Sheriff’s Deputy, in 2002. But he didn’t just shoot the sheriff. Sweat ambushed Tarsia in a town park, shot him multiple times and then ran him over with a car. Here’s the story:

David Sweat’s brutal path to prison, on

Richard Matt had a lifelong history of violence. So what was the crime that landed him in the New York prison? Matt kidnapped, tortured, killed and dismembered his former employer, 76-year-old William Rickerson. Here’s the story:

Richard Matt’s troubles began early in life, on

CNN did an article explaining what a psychopath is, and how people become psychopaths. Multiple Lovefraud readers sent me a link to the story. Here it is:

The birth of a psychopath, on

The article presents a good overview of the disorder. At the end, the article quotes Robert Hare, who says:

“Not all psychopaths are criminals. They are in business, government, academia and media. You’ll find lots of these people, but they’re not committing criminal acts. They will take advantage of people.”

But unfortunately, most people still think psychopaths are deranged killers. Some of them, like Sweat and Matt, are. But most psychopaths never kill anyone.

So even though the information about murderous psychopaths is accurate, and it’s important to know about them, many more people will be abused and exploited by those psychopaths who manipulate and deceive, rather than kill as many Lovefraud readers know all too well.



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The ripple effect of Evil psychopaths is never ending….these two psychopaths literally took over this prison with their masterful manipulation, cunningness, lies, reward & punishment techniques, brain washing, mind control. Im sure gas lighting abuse etc….

They manipulated the female prison guard for sex (like all psychopaths do) & who knows what else they demanded from her…we all know she was abused in every way by these two psychopaths but the media states…”she must have been lonely & insecure”…..then these evil psychopaths manipulated other guards with their con games.

Thus far 12 prison guards have been suspended, one arrested & released on bond, and the female guard arrested & in jail still….but the ripple effect of these two psychopaths does not end there because each and every family member of these guards were effected as well plus the community & their friends. Reputations have been ruined as well as future financial security for being fired.

Despite CNN having countless people on their show including John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted (& who now has a series on CNN), Retired FBI profilers, Psychologist etc stating that these two individuals were psychopath and are masterful manipulators they still blame this female prison guard & other guards….and so no one is ever really educated in our society…and sadly the victims of a psychopath continue to be abuse & thrown under the bus because of lack of knowledge or lack of truly understanding how many psychopath are on this planet and how they can manipulate anyone for their personal gain.

In addition the police are “interviewing” the one escape that is still alive to gain “knowledge” of what other guards did favors for them and other prisoners because police are still so clueless that a psychopath LIES & creates a SMEAR CAMPAIGN for control & power. And these are law enforcement’s people doing the interviewing! This psychopath is going to have his last hooray by screwing more people over with his manipulative lies.

The whole mess could have easily been avoid all together just by keeping the guards separated from these psychopaths instead these psychopath were given free range to con people. Time & access like the video that was posted earlier this week…Time & access is all a psychopath needs to love bomb/groom their next victim into their con game.

Sad world we live in.

Great comment. I would say, though, that they manipulated her THROUGH sex, not for sex. Also I would predict that David Sweat actually had sex with most of the women that his prison schedule brought him in frequent contact with. Not for the sex primarily, but for security, future possibilities and blackmail. That’s what Don Juan’s do. Sex for security is not generally understood, because it is not naturally understandable for normals. Look at it this way, psychopaths experience life as ’strangers in a strange land’. They are surrounded by the others doing things they don’t understand for reasons they don’t understand. They wish to feel secure. Many have realized that if you scratch a normal behind the elbow that normal becomes emotionally attached to you (I’m talking about sex of course, but for them sex is no more meaningful emotionally than that elbow scratch would be for us). They gain security and protection through lovers.

Absolutely Sweat is lying. Further, in no way should David Sweat be put back in the same prison. He knows ’where all the bodies are buried’. It’s not like he’s telling the truth to his interviewers, he’s telling them a strategic story. Back in the same prison he’ll be even more of a puppet master.


If I read this years ago I would have thought the prison guards were stupid for being manipulated but after my experience I think differently. I was manipulated by my partner for years who also, unknown to me, had a history of lying and domestic abuse. He hit my oldest child told him I loved his younger sibling more than him and that I wouldn’t believe him if he told me. He even hit our own baby up until I found out when he was around 6 months old.

I ended the relationship but it didn’t end there. I thought I was on top of things and was protecting my kids but he manipulated even more every time there was any communication. He pretended to be different people through text message to cover up his past disturbing actions and to convince me that he had been diagnosed with a mental disorder and was getting specific help for what he did to the children. He even pretended to be his mother and family members to convince me that he was going to parental classes and progressing well with a psychiatrist. I had multiple conversations with who I believed were his family members and friends but it was him all along. I believed him and allowed supervised contact where I was always present. I found out 5 months later that everything was a lie. He had not been diagnosed with anything and had not seen any mental health professional once. He had even told me that his father had Cancer at the same time that my mum was dying of cancer. He even had detailed conversations with her about the chemo he supposedly had. I only found this out after speaking to his mum for real.

A person like this is capable of manipulating to a different level. Even now, over a year later, I am mad with myself for not seeing it. He has had no contact with his child but has threatened court multiple times over the past year but I found out that he lied about legal meetings he had to try and get me to meet him.

I now understand the power of people like him so I understand how these men were able to manipulate to get what they wanted. I also agree with the above comment about the guards being separated. With me the only time manipulation stopped and I felt like I could breath was when there was no contact. Although I am still struggling to return back to normal and not be scared to see him or scared that he will be allowed near my child.


I think there’s an important distinction to make:
The person who these prison inmates conned into helping them was NOT A GUARD. She was an Tailor Shop Instructor, a prison employee. It’s my belief, because she was a wife with a sewing hobby who was employed by the prison to teach seweing, she had minimal, if any, training in the manipulations of prison inmates. I don’t understand why people keep referring to Joyce Mitchell as a prison guard.

I used to wonder how my husband was so skilled at getting people to do his bidding. In my marriage, almost all our conflicts centered around me angry with him about doing something immoral or unethical. He took shortcuts. I truly thought he was that way because he was raised that the rules didn’t apply to him and I wanted him to understand that certain rules actually HELPED him, kept him out of trouble.

In our small town, whenever they hired a new police chief, the “town fathers” took him out to dinner and let him know that certain families were off limits if he wanted to keep his job. My ex family was one of them… the laws did not apply to them.

So… once I found that out, I thought my ex just needed to learn how he could use the laws to validate his reputation (he was thought of as “the prince” or the “good one” because he was SO charming and authoritative and seemingly benevolent… little did I realize he was WORSE b/c he was COVERT. An OVERT sociopath is much easier to identify and you know to RUN.)

Still, my husband had the most amazing skill, that in a very short conversation, he could sway people to nearly undying loyalty and I never figured out how. I was not that kind of loyal. I was loyal because I made a commitment to GOD and community. But I did not make a commitment to abuse.


Thank you for correcting. The news article I first read named her as a prison officer but yes that makes sense now.


I wasn’t correcting you. The news is reporting it this way. That’s why the public is thinking she’s a guard.

Maybe she is a sociopath herself… but I am not ready to go there yet. She had a panic attack, which didn’t flag to me as someone without a conscience.

The media has pretty much vilified her… yet so far, I feel so bad for her. She got hired to teach sewing of all things! And I can’t help think, no one ever trained her about prisoners being opportunists. These were hard core murderers, on “good behavior”? With their crimes, and history of breaking out?

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