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When judges and parole boards don’t understand psychopaths, cops die

Tomorrow, the city of Philadelphia is burying a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Last Tuesday, Highway Patrol Officer Patrick McDonald was shot to death after a routine traffic stop in a bad neighborhood. The city is furious, and rightfully so—the killer, Daniel Giddings, had an extensive and violent criminal history. He was convicted of robbery and aggravated assault in 2000 for carjacking and kneecapping the victim in the process. Yet Giddings was paroled from a maximum-security prison to a halfway house on August 18, 2008, which he promptly fled.

On August 27, Philadelphia police pulled Giddings over for a traffic violation in a car that was later discovered to be stolen. He fled on foot and ducked into a house. Giddings struggled with police, injured two cops, and escaped. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Gidddings’ mother said the criminal vowed he was never going back to prison.

So when the car Giddings was riding in was pulled over for a broken tail light on September 23, he bolted again. Officer Patrick McDonald radioed for backup and pursued him on foot. The officer caught up with the criminal, and Philadelphia Homicide Capt. James Clark described what happened next:

“Mr. Giddings pulled out a .45-caliber semiautomatic, shooting the officer, striking him several times,” Clark said. “The officer went down, and then he stood over him and executed him, shooting him several more times.”

Giddings seized a bicycle and rode up the street, where he was confronted by three motorcycle cops. Giddings threw the bike at one cop, and started shooting at another, Officer Richard Bowes. Bowes returned fire. When it was over, Bowes was wounded and Giddings was dead.

Violent behavior started young

Daniel Giddings’ first conviction was for beating and robbing a mentally disabled man in 1991. Giddings, at the time, was 10 years old.

Articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer recount Giddings’ continuing life of violence:

  • Gidding spent his youth in and out of juvenile institutions. He was charged several times with assaulting staff, sending some of them to the hospital.
  • He told the court in 2000 that he sold drugs on the corner, raised pit bulls for fighting, and gambled.
  • While in prison for the robbery and assault charges, Giddings was charged with disciplinary problems 27 times and spent 537 days in solitary confinement. He had been moved from medium-security prisons to a maximum-security prison.
  • Giddings was found guilty of 13 misconduct charges between 2001 and 2006, including stealing from cellmates, assault, passing sharpened metal objects to another inmate and other offenses.
  • Before going to prison at age 17, he fathered three children.
  • Psychiatric evaluations described him as highly self-centered and manipulative. He was not, however, impulsive. His violence was planned and deliberate.

Shaping up to get out

So how did this guy get out? Twice, Giddings cleaned up his act long enough for authorities to think he had changed.

The first time came in 2000, during his trial for carjacking and kneecapping the victim. Giddings faced a potential sentence of 22½ years to 45 years in prison. During the sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican told Common Pleas Court Judge Lynn B. Hamilton there was no reason to believe it would ever be safe to release Giddings.

“From what I have seen in the four years of prosecuting violent crime, I have never seen an individual who presents a higher risk of re-offending,” Coolican said.

Although the judge was alarmed at Gidding’s criminal history, she was impressed by his grades in finishing his high school diploma while in custody. She gave Giddings the minimum mandatory sentence—six to 12 years.

For the first six years in prison, Giddings racked up all those disciplinary charges. But after 2006, he entered drug and alcohol counseling, participated in group counseling, took courses in anger management, citizenship, violence prevention, victim awareness and parenting.

The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed Susan McNaughton, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. “You have to look at his overall situation,” she said. “The fact that he was misconduct-free for the last couple of years was good, and he had completed a lot of programs.”

War on judges

The mayor of Philadelphia is outraged that Giddings was paroled. The governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, has ordered a review of the parole board’s decision. And the city’s Fraternal Order of Police has declared war on “L” judges, as in liberal, lenient or light-sentence.

The FOP is demanding a comprehensive review of sentencing practices of Philadelphia judges. But although the cops are justifiably angry, they’re fighting the wrong battle. What is really needed is a comprehensive education program for the judges and parole board members to teach them about psychopaths.

The behaviors exhibited by Daniel Giddings are the behaviors of a psychopath.

Psychopaths do not change.

It’s that simple.

For more information on this case, see the following articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Patrick McDonald shot to death; 2nd cop wounded; gunman slain
Phila. Officer’s killer “just evil,” commander says
From age 10, a life of violence
Rendell wants review of Giddings’ parole
Are you an “L” judge? The FOP wants war

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I completely agree, Donna.

What we also need is for criminal defense attorneys to remember that getting “justice” for their client doesn’t really mean to “get them off scot-free.” Putting criminals back on the streets to further harm is not what our founding fathers had in mind…nor what the vast majority of regular, law-abiding citizens want either.

The Fake Rockefeller’s atty makes me want to hurl:


Police officer shot here in Chicago today. Pretty much the same MO and Profile of killer.


Update this happen on Sunday…


A guy who was a patient at the clinic I work at was an obvious threat and was diagnosed as a psychopath already. He admitted he enjoyed inflicting pain and had attacked friends, family members and even his own mother. this happended about 10 times before his probation officer pulled some strings and got him remanded because he was a danger to the public, this was so difficult to do and went on for months

Ox Drover

The Trojan HOrse Psychopath was PROFESSIONALLY DIAGNOSED as a ASPD. He has been in and out of prison and jail since age 17. He has been convicted of sexual assualt on kids 3 times. He was labeled “high risk for violence” in Texas.

After he got out of prison the last time, he was NOT on parole because Texas had held him to the last possible moment before releasing him, which left him completely “free.”

Within one year after his last release he had acquired a gun from my DIL and tried to kill my son, her husband, and was back to prison. He ONLY got a 3 year sentence (no trial) and within less than one year, the ARKANSAS PAROLE BAORD was going to approve his parole. They violated their OWN RULES by not allowing me to speak, and parole him.

HOWEVER, there was some BIG MOUTHED old biddy (guess who!) found out tht they had VIOLATED Arkansas Act 679 tht says “No sexual offender shall be paroled to a half way house” (which was his “parole plan” and only option for a place to stay) So this BIG MOUTHED AN GRY INDIVIDAUAL CALLED THE PAROLE BOARD and said “If he is released on parole in violation of rule 679 I will have themedia on the capitol steps and I will be SCREAMING YOUR NAMES.”


He will be out though in the spring/summer of 2010 and “free” though he will still be required to register as a sexual offender.

I realize that the judges and parole officers have HORRIBLE JOBS. However, I think that they need to realize that 70% of the violent crime in the US is committed by psychopaths who continue to do it and do it and do it. These people should be sentenced in a “three strikes” and you are out—life without parole.

Plus, for the first two offenses they should get MAXIMUM sentences and be busted for parole violations and not given another parole chance.

Prosecutors should not plea bargain Psychopaths out to low level crimes when the crime is violent.

Judges can “stack” multiple sentences.

Let the non violent criminals get parole, and let the violent criminals get NO PAROLE, they have proven they are viscious.


Ox Drover what is Trojan Horse Psychopath?

Ox Drover

Dear Moraira,

I’m sorry, the man that my son sent to kill me (my P-son is in prison for murder and thus couldn’t come himself) “infiltrated” our family as a “friend.” He rented a house from me (at the time I had 2 rental houses) and then started infiltrating our family like the Trojan Horse, so I dubbed him the Trojan Horse P, sort of like another girl on here dubbed her P the “Bad Man” (the intials for that are BM, which I think is appropriate! LOL) Another friend of mine calls her X the “Jerk” and so on. It is just a good way to not even have to say their names. My sons C and D refer to my P-son as their “X-brother.” My son C met his wife on the internet and I refer to her as the Cyber-Bride, and her personality disordered daughter is th e “Devil Child”) just sort of a sick sense of humor. LOL


thats terrible that he sent someone to kill you, its like in a film, you should write a book about it. I bet their would be some good sreenplays from all the stories here

Ox Drover


My story is so bizare that even my new therapist had to have me bring in court documents and a witness that I was not a “flaming paranoid nut case” (he used kinder words, but that was the gist of the story!) LOL

If I did write a book about it (have no intention of doing so) no one would believe it, it is too crazy for words! But you know what I can look back at most of it and actually laugh. In retrospect it is almost funny. At the time I was a “basket case” but I am a survivor! So are you! Hang in there!


That is really sad about that cop in chicago.. a nice guy and a dad.


I felt nobody would believe my life was in danger when my first husband was in the process of being excluded from my life. My stress showed so much though.. I felt I just had to get out of that house. I moved in with a man I had only been dating for about a month, a really nice guy…he was in the army and a hunter, he had shotguns, rifles and even a crossbow hanging up all over the place.. I felt very safe there, and slept well for the first time since I don’t know when.

I probably would never have left that new bf, except for the fact that I felt our small town was just not big enough for me and my ex.. I had gotten out of the house, but it just wasn’t far enough away for me.. so I moved to the other side of the state.


kat your above post makes me think of The Body Gaurd – i have a few gun’s – my sons are hunters – I dont care to kill bambie – but too each his own, About 3 months after M moved in with me I took my guns over too my son’s gun safe – I was afraid someone might get hurt if they stayed in the house – it’s sad to think of all the bizzare things i did – changed the locks several times – but always ended up giving him a new key – it was a TOXIC relationship – whoever was to blame – I knew early on (he) was a very sick man – I just tried harder to fix him – I wanted him to be happy and feel love – I included him in my family – something I have never done in my life with another man – i always respected my son’s and never pushed my lifestyle or friends on them – I was just so sure that (M) was the one – i wanted him to have a family – something he always said he never had – but when I would have a get together with my son’s and family (M) was uncomfortable and would go play computer games or take a nap – I realize now ‘he knew he had me fooled – but he didn’t want to have to fool them – so he just avoided them – and they could see right through him and he knew it.

Ox Drover

Henry, In my case at least, I think I WAS ARROGANT, in that I kept thinking if I tried hard enough there was nothing I couldn’t FIX! I gave myself “magical powers” that if I just clicked my heels together we would “all be back in Kansas” Yea, right, we were all in OZ! And I didn’t even know it.

Yea, Henry, they want to isolate us from the family so that we don’t have the support and the extra “sets of eyes”—they may not be able to snow everyone. What was it Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people SOME of the time, but you CAN’T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.”

WE ARE MUCH MORE VULNEARBLE to them if we don’t have family near by.

Also, that’s why NC works, because when we are away from them, we start to quit being BLIND and DUMB! I started to put deaf in there, but you know what, I guess I should, cause we are sure DEAF to the TRUTH! We don’t listen to our guts so we are Blind, Deaf and Dumb.


5/27/06: D called me on mother’s phone number (xxx-xxx-1936) around 10:am. I explained that I would drop off her property at the Spring Hill Mall by Officemate and ask her to go right in front of the Store Street. To take that behind the Walgreen’s store. I asked her who would be coming with her and asked if she would not bring her **mother. D said that her mother wasn’t home and would not be coming. D informed me that her and her sister (M) would be the only people coming. I ask about her cell phone and she (D) inform me that R threw her phone in the toilet and that it did not work anymore. I asked if her sister M had a cell and she said no. I then asked her if she wanted to talk with the boys and she agreed but then changes her mind and would just call the boys after she went back home. I then asked again and the arrangements to make sure she knew were she was going. In our conversation, I believe she made a mistake and told me that there would be two cars. I ask why she thought she needed two cars and she stated that M would drive one with the children and she would drive her van for her property. This statement raises a few red flags and I didn’t believe her. My sister (J) helped me unpack her van and that she had to return to her home to give her daughter the car. J stated that she would pick me up later with her husband’s car. She asked me if I would be all right knowing how D can be and her past history and about what I told her about my conversation with D’s mother that day. I reply that I would be fine.

Time: Unknown: Received cell call from unknown number (xxx-xxx-0491-M?). D screams that she was unable to locate property and/or me. Tried to explain again, but D would not listen. She asks me why I was doing this and that she was in front of Officemate. Look in that direction and saw my green Plymouth Van. Scream in D direction to get her attention. D saw me and then pointed at me. Got a bad feeling and started to walk away. Soon I Heard a loud engine sound, like a truck/car moving at a very fast speed. Turn around and saw a large gray truck heading straight at me. Started to Run. Then heard two-truck door’s opening and saw two men getting out of the truck. Two unknown white males running after me. Ran faster and headed for the 1st store I find (Kinko’s), ran inside of store and started screaming for someone to call police. Both White males followed (running) me inside store. I turned around at look at one of the unknown male. He had long gray hair. Walked up to male with my hands up holding my cell phone. Unknown male turns away and called me a pussy then both man departed the store.

Both the store manager and I called the West Dundee police Department. The store manager asked me to talk with operator on store phone. Explained to the 911 operator what happen and that she would dispatch a car to location. A few minutes later. A West Dundee police officer walked into the store and I walked over to him. He asked for my name and other information. Asked me what happen. And then ask me to walk outside with him. I stay by police car. He walked over to the other officers talking with D and the other two while male. Officer asked me how I would get home. Explained that my sister would pick me up. Officer offered to take me back to my sister’s house. I agreed. Later I called the West Dundee. Police department to ask for the police report number: xx-2105. *update xx-2105 is just a dispatch number. Ask officer what would happen. Officer stated nothing because he didn’t see the truck trying to hit me and nothing could be done. I asked the officer why the two unknown male was chasing me He stated “they saw you running and wanted to know why?”.

5/28/06: No call from children’s mother
5/29/06: No call from children’s mother

*This information is from my personal journal and is true.
We all need to be extra careful when dealing with a sociopath. These people are emotionally and morally dangerous. Please always be careful and use comment sense with dealing with them.

**D mother threaten me many times and that she can be psychotic at times. D mother has been on prescription drugs most of her life per D. This information was given to me by D. I have no way of knowing if this is true but I have see her mother’s rage many times before.



Ox Drover


There are Ps in all kinds of “responsible” positions. They seem to like the police and other departments like tht because of the “power” it gives them over others.

James, I had read that story before from your journal and it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I am just so glad that this woman is out of your life and especially the lives of your children! God has blessed you with her being GONE. I think someitmes it takes a dangerous situation like that for us to REALLY get it through our heads that in order to SURVIVE we have to go NC with these people. Iknow it sure did for me to totally, truly and completely GET IT how much my P-son hates me and the lengths he would go to “get even” with me. I will NEVER DOUBT IT AGAIN!


James you have really been through it. I was in that war and struggling for my life for quite a while after my first husband left for the last time. It was truly insane and nobody wanted to believe me. I had to deal with authorities many times as he attempted to make me look bad by calling police and child protective on me, and on anyone I dated until I moved away.


After this day ended and I stay at my sister home. The only question I kept asking my self and her is “what did I do to make her hate me sooooo much?”…

All I was doing is what she wanted which was dropping off her property to her. That was my crime????

Please understand this happen way before I even knew what a sociopath was. I knew nothing about Personality Disorders. Talk about being in the dark! It was after this and yes much more that I started to google Personality Disorder and traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorders. I found blogs and messages boards. Read every book I could get my hands on and research until my eyes were red both from crying and reading! I like most people always believe that they is good in everyone. But after reading and studying this subject did I learn about antisocial personality disorder. Learned about the lack of total empathy from them. Learned how they only have a “fake” self. Learned what a pathology liar is. I still don’t believe I went 17 years and never once figure this out about her. I see now that I lived in denial all those many years..

I always thought I was a educated person. A person with good moral judgment and common sense. Just to finally realize how stupid I really am… Or was I should say!

Ox Drover


Fighting these “creatures” “in the dark” (not knowing what they really are) I think is some of the worst part of it for many or most of us. Even when you DO know what they are, and what they are capable of there is always one that willsuprise you when you read about them or hear about them. Like the guy who locked his daughter and the kids he had with her in a dungen for 19 years. UN believeable.

I have no doubt that your X wanted you dead, just as my son’s P-wife wanted him dead. WHY? I don’t know why she hated him so much, and hated me for “making him that way”–WHAT WAY? To work every day while she stayed home, and to come home and clean the house cause she was too lazy, and take care of her disabled son while she was out with her BF screwing in the handicapped van he bought for her andher son? Maybe that was my son’s “crime” against her that made her hate him so bad.

I know it sounds sick, but I kept a copy of the photographs the boy friend took of her—in “bondage” all bound up with a gag in her mouth, naked except for the bonds, and not even enough shame to hide her face. Maybe she would have liked it better if my son had beaten the snot out of her. After she was in jail he finally told me how she had tried to provoke him to hit her over and over and how he would just leave the house and she would get so angry and in a rage that he wouldn’t stay and fight with her.

I think that sometimes being kind to them, trying to please them (and failing, of course, because they can’t be pleased) enrages them so much that they want to get revenge on you. The nicer you try to be to them the more that they hate you.

There is so much about your posts that remind me of my son, James. He is a caring and loving man, willing to sacrifice for those he loves. Your children are fortunate to have you for a model. You are for tunate tht none of your children are apparently like her. God has blessed you and your children.



God has indeed bless my children an I very much. Sometimes when I think about all that he was done for us.. Well, it is unbelieveable… And some say there isn’t a God? Shame shame on them!


ox: “the nicer you try to be to them the more that they hate you.” what the hell? why is that???
i thought that when you stopped being nice to them … reflecting their perfection … is when they move on.
i thought they WANTED you to be nice to them.

Ox Drover

LIG, the more you “cave in” to their abuse the more they despise you for weakness. Yea, they “want” you to be nice to them, but when you are, they despise you for being so gullible. It is a catch 22, if you are nice they despise you, if you are nasty, they hate you.

YTea, they want you to cave, but yet they don’t respect your niceness, they laugh at you behind your back because they put one over on you and you fell for it.

Yea, some of them will move on when you stand up to them, but the really hard core ones will beat you or kill you if you stand up to them. My P bio father and my P son are pretty hard core, they despise nice as “weak” and definance they CRUSH if they can. My P XBF, he was a vengeful sneaky bastard, he got even but didn’t have the back bone to do it to your face, just behind your back.

None of them think you have any rights.

Ox: Wow. I’m glad after I discovered the lies and everything, I threw it in my ex’s face. I was mean. Never caved. I went right for the jugular and took back my car. Totally exposed his game. Each time he tells me a lie, I respond, “you are a liar.” I resulted to blackmail to get my deed back and told him I’ll call his girlfriend and get her involved if he doesn’t give it back. I threatened the prosecutor. I told him I don’t have to be nice because he and T** were not nice to me…they both didn’t give 2 sh**ts about me. Well, he texted me today and send he is sending out my deed papers tomorrow. I know this story is getting old but I do believe it will happen. He’s run out of gas with me with 0% possibility of ever weaseling his way back in my life.

The last thing he said to me was, “I hope you find someone who loves you the way you want to be loved.” I didn’t respond. His way of showing “love” is cutting you off from friends and family, verbal abuse, cheating, lying, manipulating, free-loading, controlling and dominating.
He did the same crap to the woman before me and called it “love.”

He’s been gone 4 1/2 months and I feel fine. (I’ll bet the GF doesn’t feel fine.)


I am glad you are doing well wonder-girl. I hope that deed shows up.. and I’m glad you stuck up for yourself. Some of them you can, some of them you just have to cover your head and hope they get tired of waiting to blow it off.

Kat: Thanks. 4 1/2 mos ago I got the car but I was a little wishy-washy about the deed to the condo at first. I was like asking nice, begging, telling him he needed to do the right thing…then I got tired of that crap. All I had to do was think of all the mean things he did and it gave me the strength I needed..that and some help from God up above helping me along. What he doesn’t want to do is lose his current GF/Meal Ticket / Roof Over His Head so that was good ammo.

I remember the time he spit in my face and then grabbed me by the neck and was staring me down. I stared right back and said “do you feel like a real man now?” I know now that I should have not retaliated because he could have hurt me bad. He let go and later said he really didn’t grab it that hard. How demeaning. He left the house (to the GF’s of course.)

I think the GF is more submissive..which is what he is looking for. He always said that I was too tough for him. Perhaps because I always stood up. I always told him what he was doing was trying to control me and that is not love. Oh boy, is she in for a ride and a half.

You know why he grabbed me by the throat? I asked him if he would stop by the cleaners and drop some clothes off. He got angry and said why don’t you do it? You stop there by yourself anyway! See, I was not allowed to stop anywhere on the way home from work or I was accused of talking to men in stores. It was impossible for me to get to the dry cleaners before they closed. My life revolved around his schedule because he had to go everywhere with me to keep an eye on me. I no longer had my own life. It sucked. It’s great to be free again.

Ox Drover

Dear Wonderwoman!

I hope to heck you get the deed papers! Keep us updated and we will throw a cyber PARTY when you get them in your hands!



It really does feel great to be free again. Sometimes it will hit me and then I will tell myself “I really am free again!” and that’s when I stop and smell the roses and enjoy the bright Sunshine!!! Yes, it feels GREAT to be FREE again!!!


Dear Wonderwoman. I have a very effective recipe against being staired down. I got it as a secret from one of my patients when we were discussing about coping with power-play and being “too nice”. She told me that when she realizes that someone is trying to stare her down she looks in the opponent’s “third eye” i.e. the space inbetween the eyes at the beginning of the nose. You just look relaxed at them but they can’t stare in YOUR eyes. I tried it with my boss who used to stare me down as well, and it was just amazing. Have you all a nice evening!

Ox Drover

Hey, Libelle,

That is a GREAT IDEA!!!! It is so amazing what all we learn on this blog! That’s a great technique.

There are others too, that you can use to make them “uncomfortable” without them even realizing why they are uncomfortable.
The book “Body Language”–a pretty old book from the 60s or early 70s describes alot about personal space, what is yours and what is theirs.

The Ps are masters at this it seems just instinctively, but when you are consciously aware of a great deal of the aspects of it, you can use it right back at them. It can also help you to NOT unconsciously violate someone else’s space by your body language.

90% of our communication is NON verbal anyway, so it is really a “language” lesson that is quite valuable. AT the time I read it in 1970 I had no idea about such a thing as “body language” so it was a real eye opener for me. I go back and reread it sometimes. Never hurts to refersh myself on it. It also just gives you great clues to how the power trippers are working on you without saying a word.

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