Why I wrote ‘The Muslim Romance Trilogy’

 By Juliet Montague

Parts one and two of Juliet Montague’s Muslim love story trilogy.

Why Am I Having Sex with a Muslim in My Basement?

Not Without My Dogs

I had not before kept a detailed diary. Looking back at previous journals, one would simply find a note here and there reflecting a doctor’s appointment, a luncheon date, an audition, a listing appointment, a reminder to call my mother. My realization that I was into something profoundly foreign, intriguing, and sexually awakening, I began documenting each and every phone call, text message, and encounter with my own personal Aladdin.

I had truly never been in love before. Four happy marriages and four easily forgotten divorces, in my sixtieth year—and my fifth year of celibacy—I had signed up to find my soul mate for $29.95 a month on And that is where HE found me: a lady twenty-two years his senior; a retired court stenographer now actor, comedian, dog lover, realtor, who lived alone.

My impeccable sensibilities told me No! and I refused to meet Ali for a drink. His initial love-bombing emails tempted me. He was Persian, a graduate of UCLA, his father a retired military officer still living in Tehran, Iran. Ali was an American citizen, having arrived in America with his mother at the age of seven. His emails continued with reassurance that our relationship need not be just about sex: Couldn’t we at least be friends? We have a lot in common.

Agreed to meet

When I finally agreed to meet, I was particularly bemused by my own self-assurance and gaiety about the entire upcoming experience. At the cinema complex, I waited patiently. The patience dwindled when I realized the movie was about to start. And then he was there, his floppy black hair flipped over a corduroy cream jacket collar. He had me at “Sorry, I’m late,” a recurring Middle Eastern theme. It would be the first and last time he told me he was sorry.

His gentle hand at the small of my back, he lead me into the darkness. And while I innocently took in a movie, buttered popcorn and a coke, he cautiously took me in.

Within the span of a one hour-and-forty-five minute film, during which Clint Eastwood entertained us with his crotchety portrayal of a widow who enjoys popping Pabst Blue Ribbons on his worn porch, Ali gave me signs, clues, and outright warnings as to his personality. He asked for a kiss to calm my nerves to which I silently declined. Dropping my buttered fingers onto his hardened crotch gave me a bit of a shock, but I handled it with the experience of a gal who had said No many times before, long ago in the backseat of parked cars.

Should have walked home

I should have walked home from that first date—I live just three blocks from the cinema—but his BMW with the clean smell of cream leather invited me in. Over a glass of Merlot, Ali shared the cultural highlights of his Islamic upbringing.

Muslim men always pay. I am your husband when I enter your house; I am no longer your husband when I leave. We can be good together for at least five years, when I must marry and have my children.

That evening, I giggled inwardly at his presentation of Life with the Muslim. Clean-shaven and with hairless arms, Ali was adorable. He was light skinned, just tall enough, and stared at me with penetrating black eyes, never taking them away as he titillated my senses with the promise of a harmless Magic Carpet Ride.

I was sixty, wrinkled but attractive, and fifteen pounds overweight. The Homecoming Queen of 1965 sat there smitten as a kitten with a fresh ball of fuzzy yarn to play with. I hadn’t enjoyed this much schmoozing over my vulnerable insignificance since husband no. 4 tried to run me off the road.

I had no idea I was about to break my own heart.

The Muslim Romance Trilogy

Why did I write The Muslim Romance Trilogy? Written from the gut, in the dark, and when no one was watching, I was destined to tell the story of the obscure emotional and sexual bonding with a sociopath that had crippled me, drove me away from my children, friends, and family, and robbed me of six years of my life.  Devastating depression found me turning the pages of my journals to share in a humorous and shamelessly intimate manner the lies, the manipulation, and the wondrous moments of a chemically and spiritual sexual connection, which left me questioning my own sanity.

I was typing out a warning to the women of the world along with a puzzling question to be answered: was my lover’s charming, emotionless, non-empathetic demeanor the result of his sociopathy or of his Muslim upbringing? In both Part One and Part Two I explore extensively this topic.

Excerpt from Press Release: Part One:

THE YEAR I LEARNED TO TEXT — Why Am I Having Sex with a Muslim in My Basement?

The story is set during the reign of America’s first black president and the continuation of the War on Terror, post 9/11. During this transitional period in society, a post-menopausal conservative comedian/actress/realtor, living alone in her Hollywood Bungalow is suddenly absorbed in a personal changeover. When a Persian Muslim man, twenty-two years her junior, on his own journey of faith, magically enters her life, she grapples with fear, impropriety, and prejudice. Ultimately it is the inescapable and unexplainable physical chemistry of love that disrupts her orderly life and changes her forever.

Sociopaths are like bowling balls, no matter how many times you throw them down the alley, they somehow magically return.

Thus, after a tearful, drunken thirteen months of the requisite no contact and the completion of Part One of The Muslim Romance Trilogy, Ali returned to give me:


Now deeper into his extremist view of Islam and his whimsical personality disorder heightened, he insisted that we must be married in order to be intimate. The ceremony was quick, to the point, and performed on my living room loveseat; my two male dogs as the witnesses.

“God comes first in my life. I am a different person now. Can you understand that?” His scent has calmed from that of a sweating riveter pounding out concrete in the street to the sweet smell reminiscent of naked lovers twisted in the moistness of cotton sheets, their chests glued together by their own perspiration in an August midafternoon madness.

“Of course,” I answered as I rested my head on his shoulder and reached my arm across his tummy. And that’s when I noticed the tic.

“Do you really think you could handle the fact that someday I do want children and will take another wife?”

“I did a little investigation on this and anonymously called the Vermont mosque today to get some information. I had several conversations with the man who handles the marriage questions there, I suppose. He was a funny man, a kind man, who pretty much wished us well.”

“People at the mosque in such positions are very Americanized. I am not.” He took my hand and spoke, as he always did, softly, “Do you agree to be my wife?”

I am currently writing Part Three of the Trilogy. In my writings I hope to discover that there is an end to the madness and that success is truly the best revenge.


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Dear Shell,

You are consumed with the oxytocin love drug. You have been blinded by your own loving, trusting chemistry. Please do not have anymore contact!



Hi Juliet, greetings from around the world.. I know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED to you.. Its been a nightmare for me, too. After ending a long term relationship with a cerebral psychopath.. no sex . I met HIM… Arabic..
It was Sex Sex Sex.. 2 years… Let me tell you there are two major parts with this 1. Porn – They watch porn like crazy… women abuse like hell.. but you don´t know it
2. The Islam/Koran teaching- totally in Contrast- women are worth nothing either…
These 2 programms combined are deadly!! If you are not a muslim.. you are basically …dead. 🙂
I had to do with a possesed person.. Was Sooooooooo exhausted… he is a very pretty person.. I love you I love you I love you…. It was crazy.. I am not “rid” of him to today… no sex for 3 years and I am still stalked…

In their deepest core they think of us as whores… and this comes from the two programms above mentioned…

Hugs from germany and all the best for finishing your writings!! you make a contribution to all of us who have been in such a relationship!

Dear Nina,

Although I wrote my stories with humor, I intentionally quoted from the Qur’an and other Islamic sources. You might call my “novels” a course in Islam for Dummies. I hope to reach many women around the world to Save them from Themselves.
You see, Ali, the Persian graduate from UCLA, born in Iran and arrived in the United States at the age of seven, hates everything American. He hates us so much that he’s “never going to pay his student loans, spread his seed willy-nilly and have all his sons and daughters receive welfare, because he’s never going to marry anyone legally.” He’s got the system sewed up!

He lives with his mother, I believe. What a catch, huh?

Well, back to re-editing so I can get my banned books back out there!

Hugs from Hollywood

Very courageous !! Thank you for writing these books!

Find me on as author Juliet Montague. I am updating the progress on my “Banned in Indiana” books. Parts One and Two will be available by Christmas.

I wrote them to advise women against having anything to do with Muslim men, unless they’re Muslim women, who seem to enjoy being down-trodden, ignored, used solely for sex, and stoned to death, while the other wives look on.

Yes, I’ve been ostracized by my own children for writing the truth. So be it!


May I aask how long you have been in that relationship…and did you travel with him to his country or even lived there? see also my post above…

I am sorry, I just found out.. 6 years…

The relationship was six months with a one year break, when I broke it off. But then he came back one year later to marry me Islam-style.

Though he talked about a Honeymoon in Yemen, we never got further than my basement in Hollywood.

The honeymoon lasted from August, 2010 to October 31st, 2010, when I broke it off again and this time he stayed away. Don’t want to spoil the conclusion of Part Three for you, so I shall say no more.


Wow Jan7 thank you for all you’ve shared, it helped me immensely. I know lying is wrong but I just didn’t realize lying is a form of abuse.
I came from an abusive home, my mother lied to me, physically abused me, emotionally abused me and wouldn’t separate herself from me. I finally opened my eyes and released myself from her grasp years ago.
After all Ive been through in intimate relationships and friendships I’m convinced my mother is a sociopath. I have felt for more than 20 yrs that she and my stepfather are narcissists but after my last relationship with a diagnosed borderline I’m certain my mommy dearest is a sociopath.
Imagine having a mother 16 yrs older than you that has always competed with you? I see her maybe once a yr and she still tries to put my looks down, shes had plastic surgery on her body and her face hmmm seems to me shes the one with the issue but she made sure I felt like an ugly duckling my entire life. I can only thank God she and my stepfather moved down south 30 + yrs ago when I was 20. I am so very happy to have found this site as it has helped me see things clearly and I know I am not alone. I am trying to get out there and make new friends but I am scared because I don’t trust like I once did. I’m going to beat this and heal it just seems to take sooo long.

SoWhen I read your text I really become full of anger.. enraged, but all silently.. it is an anger that was really built up deep down my gut over the years and I have to surpress it because the realization of it all is too much for one moment. So I have this throw up feeling instead”
Although I have not only experience with Arabic and Iranian (which is a little different mentality after all) psychopaths first hand, but it reminds me of my own stories— One 2 year with an Iranian and 6 years with an Arabic” both “mentalities” are brainwashed by their cult of islam” unbelievable how stupid I was and naiv and nobody told me since I thought everyone is basically the same”. How REALLY BRAINWASHED they are by their ideology.. unbelievable”
“My” Iranian Boyfriend did not show his “true” colors of Islam since the relationship was only two years and he was busy getting established in my country” Long story short” the relationship deeply influenced and damaged my whole family and this b”.d showed the same behavior as you describe with the “tickets”- always taking a lawer, never guilty” astounding.. how absolutely disgusting they behave in foreign countries” The Iranian was a classic abuser type.. silent treatment” in the end he got physical.. I was young and escaped”.
Many years later came the Arab” 2 pregnancies after rape” 2 abortions.. My life was hell but I managed NOT to get a kid from him.. otherwise I would not be able to type this post today!!!
We are all SO UNEDUCATED when it comes to the true colours of Islam” We have NO IDEA what this cult really is- especially for women and their NON rights”
And the most disgusting thing is- the swarm our European countries and amerika as well and SPIT on US.. on our women, our laws and on everything else. Lying is permitted by Quran.. if it serves the conquering of “others”..
We are in DEEP trouble!!! Keep on writing Juliet.. Everyone who does SOMETHING about these different colours of Psychopathy will eventually save more people!!!
Thank you for your braveness and I hope that America will be great again!!!

Thank you for sharing. I know it is difficult and brings up the ugliness again.

I wrote three “novels” about my personal experiences with one Muslim Persian American citizen, who used his “religion” to control me. Throughout the books are references to the recurring terrorist activities around the world by Muslims. Between 2009 and 2014, when the books come to their final conclusion, sadly, I was able to recount from news sources the evil-doings of the fanatics.

I see we’ve got two posts from a liberal agenda trying to shut us up. Peace to him. I hope he enjoys our posts!

I have studied the Bible and the Quran, and i will say that extremist from both books are not tolerable, i will however say that westerners, especially americans (which i am one myself) think the Quran is evil and never bothered reading it, nor learning arabic, the Quran actually states men and women are equals and God does not like the aggressors, that slaves are to be freed, that marriage cannot be forced, the word jihad does not mean “holy war” it means to strive or struggle. There are sociopaths in all walks be it a jew a christian a muslim or an atheist.

Totally correct, Dave, I replied further down to your other posts bevor even reading this… ..see down below…greetings

The “religion” Islam is a cult, ALL religions are a cult, however the word Islam itself and muslim used in context with the arabic language has nothing to do with religion, religions are manmade, what God taught is a “deen” a way of life, where one studies and lives in harmony with nature, treats others equally, repents of sin and replaces the bad with good deeds to his/her fellow man. Root words SLM in islam and muslim literally mean peace, salaam (root SLM yet again) a true muslim is one who submits their will peacefully to the creator and replaces bad deeds with good ones, yes there are some brainwashed fanatics, and we can find them in christianity too as well as judaism.

And Nina, what about all the messed up crap in the Bible? Stone adulteres and unbelievers to death??? Quran does not condone stoning people, islamic hadith books do, but Quran does not, hadiths are the = to jewish talmud which is nothing but racist evil nonsense. Jewish talmud claims that jews are the creme of the crop and when their messiah comes they all get gentile slaves, and its ok for them to commit crimes against goyim (ie gentiles) islamic hadith are almost as bad, however the Quran is not, if one learns the arabic and only follows the Quran without the hadith influence, then one will be a decent/respectful individual whom treats others fairly and equally, sry some of you dealt with extremist who like to abuse women, that is wrong and not what that book teaches, but people also quickly forget things the bible states, like women should remain silent, or shave their heads if they dont cover their hair, or stoning others to death for not believing in the same God, HOWEVER this is our current translation of the Bible, ancient hebrew, koine greek, and aramaic are all dead languages that cannot be completely translated properly, hence i feel the Bible is grossly mis-translated, point being is this, our creator does not condone violence or mis-treatment of others.


The women posting here are recounting their own personal experiences with Muslim men.
You don’t need to read the Qur’an to have your heart broken.

I agree with you, Dave and I am glad you brought that up….
thank you for “correcting” me a little bit in this seemingly “one sided point of view… But I am not just critical of Islam but, after understanding and researching, e.g. reading the old testament..also of “our” religions….one can figure out what really is going on…. Endless wars and wars…and some parties profiting from ther “closer” connection to “god”….
All about power and control over others. Laizism, meaning the separation of religion and “state” has never fully arrived in our cultures, too…

I truly hope, too, we all have a “creator” different from the cruel god in bible, islam and judaism…one that does not condone violence or misttreatment of others.

I was just ranting because of my personal experiences, you are right!
Donna does not like to get into these discussions too deep..what I fully understand…but we must aknowledge that many people are influenced by these religions and use them only for their purposes- so I thank her that I could raise my voice to this a little bit and I also thank Juliet for being so brave and writing about these two sided, twisted people….And thaank you, Dave, too..:-)

Juliet is doing an important work, I think and I hope she finishes the books, soon…

Thank you for the good discussion.

No worries Nina, there are bad apples in all walks of life, and yes that includes some muslims, i have just studied both those books for many years and it astounds me how little the western world knows, they just read hate pieces then think thats true without investigating it or learning the meanings of certain words. I am sorry to hear you had a bad exp with people who claim to be believers.

Interesting trilogy.

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