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Will Jordan exposed on TV on July 24, with commentary by Donna Andersen

Will Jordan, Mary Turner Thomson, and children.

Will Jordan, Mary Turner Thomson, and children.

Will Jordan had a routine. He went online to meet single mothers. He seduced them with flowery emails. He told them he had no children, but really wanted a child. He got the woman pregnant all while draining her assets.

Childless Will Jordan actually had 13 children with eight different women. He didn’t support the children. And the women lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of his targets, Mary Turner Thomson of Scotland, wrote a book about her experience. She had two children with Jordan, all the while believing that he was a CIA agent, as he told her. But at the same time, Jordan was married to a British woman, with whom he had five children. When the women found out about each other, Jordan convinced both of them that the other relationship was merely a cover story for his job.

Tomorrow, on July 24, 2014, Mary Turner Thomson tells her story on the Investigation Discovery channel. The show is called Handsome Devils, and it airs at 9 pm Eastern time, 8 pm Central.

Donna Andersen also appears in the show, commenting on the case.

The show was already in post-production when Jordan’s latest victim, Mischele Lewis, discovered his true identity. She participated in the show via a Skype interview.

The Spy Who Conned Me, on Handsome Devils, Investigation Discovery, 9 pm ET, 8 pm CT.




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Wish I had tv, and cable to boot, so i could see this!
I love crap like this–exposing utter despicable crap. That’s what this man is and what this show’s doing.
If only the world would understand they could be victimized too, that it’s not a desperate, dumb, single mom that was defrauded. But a person with feelings JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.


There are just as many lying, cheating, manipulating women as there are men. Women who go from guy to guy, and blame each guy for all their problems, steal children from good fathers and use their own daughters as sexual pawns in their relationships are just as despicable as these guys. But because it happens to a guy, nobody believes him. Screw this world and this show. When women are ready to call out bad behavior of other women, then I’ll watch this show.


thank you for this post. women have it all figured out…


jmmira, I’m sorry but I don’t believe that to be true. I’m not saying that there are not women who are in the same boat as these men are but the statistics don’t even come close to backing up what you are saying. “There are just as many lying, cheating, manipulating women as there are men”
There are episodes on the ID channel about women too so the media is not turning their back on women who are just as guilty and it is despicable no mater if it is a woman or a man who is guilty of it.


I would to watch this program but I have a chiropractic appt that I have to attend; can you PLEASE let us know if this show will be repeated? BTW, I’m a longtime reader now active participant to this site so thank you all as you’ve literally saved my sanity and my life, and I will submit the lurid details soon. Thank you all again :^)


Looking at the other programs in the series, the victims of Will Jordan escaped lightly, not to minimise their suffering but hardly the end of the world.


In response to Pattywack, that is a racist thing to say. How can having another TV show about him make any difference? When is a good time to move on from such trauma?

Donna, great job on “The Spy Who Conned Me”! As an actual former CIA operative, I could instantly see the holes in the fable that Jordan foisted off on poor Mary and others but I can certainly see how they were taken in by his scam. When people ask how they can tell if someone is a “real” spy, I advise them that, if he TELLS you that he is a spy, he is not a spy. For those who missed this Investigation Discovery episode, I recommend that you try to catch a replay.

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