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With the Penn State report, a public understanding of unbelievable betrayal

Yesterday, Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, released the report of his investigation into the Penn State scandal. Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach under the legendary Joe Paterno, was convicted last month of 45 charges related to his abuse of young boys, and Freeh was retained by the university’s board of trustees to find out exactly what happened and why.

Freeh’s report is scathing. The front page of this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer proclaimed in the largest headline typeface I’ve ever seen:


Under the headline were the photos of the four Pennsylvania State University officials who the report says enabled, through their inaction, Jerry Sandusky to abuse young boys: President Graham B. Spanier, Vice President Gary Schultz, Athletic Director Tim Curley, and yes, Joe Paterno. The Inquirer reported:

Joe Paterno, former Pennsylvania State University president Graham B. Spanier, and other top administrators conspired for more than a decade to keep quiet sex-abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky, according to the findings of an internal investigation released Thursday.

Fearing bad publicity, the head football coach and the president, along with athletic director Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, a former vice president in charge of campus police, “repeatedly concealed critical facts” and exhibited a “callous disregard for child victims,” enabling the former assistant football coach to prey on boys for years, said Louis Freeh, a former FBI director commissioned last year to lead the investigation.

“Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims by the most senior leaders at Penn State,” Freeh said at a news conference Thursday in Philadelphia. “The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect children whom Sandusky victimized.”

Multiple times, while reading the news coverage, I gasped. Even after years of writing about people’s extreme capacity for evil, and the ability of institutions and individuals to turn a blind eye, I found some of the revelations to be shocking.

Read: Louis Freeh report: Joe Paterno, Penn State officials conspired for silence, on

If you want to read the full report, the Inquirer has an interesting annotated version of it online:

Report of the Special Investigative Counsel regarding the actions of the Pennsylvania State University related to the child sexual abuse committed by Gerald A. Sandusky

Giant sucker

When Sandusky was convicted—on the same day that a Catholic Church official was convicted of failing to protect children—I wrote about the real value of the verdicts: They were a warning that big, powerful institutions could no longer sacrifice the innocents to protect their reputations.

Here is the real value of the Freeh report: Millions of people now know what it feels like to be hoodwinked, deceived, betrayed, and to have their ideals shattered—just like all of us have experienced with sociopaths.

All those fawning football fans of “Nittany Nation.” All those Penn State students who rioted when Joe Paterno was fired. All those alumni who were furious at the board of trustees for the impersonal way that they cut the coach loose. All those people who believed in Joe Paterno’s motto, “Success with Honor.” Today, they are all sick to their stomachs.

Here’s what Stewart Mandel, a Sports Illustrated blogger, wrote:

Today, I feel like a giant sucker.

Amid the media firestorm that followed the release of the Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury report last November when it seemed like every columnist, blogger and talking head in the country was racing to see who could get the angriest; when Joe Paterno morphed from coaching legend to devil incarnate in the course of a bye week; when all manner of Penn State cover-up allegations skipped straight past conspiracy theory to universally accepted fact I took a cautious stance. While the charges against Sandusky were indisputably vile, the details of how Paterno and Penn State administrators handled Sandusky over the years were still vague and incomplete. Surely more information would provide some sensible explanation for why Sandusky was not apprehended sooner; surely the leaders of an esteemed university could not be so nakedly negligent and sinister.

The facts came out Thursday in the meticulously sourced Freeh Report, and boy do I feel naïve. It turns out what really happened was even worse than the most caustic cynics could have imagined.

Here’s what Gene Wojciechowski wrote on

Joe lied. It’s that simple. And that heartbreaking.

Joe Paterno, who for so many decades represented all that was good and honorable in college athletics, lied. Through his teeth.

Even I wanted to believe—six months ago, I wrote an article postulating that maybe Joe Paterno really didn’t know what Sandusky was doing, that he couldn’t conceive of such evil in his midst. Obviously, I was wrong.

And here’s what the Penn State student newspaper, the Daily Collegian, wrote:

We put our faith in these men. We put our faith in our university. Others did the same.

But, as it’s becoming painfully clear, so much of this mess was allowed to continue because too many people clung to the belief that individuals and institutions were idyllic so much so that they were either blinded to the mistakes right in front of them or flat-out refused to deal with the ones that were brought to their attention.

And that weight that we’re collectively carrying now, with the wake-up call provided by the fallout since last autumn and the report issued this week, is largely a lesson in the dangers of blind faith.

View of the world is shattered

Emotionally, the horrified Penn State faithful are experiencing what we’ve all experienced in our interactions with sociopaths.

The most crushing aspect of tangling with these predators is how, once it ends, once we are devalued and discarded, once we learn the truth—that they never loved us and it was all a scam—our entire view of the world is shattered.

We cannot conceive that someone who continually professed undying love was lying through his or her teeth. We cannot believe that the sociopath may very well get away with all the abuse committed against us. We feel like we can never trust again, and the world as we knew it is gone.

The idyllic “Happy Valley” of Penn State is gone. But perhaps the Nittany Nation, and people in general, can grow from the disillusionment, as we have grown from the betrayals that we experienced. With healing, it’s possible to replace idealism and naïveté with perception and wisdom.  That would be good for all of us.

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Sadly, Donna, I don’t think much will be changed in the long run.

That hasn’t been my experience with Ps. They continue to get away with things and they continue to be believed. People just don’t care. It’s somebody else’s problem, somebody else’s issue. And then there are the fencesitters.

This might take a little longer to fade away than other stories, but my guess is that people are going to use Penn State as a scapegoat to avoid any focus being put on them.

Penn State now becomes the “as bad as” standard for organizations which will undoubtedly claim, to deflect focus off of themselves, “But we’re not as bad as Penn State. That was really bad.”

My hope doesn’t lie with schools and other organizations coming clean. They risk lawsuits. It’s a financial matter for them, just like this was ultimately a financial issue for Penn State.

My hope lies with parents who will become relentless about demanding investigations and answers.

It’s like that case in LA were there are three lawsuits of various parents against the school system for not going after a sex abuser in an elementary school. The latest lawsuit was made up of 14 parents.

The US now has a corporation vs. the little guy society. Corporations are going to duck and hide and continue to focus on making money and keeping what they have. To beat those Goliaths, the Davids of the world are going to need to speak up and not let up on demanding investigations and explanations.

For the record, I was very wrong about this report. I honestly thought it was going to be self-serving and whitewash Penn State’s involvement.

Never in my life have I ever been so happy and delighted with being so wrong.

Thank you Donna, for having the guts to say, “I was wrong.”
You are our leader against spaths and yet, even you didn’t want to believe that Paterno could have chosen Sandusky over the child-victims.

It takes a strong stomach to see the red flags and just admit that they are what they are.

I think the book, “Mistakes Were Made, But not by me. Why we justify foolish beliefs, Bad Decisions and Hurtful Acts.” is the most important book we can read. If people who have been conned, had their lives turned upside down, study spaths day and night, dedicate their lives to this fight against spaths… can be conned AGAIN, then we have more work to do. The work is on OURSELVES.

Personally, I believe that Paterno lied to HIMSELF and believed his own lies because he had to. He was in complete cog/diss. He KNEW what he did wrong and he continued to justify it. This is exactly what spaths do. They feel entitled to hurt others. The only difference is that Paterno didn’t see himself as evil. The spaths I’ve known do realize they are evil. They told me so. My own little spath sis said that it’s, “ok, to be evil, everyone is evil.”

Until we, the victims, can put aside our rose colored glasses forever, we are vulnerable. We have to use those red flags, not just talk about them.


Donna, thank you for this article – it is, indeed, pathetic that a conspiracy was uncovered. Now, that’s not to say that these people got together in a Boardroom and discussed how to continue to throw lambs to the wolf without rocking the proverbial boat, but who knows? When it comes to ATHLETICS in ANY school – high school OR collegiate – it’s the “integrity” of the reputation of the PROGRAM that comes first, and foremost. NOT the true integrity of the institution, as a whole.

This has been going on for as long as mankind has sent their children off to be educated. Whether in the Boy Scouts or wilderness programs or universities. Whenever there is an opportunity, predators will pounce and enablers will shift into overdrive to conduct damage control. After all, if we do away with someone with a “winning record,” we won’t fill our stadiums and garner huge contributions and bequeathments from wealthy alumnii.

What Penn State supporters are now experiencing is just a nan0o-fraction of what spath victims feel across the Globe. NOW is the time to wake the world the fark UP about sociopathic predators.

Paterno and the rest not only experienced cog/diss, but they FED that nasty monkey in the name of the athletic program – not even an academic program, but a violent game that spawns and cultivates spath behaviors in its participants! I have NO pity for those men who are now standing in front of the world, NAKED and COVERED IN MAYONAISE.

Wake up, world! Even “great institutions” are frought with predators, and they are subject to the same consequences for their inaction.

I can’t wait for the day when everyone figures out that it’s cheaper to fold your cards and throw the spath under the bus.

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Saturday, July 14, 2012 — 6:44 AM EDT

Paterno Won Sweeter Deal Even as Scandal Played Out

In January 2011, the same month that Joe Paterno learned of an investigation into his longtime assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and testified before a grand jury, he began negotiating with his superiors to amend his contract. The timing was something of a surprise, because the contract was not set to expire until the end of 2012, according to university documents and people with knowledge of the discussions.

By August, Mr. Paterno, who was the football coach at Penn State, and the university’s president, both of whom were by then embroiled in the investigation into Mr. Sandusky’s sexual assaults on boys, had reached an agreement. Mr. Paterno was to be paid $3 million at the end of the 2011 season if he agreed it would be his last. Interest-free loans totaling $350,000 would be forgiven, and he would have use of the university’s private plane.

The university’s full board of trustees was kept in the dark about the arrangement until November, when Mr. Sandusky was arrested and the contract arrangements, along with so much else at Penn State, were upended. Mr. Paterno was fired, two top university officials were indicted and the trustees came under assault from the coach’s angry supporters.

Board members who raised questions about whether the university ought to go forward with the payments were shut down, and in the end, the board, bombarded with hate mail and threatened with a defamation lawsuit by Mr. Paterno’s family, gave the family virtually everything it wanted, with a package worth roughly $5.5 million.

The details of Mr. Paterno and his family’s fight for money seem to deepen one of the lasting truths of the Sandusky scandal: the significant power that Mr. Paterno exerted on the state institution, its officials, its alumni and its purse strings.


Jayzus criminy………FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! In nearly every case, simply follow the stinking money.

Holy cow, if it’s that easy to excuse culpability and get MONEY from it at the same time, no wonder spaths skip away from their victims so easily! Next mess, please? Next potential mess in line, please step up!

Morning Truth,
Fine, follow the money. If his estate got 5.5 million, that will fit nicely in the lawsuits the victims file against the culprits.

How will the victims split that private plane use? LOL.


Skylar, maybe they’ll set up a schedule to use the private plane to get them to their THERAPISTS APPOINTMENTS to help them recover from their experiences?!

(snarl, hiss, spit) This SO pisses me off….


I can’t imagine hundreds and hundreds of people of Penn state walking around in cog/diss. I hope they wake up and truly realize what happened. Lawdy!

yeah, cog/dis is what people experience when facing the truth means accepting a huge loss of what they BELIEVED was real.

Often, it means losing a source of money, too.

No, they won’t wake up. People don’t come out of cog/diss easily. It took me 25 years and only happened because my life was on the line.


Donna, thank you for posting the link.

We ALL want a “Beacon of Virtue,” don’t we? Paterno embodied that desire, but only so far as what he believed to be in the best interests of the Program went. Yeah, yeah, yeah…..he wanted his players to be good students, too, and blah, blah, blah……

But, what it boils down to is that the victims’ experiences were minimized, ignored, and dismissed JUST as everyone else’s experiences with spath entanglements have been. THIS is a trigger for me. The dismissal and enabling of an obvious predator, the extreme covert efforts to cover it all up, and the epic failure of accountability once the truths were exposed.

Paterno was not a deity. He was not a god. He was not The God. He was a mortal human being with flaws of his own and lived his life, thusly. It’s very easy for a person to ride on outrageous laurels during their lifetime. If someone were to say, “Truthspeak is the best thing that ever happened to art at this institution,” I might buy into that bullshit, myself! And, don’t get me wrong – compliments with regard for my art, craft, and instructing abilities are always appreciated. But, undue flattery is a very dangerous and intoxicating poison.

Yes, Donna – because Penn State was such a lauded institution, I believe that the Domino Effect is finally in motion. And, I hope that victims will come forward and begin to force Law Enforcement, Judges, and every other powerful institution to stand accountable for failing to DO SOMETHING, even if it costs a Championship Pennant.

Ox Drover

I don’t think even if she read it or heard it that it would make my egg donor think about her own “culture of silence” or her own enabling of my son Patrick….or that I am anything but some mean person persecuting that “poor little child o’ mine” or that she might ought to listen to my warnings.

I wish that Penn State would just shut down their football program entirely…but that’s not going to happen. The public wants their circuses and their football teams and their rah rah rah, no matter what. I’m like Hens I hate football.


OxD, I hear you – even if someone is provided an Evidence Enema, they won’t absorb the truth because it’s simply easier to ignore it!

I wish ALL institutions would whittle down their athletic programs and put MORE focus upon academics and the arts. How many 5-year-olds are out there enrolled in PeeWee football, baseball, soccer, or gymnastics JUST because a foolish parent believes that they’ll be able to groom that child into what they never became?

I don’t “hate” football, but I am not a fan, either. I don’t understand this rabid culture of sports (except for the Olympics, perhaps) OR fans who refer to games and situations in terms of “We needed to put _____ in after the 5th inning because he was really hurting our game.” What the hell is up with THAT?!

No, I’m not into sports. Curling? Maybe. Equine events? Absolutely! Pro sports? Hayell, NO! Too much money involved and a hard-built “code of silence,” there!

Ox Drover

Truthy, I used to work for an orthopaedic physician and we had a sports medicine specialist on staff as well as me, and we treated kids who were 12-13 etc whose parents wanted us to fix their broken ankles so they could compete next week….and the kids when they were 25 or so were so filled with arthritis that they could hardly walk. Joe Namath who was the big football star was a cripple by 45 years old.

The thing is that these kids are trained and worked like race horses and the thing is win, win WIN at all costs to their health and well being. The Olympics is the WORST in my opinion…these girls who do the dismounts from the high bars and such as that are fracturing their spines and ruining their bodies. Kids get head injuries in junior high foot ball that scrambles their brains…nah, it is bad enough to ruin a horse for the Kentucky derby but it is even worse to ruin your child.

All these sports where the kid’s health and bodies are ruined, their lives focused on nothing else…not worth it in my opinion. Let them play ball for FUN not for “winning” and not sports that wreck their bodies.

I think we are about as bad as the Romans and their gladiators, we sacrifice our youth for “sport” and I think it is not worth it.


So many parents push kids into sports so young. It is not even appropriate for them to be on an organized team until 4th grade which is about 9 or 10 years old and you see all these 5 year olds on a soccer field or pee wee this that and the other.
Kids need time to imagine and develop physically.

Donna maybe you could start a public petition and also use it as a way to publicize Love Fraud and your book – but I think we should start a petition to have the Paterno statues and all other items/plaques like this one: On a stone wall, Paterno’s copper-lettered quote shone in the sun, “They ask me what I’d like written about me when I’m gone. I hope they write I made Penn State a better place not just that I was a good football coach.” removed from the campus and maybe destroyed. He brought nothing but shame and that his family made out with so much money knowing what was coming just disgusts me.

He built that team and that school on the backsides of those innocents.


Here’s a big surprise.

Joe Paterno’s family doesn’t believe the report that came out last week. Oh no!

They’re going to fight it.

They might want to be careful what they ask for because reports like below are not going to stop coming, and they more they resist, the more people are going to be outraged. Do they honestly think that there is anything that they can say or do at this point with so much evidence to the contrary?–joe-paterno-blame-freeh-report-jerry-sandusky-penn-state-tarnished-legacy.html

And as things start trickling out, apparently Spanier was outraged over a $400 outfit a sports agent bought a player for a TV appearance, but not a child’s sexual abuse by a staff member.–graham-spanier-penn-state-freeh-report-joe-paterno-curtis-enis-jeff-nalley.html

And now, discussions about the financial penalties and impact on Penn State are starting.–penn-state-civil-suits-sandusky-victims-cost-joe-paterno-freeh-report.html

What does Paterno’s family think their protests are going to solve? Have they thought any of this through or are they simply repeating Joe Paterno’s legacy of “My way and to hell with everybody else.”?

Ox Drover

I imagine they are in DENIAL…and hoping that these victims don’t sue them for part or all of that zillion dollar pay out the college gave to him.

You know it is “funny” isn’t it that a PhD math or biology professor might get $50 or $100 K salary and tenure, but a COACH gets ZILLIONS of bucks and deity status…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

It isn’t only Penn state that pays coaches like Gods or treats them like Gods, but you know maybe this will stop some of that….I doubt it though.

Recently in Arkansas the head coach got fired, he was hiring his girl friend as a consultant and he was hauling her around on a motorcycle when they were having an affair (he was also married) and he lied when they got caught and he got fired. I am at least glad about that.

Two in a row state college presidents here in the state college closest to me got fired and one went to prison for his antics…both were financial dirty dealings. Both deserved what they got.

Joe Paterno at least got out of his problems here on earth, but his family is trying to hold on to the ill gotten gains…I have a feeling their protests won’t work though, I think the victim’s lawyers will go after them with teeth bared and I hope they bankrupt them…even if the family was “innocent” they should not profit from the ill gotten gains of their relative who aided and abetted a pedophile.


Oxy, Skylar posted this very informative article on another thread about Penn State.

Paterno’s family wasn’t all that innocent as you will read in the article.


Paterno’s family is going to conduct its own investigation.–nfl.html

Meanwhile, three more Sandusky victims from years previous to the trial have come forward.

Ox Drover

Grace, I found the article very interesting especially this quote

“Former colleagues who did want to reach out held back. Later, they explained that they were afraid of losing their jobs, too.”

More fence sitters, more people who thought the hangman would never come for them so they didn’t stand up for The RIGHT.

I guess things will never change, humans are going to be the same since the time that Cain killed Abel and Judas betrayed Christ.

your words are profound, succinct and accurate.
What can we do about the fearful? Why are they so afraid? Why do jobs matter so much more than integrity?

The psychopaths have no values except material values. It’s all they understand because they have no connection beyond the shallow surface. Nothing is meaningful to them. The only reason they even value material things, like money, is because they see other people value them.

Jesus told us to be in this world but not of this world. He told us not to worry.

28 And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin, 29 yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these. 30 But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith!

Matthew 28-30.
It’s hard not to worry, we are so indoctrinated into what the spaths have programmed into us. When we connect those material values to our value as human beings, we believe the spaths and they own our souls.


Yes….money. Money, power, status, prestige, and all centered around something that has NO IMPACT upon the good of humanity, on any level.

Long ago, sporting events ceased being a fun pasttime, and became a source of obscene revenue. OxD, you are 100% spot-on: there is something INHERHENTLY WRONG when a math, science, ethics, arts, or technical professor earns so little and must work like sled-dogs to earn tenure. Not to say that “all professors” are worthy of tenure or a teaching position, but it is a glaring indication that our culture and societyares falling back into the pre-collapse postures of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Gladiators….that’s what we value, today.

If we look back upon every culture up to present date, there is a distinct and obvious pattern of moral and ethical decline. I am not talking about “organized religious morals,” here. I’m talking about human morals and ethics: what is profoundly “right,” and what is profoundly “wrong.” We read, with nodding acceptance, about how Rome fell into debauchery and tolerance of all levels of abuse before it collapsed into rubble, as an Empire.

We’re on the same trajectory, and there’s really no way to stop this freight train from derailing. It’s all about money, sex, violence, and reality shows.



Well, here is one move in the right direction.

I think there is something we can do and I don’t think that the train derailment is inevitable.

We can write lots of letters. Let our representatives, newspapers, and schools know what we think. Demand change and accountability.

It isn’t all “about them.” It’s also about us-our passivity and our expectations that somebody else is going to do something about it.

We are that somebody else.

We are not without power or influence. We simply choose not to use them.


Brown University removed Paterno’s name from its outstanding male freshman athlete award.

Paterno graduated from Brown in 1950.

Ox Drover

20-some-odd people heard or saw Kitty Genovese stabbed and murdered over a period of about a half hour and NO ONE even called the cops much less tried to help her.

That happened years ago and I don’t think anything is any different now…when that woman spoke out against Paterno coddling his team players and allowing them to get by with bad behavior, SHE went, and others observed this and just kept their heads down so they wouldn’t be “next.” Gutless wonders.


There is hope buried in all of this. The fact that the report left no stones unturned, that the newspaper published the results, that Paterno’s name was removed from Brown’s outstanding male freshman athletes…and so forth. Ox Drover…thanks for the reminder of Cain and Able, Judas and Christ. A reminder that this stuff isn’t “personal” – as has been hard for some of us to grasp given the number of S/P betrayals so many of us have experienced…but it really isn’t “about me”…it’s “about THEM”….it’s been occurring since the beginning of time. Donna has the videos now on YouTube—woo-hoo!!—maybe, just maybe, all of this will be the tip of the iceberg that starts even the smallest of awareness that this evil does exist in our world. Maybe changes, even miniscule changes, will begin to happen? In the Sandusky case, the children, many of whom are now adults, can feel that we are now listening to their stories and believing them. I always believed them. The “dripping shame” that so many people exude today when presented with even a glimmer of possbility that this kind of evil does exist. Does anyone here know what I mean by “dripping shame”? Shame-based people dump their shame by their tone of voice, their damning glances, their choice of words, for example. Shame is dumped when a victim isn’t believed, when the perpetrator’s actions are rationalized, when someone says “oh, it wasn’t so bad, was it?”, “oh, don’t you think that’s all in the past now?”, or when someone gives you a dirty shaming slimey look but doesn’t acknowledge a vulnerable comment. Often, shame can be felt in the air, like slime. SHAME = SLIME. I am symbolically giving all that shame back to you slimey shamers. Clean up your own side of the street. I admit, I am guilty of it, too. Perhaps that means dealing with your own issues that you’ve arrogantly denied for a lifetime. Yes, it’s frightening to be vulnerable. No, most of us have never learned how to deal with these issues until now, so it’s even more frightening. I can tell you from personal experience, it is not easy and it can take what seems like forever. When dealing with one’s own shame issues, shame creeps in like a sneaky snake. The majority of us were raised with what our parents thought were healthy doses of it. It takes discipline to keep moving forward. Shame is one component that makes us vulnerable to the S/P. The S/P knows just when to slime us with it. And, this is why Donna’s Lovefraud information is so crucial to S/P awareness. Romance is one area where the S/P flourishes. It can happen through work relationships, family relationships, friendships, any time two people come together there is the possibility of sociopathic involvement. This is why this education is crucial because S/P is like a cancer in our society today…as evidenced by Lovefraud and by the Sandusky report to the board of trustees at Penn State.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you, Donna, for this blog and website that provides a place for us Lovefraud-ers to grow past the emotional hurt and the myriad of damage to our lives. We have a homebase to be empowered through information and sharing.


Penn State is a reflection of the overall apathy and ignornace of our society.

In our haste to speak and think “freely” and embrace our freedoms in this country we have given a critical part of our power away to pathologicals.

As our population grows in this country, we have been educated to “turn” it over to the professionals. This is where we made our biggest mistake. Look at other insitutions that we have just “turned” our lives over to in this world. Churches, preists, coaches, congressmen, senators, doctors, laweryers, teachers, therapists, and coaches. Do you see a pattern here? These places have become breeding grounds for the personality disordered. They flock to these jobs like flys to *&(^. It is a picnic everyday “sucking” the “suckers”. And we get PAID for this opportunity.

As far as I am concerned, this is everyone’s problem. The fact that it happened at a college campus in Pennsylvania is a sad reflection of the sickness in our entire culture. A wake up call. A call to arms. We are allowing the sick to run our lives and then we get “upset” when some guy is caught with his pants down an at “admirable” college in our country.

We need to put down our Iphones, turn off the computers, mute our TVs and start paying attention to our lives. The lives of our children that we are turning over to this ever growing population of psychopaths.

My goal is to educate, educate, educate everyone that will listen about the epidemic we have created with our “blind” trust.

As a friend recently advised me – “trust, but verify.”


Ah, but historically, this is always what we have done. Education is recent on the timeline of man. We’ve always had overlords and deferred to those with knowledge, power, and money. This included religions as well as governments.

The Gutenberg Bible is considered one of the pivotal points in the history of man because it was the first time a printing press made Bibles available to the common man (along with a whole lot of other information.) Prior to that, it was pretty much only the clergy who could read and write.

We’ve really haven’t wanted to be bothered with getting involved because it has been easier letting somebody else take care of things. That being said, it was hard to know was going on when the fastest method of communication were messages sent by horseback.

We do not have a true democracy in the US. We have the potential for one, but since 1776, we have turned over the power to a handful expecting them to do the grunt work so we can go about our business and take care of things that are important to us.

What we need to do is embrace our power and learn to use our voices. We haven’t really reached that place yet. We keep waiting for “them” or “somebody” to take care of things.

The beauty of humanity will come about when we take to heart, “what you do to the least of My children, you do to Me” and “to love your brother as you love yourself.”

I also abide by, “to whom much is given, much is expected,” and that includes the fact that we have been given life, brains, intelligence, and voices. We are supposed to use these even if we haven’t reached high places or hallowed halls.

We need to define what is hallow.

But as long as we keep turning our backs, won’t rock the boat, chalk it off to others, want others to do the work, and remain fencesitters, we get what we accept.


G1S, yes…..use our voices in whatever capacity that might be. Through advocacy, legislation, professional capacities, WHATEVER medium we are able to work best with.

Me? Oh, I’m going to do a body of work that expresses what I’ve experienced, I HOPE! LOL Then, I’m going to talk to every journalist, novelist, playright, screenwriter, and lyricist about the collective carnage of sociopathic behaviors and entanglements.


Just for the record, I also think that this is the first time in history that we’ve had the means to remove the balance of the power in the hands of a few who are educated, wealthy, or have military might.

We have the Internet to research subjects. We have the Internet to instant message, blog, and use social networks. We have cell phones that not only provide instant communication, but can take photos and videos.

Things cannot get covered up so easily as they could in the past because we have ways to check to see if the statements are true, spin, or plain ol’ bull.

This knowledge is not longer under the exclusive control of the entitled.

Even the press can no longer keep things away from the general public. Not that long ago certain subjects were not discussed because it was believed (at least that’s how the spin went) that the public was too delicate to know such things. That sure was a nice way to enable unacceptable behaviors in all sorts of quarters.

I think the days of the privileged are numbered, but it’s going to take a while before significant improvements are seen.


It appears that Brown University might know something the rest of the world doesn’t know. What’s this all about?

“The Howard D. Williams ’17/Joseph V. Paterno ’50 football coaching chair was eliminated earlier this year due to issues that predated the Penn State matter.”


G1S, technology has proved invaluable to civil uprisings in many countries in the past 3 years. Without the images, footage, and messages from civilians on the ground, the world would NEVER have been alerted to the conditions. Journalists are only allowed to get so far into a situation, and then it’s all speculations from there. The movies “The Killing Fields,” and “Salvador” were prime examples of what the press “knew,” and how difficult it was to get the words OUT about human atrocities.

Regarding Paterno – Sandspathsky jerked the keystone (really, NO pun intended!!!) out of the Penn State House Of Cards, and it’s tumbling down with a fury. The message about Paterno is clear, but there needs to be a greater message: PUT THE EMPHASIS WHERE IT BELONGS. Athletics Hall Of Fame? Where is the Mathematics Hall Of Fame? How about the Biology Hall Of Fame, or the Philosophy Hall Of Fame???

Yeah, recognize everyone for their efforts, but let’s begin moving away from deification, eh?


Here’s one effort against deification – a plane buzzing the JP statue demanding that it be taken down.

Ox Drover

Hey guys the NY Times reports today

Of course Sanduskly is 68 years old so just about any sentence of over a very few years would have been a “life time” sentence….

Of course believe it or not if he gets very sick he may still be released on “compassionate grounds” so that he can die at home. I hope that won’t happen, but it does quietly happen, maybe with his fame it would bring an outcry from the victims and their supporters.

I think that the length of the sentence though, shows that the judge was aware of JUST HOW EVIL THIS MAN IS….

And actually, I ithink those that KNEW ABOUT THIS CRIME WAVE AND DID NOTHING should also get the SAME SENTENCE.

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