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Woman finds the ‘pickup artists’ who raped her – and bragged about it on the Internet

Tattooed hands of a criminal handcuffedA San Diego woman passed out in the apartment of some guys she just met in October 2013. She was raped. When she awoke, she went to the police.

Many rape cases end up being “he said, she said” situations, where the perpetrator claims that the sex was consensual. But this woman conducted her own Internet investigation. She found that the man who raped her, Alexander Markham Smith, 27, and his friend, Jonas Dick, 28, ran a business called “Efficient Pickup.”

The idea was to teach men how to have sex with as many women as possible.

To prove that their methods worked, Smith and Dick posted stories about their exploits including a detailed account of the San Diego woman’s rape. It was enough to get them convicted.

Rape victim did her own detective work to find ‘pickup artists’ who assaulted her, on

Story supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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The offender “Jonas Dick” was well named: he obviously IS one! But his sidekick… a guy nicknamed “Beryl,” really? Sounds like a new advance on “a boy named Sue.”

It has been well said that we should be glad so many criminals are stupid. If they weren’t, there would be a lot more crime than we have today.

Among the rules of common sense they broke was “Never trust an accomplice.” Another was “Practice what you preach.” They warned that [i]”although alcohol is an effective means to cloud a woman’s rational mind, doing so is ‘downright creepy and wrong, not to mention illegal.'”[/i] They didn’t take their own advice. Most fatal of all (for these offenders, that is) was to ignore the injunction “Never confess!” Especially not in writing! But I guess narcissists just can’t help bragging.

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