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Woman left five dead husbands

A white-haired grandmother, Betty Neumar, had been charged in the death of Harold Gentry. But weeks before the trial last year, Neumar herself died of cancer.

Man’s desperate bid to prove brother’s killer was ‘Black Widow’ who left trail of five dead husbands in five states, on

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Makes me wonder. My ex’s mother (also a sociopath) buried 3 husbands. She’s the type of person who says she never had women friends because ‘everyone was jealous of her’. I will file this under ‘things that make you go hmmmm…..”

Ox Drover

You know these people move from crime to crime and get away with it….leaving death and pain in their wakes…some get caught but so many don’t. FRUSTRATING to the survivors of the victims.


Aieee……..OxD, it is incredible, isn’t it? And, with each new crime, they gain even MORE finesse on how to go to the next one.

Rochelle, oh, indeed they make you go, “Hmmmmm….” Although I don’t believe that I can prove anything nefarious, I had never been physically sicker than I was when the exspath and I were still living together. I still experience other symptoms associated with the auto-immune disorder, but I was REALLY sick the summer before he left.

Brightest blessings

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