Woman tells her story of marriage to radio personality Jeff Rense

Melinda Jane Kellogg holds a Ph.D. in physics. Jeff Rense has an alternative radio program. Kellogg listened to the program for more than two years, and then, on Rense’s birthday, sent him a “Happy Birthday” email. He responded, they corresponded, they visited, they married. It didn’t turn out as Kellogg expected, and she tells the whole story—complete with documentation—on her website.

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Stargazer, I like the way you put that.

The pattern of my experience (so far) has been that I receive a “gift” (wisdom, growth, etc.) for every negative experience or crisis I go through. I started noticing this pattern about 25 years ago.

I reflected back over my life, and yep, every single traumatic or upsetting, negative experience brought with it some equally positive, balancing gift.

I noticed that the worse the experience, the bigger the gift.

I started to laugh about this — coincidence, right? Or something to do with my looking for it or expecting it? (maybe)

Anyhow, it has proved to be true — every single time.

I have even found myself at times, in the middle of almost unbearable devastation and pain, thinking…. OK, I suppose I’m going to get a REALLY BIG GIFT this time, right? Can you hurry up, please? I don’t know how much more of this I can take!!!

But seriously — it always comes. It is usually a surprise — not what I expect.

Now that I’m “onto” this, though, I definitely see the cosmic humor in my life more and more, and seem to live more lightly with less fear.

Sometimes I have things I hope I can convey, and I have trouble finding the words for them. I know that the words I find do not really do the job, and can be heard in different ways by different people, not always as I intend.


I do think it’s important, because it places responsibilities correctly. Just as important it is to identify someone who acts wrongly and not blame yourself for it, it is as important to identify someone who acts correctly and praise them for it, including when that someone is yourself.

The spath was someone out to hurt me and destroy me. I learned from it majorly, but because I made the steps to heal and learn. It is even despite him. He would not like at all how it made me stronger.

Likewise I have been on the receiving end of tough love at times, of people who set a boundary and told me ‘go away’ when I overstepped. It felt like an excruciatingly painful rejection at the time. But I learned from it and had to admit they were correct and in their right to push me away. These people did that with the best intentions and the greatest care. They were not out to harm me and did wish the best for me. In those instances, I did what they hoped and could expect from me. Those people I owe gratitude and thanks, especially because as soon as I did integrate the lesson, they welcomed me without reserve and resentfulness. (I have done the tough love thing to others myself a few times).

Spoon, you took the words right out of my mouth about the bigger the devastation, the greater the gift. It is because of my abusive childhood that I discovered meditation and healing and am able to enjoy my life now without the constraints of all of society’s “shoulds”. In breaking free of the parental chains, I also inadvertently broke free of many others as well. I have only my parents to thank for this. So many people who have never suffered as so many of us have live complacent lives and are not truly free to be themselves.

When I’m in my deepest layers of grief and overcome by pain, at the same time, I am feeling grateful that I can feel. For many years I was numb. Experiencing emotions is part of what makes us human, so when I’m hurting, I realize that I am part of the human race, where I once felt so isolated.

There is always SOMEthing to be grateful about, even in the darkest circumstances.

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