A chilling short film portraying sociopathic domestic violence

I did not experience violence at the hands of my sociopathic husband, and for that I am eternally grateful. But 36 percent of the people who completed the Lovefraud Romantic Partner Survey said they were physically abused, and 34 percent said their lives were threatened.

A short film by Sharon Wright, called Tell Me That You Love Me, provides a chillingly accurate depiction of violence in an intimate relationship. It’s chilling and accurate because she experienced it.

Sharon explains why she made the film in a separate YouTube video. I cannot add anything to her words, except to thank her for making the film. It captures, in a little over five minutes, the horror of domestic violence, and the aftermath for the victim.

I also thank Robert in Seattle, who forwarded the links.

P.S. This film may be triggering to Lovefraud readers. Sharon suggests that you not watch it at work or around small children. I second her advice.

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brilliant insight on the video. You were right on. I read all the comments and nobody else understood that the dude was stalker and spath. That was disappointing.

But Dylan’s work was right on. the spath didn’t care about anything or anyone except his prey. He was so arrogant that he thought he could hurt anyone and get away.

It’s interesting to read the comments, most of all. People are as unaware as we used to be. It’s almost amazing now to look at how unaware these people are. I can’t believe I was just as ignorant as they are. I’m glad I woke up.

I’ve only watched the first video, the one explaining why she made the 2nd. I think my head is going to explode. I’m here alone, I’m not sure if that’s good or not. I’m going to wait to watch the 2nd until H gets home.

I’ve never said aloud what it was, what it’s been. Doubt I ever will. Or maybe I will. The Psy died instantly in a car crash in Feb. and I thought finally, FINALLY the nightmare’s over. But it isn’t. ??? We just got back from a visit with my daughter, and saw the Psy’s wife.

P’s wife & I had been having a conversation for the 2 years previous, because she was seriously considering divorce & didn’t want to be left with nothing, like I had.

And now she’s posting on FB how wonderful he was, how she misses him.

I’ve never said “who” he was except to touch on it to protect my daughter and she lived a lot of it, so she knows. It’s been toughest on her, she has to live with the fraud about how wonderful he was, at the same time loving him because he was her father.

I just want to scream. I don’t quite understand it, it’s over only it isn’t and I can’t “flush” it. He almost succeeded in killing me and I still live the scars, emotional & physical, but that was my fault, of course, if I hadn’t been the $&#$&* he wouldn’t have had to. No, I’m sure of that because his parents & brother TOLD me and they are gods, just ask them. (No, I do NOT still believe that. But that’s what I lived for 10 years, a month and 6 days. The abuse wasn’t just the P, it was the P’s family, and they still breathe.)

I don’t understand why he never touched the 2nd wife but she got the horrible psychological abuse. And now she treats him like a saint??? I know that she isn’t living the truth; I know this because she is enjoying life finally, doing everything she wanted to and he wouldn’t let her, so it’s all a fraud. I know this. If she would ever admit it, she’s glad he’s dead, too, because she got everything & she wouldn’t have, had he lived to divorce. So it’s all fraud and I’m expected to smile & praise a worthless human being who sprang from the devil’s loins. And I won’t do it, but I can’t flush it. Makes no sense.

I HATE HIM. More, I hate what he did and how I can’t EVER scour the filth from my life. Most, I HATE how he has been canonized, and for what??? DYING??? Well, OK, probably the best thing he ever did, aside from providing sperm for my daughter.

I’m sorry, I know it doesn’t make sense, for some reason I finally need to SAY IT. I’m sorry.

Dear Ten years,

Her canonizing him now is her attempt to put a “good face” on her marriage, but believe me, he did NOT treat her well…and actually, what other people think about him DOES NOT HURT YOU UNLESS YOU LET IT.

You cannot control what others think, say or do….or believe. Only what YOU believe, and think.

You KNOW the truth, he emotionally abused her, and she did not live a happy ever after life with him and even if she did get the bulk of the $$$, believe me MONEY WILL NOT BUY HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT OR PEACE.

Yes, you hate him, and you have every right to do so….but I do ask if you think that this feeling you are having right now is beneficial to you or not?

BTW, you are NOT expected to smile and praise his worthless ass, just SMILE and let them WONDER WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! LOL (((hugs))))

When I watched this it was like watching what happened to me…the final straw that made me leave. The words he said…the same and the violence out of nowhere. It’s left me shaking and nervous. You’re never the same…never. In truth the scenario makes me scared as my DVO ends in a month and I have been frightened about the knock at the door but can’t do anything until there is. I hope it never eventuates but the fear is always there. It never leaves despite my determination to live my life the way I want.

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