A spath behind every bush

I wrote an article not long ago about settling on a name for the personality disorder that we spend our time here talking about. I suggested using “sociopath” as a general term for exploitative people. Many of us have taken to shortening this term to “spath.”

Well, a Lovefraud reader “Justdreamin” informs us that “spath” is taken. She saw it on a flower pot, and sent us the photos.

It turns out that “spath” is a shortened version of “spathiphyllum,” which is the botanical name for the peace lilly, a common houseplant.

We might have to come up with a new name. If I were a beautiful peace lily, I wouldn’t want to share a name with the nasty predators.

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I’m good Hens, how’s u?

i am good h2h – no complaints unless you want me to – i can think of something i am sure

I hear ya there. It seems like that doesn’t do much good anyway. We finally got most of our veggie garden planted a couple of days ago. WHEW! We only have Cukes, Beets, and some tomato seeds left to plant. Hoping to get those in tomorrow before the rain comes. 🙂 The rest we started with actual plants.

my tomatos are waist high – full of blooms – i bought plants tho – mater seeds take to long for me – i have had 6 inches rain in the lat 24 hours was very nice..hope to get outside tomorrow and cut some dead limbs out of my black jack trees…i am almost finished painting my kitchen cabinets – been workin on that for 2 years…..

holy smoke! waist high?? Your planting season must start way earlier than ours. I think we’re a bit too close to the Great Lakes. Lk Mich. is only about 40 miles East of us. What is a black jack tree, I’ve never heard of those. The trees in our yard need cheerleaders I think. I could reach the top of the tallest one when I first moved here 10 years ago. Just planted a Mulberry tree last fall. I’m anxious to see what the berries taste like.

I’ve got to get out and re-do our porch deck on the west side of the house. Dang Behr stain didn’t work as well as they claim.

i set the tomato plants out april 15, they were about 6 inches tall when i bought them, yes u are way north of me, i amin OKLa…black jack trees are kind of a scrub oak – they get 20 – 30 feet tall – they r a wild native tree – i live out in the black jacks…well ian out of here .the wieners r telling me to come to bed…

g’nite hens, my greyhound gal is telling me to hit the hay too.

I started my maters from seed but did buy a couple of plants, can’t tell now which ones I bought and which ones I started. You are too impatient Hens!

I got a really cool idea for RECYCLING my old broken chest freezer into a “hot bed” for starting plants next spring. I will fill the bottom with hot water. Son D cut a hole in the lid and put in an old window I had here to let in light. I can keep a thermometer in there to tell me if I need to add heat….I also have an electric deal-ie-o that you put in a stock tank to keep the water in it warm, so can use that if I need to, and I can put my seed trays in the hanging baskets near the top, and lay a piece of blanket or foam over it at night to help hold in the warm.

Then when I am done with it, I can drain the water out and use it inside the barn for mouse-proof storage. Right now it is being used (with a screen door for a top) as my cat-house for my little kittens to keep them from being coyote food! Gosh these kitties are active. They can already jump up and grab the lip of the side, but they have lots of toys and things to play with and each other and D and I go play with them too. When they hear you walk into the barn they get to yelling and screaming and wanting to be held and played with. This is so much cooler than keeping them in even a big dog crate where they didn’t have room to run and scamper and climb and play but just need to keep them safe til they get a little sense, but they are sure HYPER-HYPER-HYPER KITTENS if I ever saw any!

Hens, the jack oaks, as you may already know, shed those lower limbs…and retain their leaves in the fall (they just turn brown) that was what son D and I hauled and trimmed 30 or more pick up loads of limbs on them and a cedar we had to trim up cause it was breaking….might have something to do with my back hurting, recon? LOL Actually I’m feeling much better today, that one muscle relaxer I took and the one pain pill made me loopy for 24 hours too….but I’ll be taking things somewhat easy for a few days anyway…

We had probably 6-8 inches of rain here….still dark outside when it should be sunny and bright…guess I’ll dig the garlic as it was so warm so early it is already dying and shouldn’t be before june at least.

Home grown maters!!!!! Yum! Great salsa. Got plenty of pepper plants too, different kinds. Priced ONE BELL PEPPER (didn’t look all that great either) $1.48 at Wal Mart! Can’t eat without bell peppers, onion and garlic in EVERYTHING EXCEPT VANILLA ICE CREAM but I did stock up when they were 88 cents and chopped and froze them for cooking at least.

BTW Hens, you may know this but mater plants don’t grow til soil is 55 degrees or more….I got a digital meat thermometer and it will register down that low….so I put the black plastic over my soil to help it get warmer faster, or put the maters in black plastic 3 gallon tubs which I can set out in the sun…yours are bigger than mine though, but I’ll beat you next year! Wanna race? First ripe mater gets a big TOWANDA and the loser gets a big BOINK! Next year, not this year! LOL

To get back to the original topic, since spath is taken and is a peace plant, how about Spud? As in Sociopath, Psychopath, and Dud?

They live in the dark, they’re underfoot, and they have these tendrils that reach out all over the place.

And we can feel free to mash them.


I love that…Spud…very clever!!! 🙂

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