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After the Will Jordan case, New Jersey may make rape by fraud a crime

Mischele Lewis and Will Jordan

Michele Lewis, left, and Will Jordan, attended friend’s wedding.

William Allen Jordan, a serial con artist, told multiple women that he was a secret agent to seduce them. When he spun the story for Mischele Lewis, of Florence Township, New Jersey, Jordan didn’t break any laws.

It was not illegal to create a fake identity in order to convince her to have relations with him. That may change.

The New Jersey assemblyman representing Mischele’s district, Troy Singleton, has introduced a bill that would make rape by fraud illegal. Lovefraud hopes this measure becomes law.

Rape by fraud? N.J. lawmaker introduces bill to make it a crime, on

Of course, Lovefraud broke the Will Jordan story with the Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Moment heartbroken woman conned by globally infamous fraudster, bigamist and fake CIA agent turned the tables on him in a New Jersey parking lot police sting, on

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Right now- there’s a poll going on at titled:

Should lying about yourself be considered rape?

The number of no’s exceeds 1,000. The number of yes’s are in the double digits.

I’ve spent the better part of this evening on-line refuting the absurd misinformation that is being distributed by the press about this proposed law. A couple of the writers actually misquoted what I’d said in the article that recently appeared in the Newark Star Ledger. And they are mischaracterizing the law, which is createing negative spin.

It’s extremely important for LoveFraud followers to vote YES on this poll, and to make positive comments about the law.

You should be aware that:

A. Appearance enhancements will never get a person arrested under this law.

B.Arrest would require significant harm and significant proof.

C. Lies of intent could be refuted simply by saying “I changed my mind,” so no Prosecutor could bring an arrest on that basis.

D. The penalty for this crime has yet to be determined. It will be ascribed a “degree” through the same process that every other penal code bill goes through in the state of NJ, so claiming the punishment will be the same as violent rape is simply “hysteria building” at work.

E. This crime will bring justice to victims who are defrauded of sex by predators who knowingly lie to transmit communicable life-altering illness.

Thanks everyone for your support. Together we can make a huge difference in stopping the heinous defilement that many of us were victimized by.

Please act today!



I feel like I was “raped by fraud.” Although I don’t think my situation fits the legal description, but psychologically and morally, I was raped by fraud. Maybe I don’t feel that it was rape because during the course of the relationship,it was consensual for me; however, he was a complete fraud. I was targeted by a con man. Con man is too kind of a word for this predator. He pretended to be someone he wasn’t and orchestrated a fake romantic relationship over a one year period of time to exploit me for money. Only when he went after a lot of my money, did I realize I was with a criminal. If the relationship had been brief and no money involved, I would not feel like I had been raped, but I thought I was in a loving relationship with the man I was going to marry. All of it was a lie. It is scary. Although he has disappeared with a lot of my money, he is highly visible on the internet scamming other people with MLM schemes. The “rape” feeling is there. I feel so violated. I was so vulnerable. It is so scary to know that I was in the throes of passion with this man and then an hour later, he was trying to scam me out of more money …. my retirement funds. Then, he became cold and scary. The whole thing gives me a serial killer chill.

The story is getting a lot of unfair media coverage. It’s opinion and not fact base and is skewing the original story way out of context. Of the hundreds of articles I saw, only about 4 got it right. I have even seen some articles supporting the law which is refreshing. The story got out before a controlled press release was done. There is a system and a reason for everything. We did t release to the press on purpose. Why? Because it’s usually not done until a committee picks it up and we are not at that point yet. Because of the inflammatory press, it may never be. The hope is it dies down between now and then.

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