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British girls, aged 13 and 14, murder a helpless woman

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Two girls from the United Kingdom were recently sentenced to life in prison for beating a woman for more than nine hours, stopping only to pose for pictures, and then leaving her to die. The girls were 13 and 14 years old when they committed the crime in December 2014.

The story was forwarded to Lovefraud by a reader. She wrote:

“In my opinion, the most shocking aspect of the reporting and analysis of this horrifying story is the fact that the girls/murderers have never been described/diagnosed as psychopathic, despite the fact that their joint attack on this defense-less women and their demeanor in court showed a complete lack of conscience or remorse.  Most disturbing is the fact that these young murderers are shown to have derived pleasure from torturing their victim—for over nine hours!—as she pleaded for her life and as they assaulted her with various objects found in her home!  And, the ultimate “insult to injury” is the fact that the two used social media to (mockingly!) document and share their “atrocities—¦”

Read the story:

Teenage girls who tortured Angela Wrightson to death given life sentences, on

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Lack of remorse does NOT make someone a psychopath. We can all suffer from a lack of remorse – for example if we’re attacked and defend ourselves, or if we have a world view that says what we did was OK e.g. ‘all is fair in business’.

Both these children self-harmed, had been in care and the oldest has a mental illness. In Donna’s article on child abuse I left a comment about attachment problems explaining how abuse and neglect (and that definitely includes going through the ‘care’ system) literally rewires the brain.

These were incredibly damaged children, NOT psychopaths. I have an adopted daughter and I know how easy it would have been for her to go down the wrong road. How easy it is to get in a peer group with another damaged child and egg each other on. How easy it would be to have no one to look up to, no value system to adhere to. How easy to create a situation where it all gets worse and spirals out of control.

What they did was OBVIOUSLY horrendously wrong. But it didn’t happen out of thin air or because they were ‘psychopaths’. There are causes and effects. I would guess some sort of child abuse or neglect (you don’t get taken into care for no reason), genetic predisposition to mental illness and a ‘care’ system in the UK that is COMPLETELY dysfunctional. Children in care have an uncanny ability to recognise other people who’ve been in care, and the murdered woman had also been through the so-called ‘care’ system.

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