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After the sociopath, date differently


Teagin Maddox

Teagin Maddox

Many women, after realizing they were romantically involved with a sociopath, say they’ll never get involved in a relationship again.

I do agree that you should refrain from dating for a while, maybe a long while, until you are reasonably healed from your experience. But “never” is a really long time. If you never engage your heart again, the sociopath will win permanently. And that would be a crying shame.

But how do you try again? You fell for the lies once. Can you trust yourself to spot a predator?

To help women who want to move forward, my friend, Teagin Maddox, is producing a free series of interviews with recovery and relationship experts, including me. It’s called:

Spot the Frogs Find the Prince
How to date differently and create the love you crave

This interview series is designed to help women who have already been snagged by sociopaths to find a new, fulfilling relationship.

“The purpose of the event is to help women get to the good guys and have safe relationships, especially if they’ve already had a bad one or a sociopath/psychopath (like I did and you did),” Teagin told me. “Women can’t date safely unless they know how to spot predatory and destructive men first, and that’s what this event is all about.

“I’ll be providing tips on how women can spot even subtle signs of danger, and giving strategies on how to break the pattern of being attracted to intensity, how to heal if they’ve already been caught by evil, and what to do differently when they go back into the dating scene.”

The event runs from April 11 through May 2, with a different speaker every day. To sign up, visit the website.

Spot the Frogs Find the Prince
How to date differently and create the love you crave

The information from the series may give you the confidence in yourself to try again for emotional fulfillment. It is possible to find love after a sociopath. Here’s information on how to do it.


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