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Signs of a sociopath: Belgian woman allegedly scams 7 men

Semia B., a Belgian woman who was not fully identified, is on trial for pretending to love seven men and scamming them. Her story includes signs of a sociopath.

Nele Poelmans, the public prosecutor, claimed Semia B took a total of 385,000 euros over three years, although one of the victims put the total at 550,000 euros.

According to a news report in The Brussels Times:

The men were questioned and all gave similar statements. The woman promised a longterm relationship, but it never came to that. According to public prosecutor Poelmans, there also weren’t any sexual relations. “The victims had to undergo an std-test first, or she would find another excuse.” According to the prosecutor’s office,

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On TV Feb 9 : How Derek Alldred scammed dozens of women in love fraud

Last August, Derek Alldred was sentenced to 24 years in prison for scamming at least two dozen women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a massive love fraud. On Saturday, Feb. 9, at 8 pm ET, Oxygen Media will present a documentary of the case, with the women he deceived telling what happened to them.

Seduced by Evil delves into the world of the wickedly smart and dangerously evil Derek Alldred, a criminal mastermind who sought out relationships with unsuspecting women and entangled them in a web of lies to deplete their savings and support his fabricated life. Through the eyes of the countless women he deceived, the documentary will feature exclusive interviews with former victims … Read more

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Looks like Sen. Joni Ernst was married to a sociopath

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa endured verbal, mental and at least one incident of physical abuse during her marriage, according to documents filed in her divorce from her husband of 26 years, Gail Ernst.

When they married in 1992, Gail Ernst was 39 and a career Army man. Joni Ernst was 22 and had recently graduated from college.

In her divorce documents, Joni Ernst says:

  • Her husband assaulted her after she confronted him about his “special relationship” with their daughter’s babysitter. She fled to her mother’s house with their daughter in the middle of the night.
  • After the incident, Gail Ernst agreed to counseling, but told her not to discuss the assault in the sessions. She agreed.
  • “Gail
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Signs of a sociopath: Man sinks his boat to kill wife on their honeymoon

Sociopath Lewis Bennett

Lewis Bennett and Isabella Hellmann (Facebook)

Lewis Bennett will be sentenced this week in Miami, Florida, for the death of his wife, Isabella Hellmann, who was lost at sea during their honeymoon in November, 2017.

Bennett, an experienced British sailor, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Bennett had claimed that the boat had struck an unidentified object. However, photos released by federal prosecutors show that the hull was intentionally punctured from the inside, causing it to sink.

The United States Coast Guard found Bennett floating in his lifeboat in the Atlantic Ocean. The body of his wife was never found.

Signs that Lewis Bennett is a sociopath:

  1. Murder.
  2. Bennett saved himself — and $36,000 in rare coins he had
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Australian woman loses $305,000 in romance scam

Scammers continue to pose as American soldiers. In a terrible recent romance scam, a 34-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia lost AU$305,000 (US$220,210) to a man posing as a US soldier.

The con man, Cosmos Emeh, 32, claimed to be deployed in Syria, but he was actually also living in Brisbane, with his Australian partner. He convinced the target to send him $200,000 via a money transfer service. Then, in a highly unusual twist, he actually showed up at the woman’s home, claiming to be a “fixer” for the soldier, and collected and additional $105,000.

Finally, the woman called the police. The cops conducted a sting operation and caught the guy. This was also highly unusual — usually, Internet … Read more

If you’ve met a U.S. Army officer online, he might be in this lineup

10 Nigerian love fraud scammers were arrested for posing as U.S. Army officers.

Thousands of scammers are online, posing as U.S. military, trying to entice unsuspecting victims into sending them money. Authorities in Nigeria just arrested 10 men who were doing just that. Here’s the news:

Love scam: 10 Nigerians pose as U.S. Army officers, on

In romance scams, con artists may spend two to three months grooming their targets (that would be you). They slowly gain the target’s trust, proclaim love, and promise to be together. Then they start asking for money. If you hear any of the following, it is a scam:

  • “I need money for a satellite phone.”
  • “I need to pay for official
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Fake spy with 3 wives — on TV and in real life

Mary Turner Thomson when she married Will Jordan.

The BBC is running a new TV drama called Mrs Wilson — about a woman who discovers her “secret agent” husband has three other wives.

This is exactly the story of Mary Turner Thomson, of Edinburgh, Scotland, whose ex-husband, Will Jordan, claimed to be an American CIA agent. In reality, he was a computer developer with three wives. The Daily Mail recently wrote about the similarities in the stories:

Woman, 53, who thought she had the perfect marriage with her American ‘secret agent’ husband discovers he is serial bigamist with THREE other wives and 13 children.

Lovefraud has been writing about this case for years. In fact, Lovefraud was instrumental … Read more

Signs of a sociopath: Elizabeth McKeown admits cutting a woman in half in road rage incident

Elizabeth McKeown ( Greene County Jail)

Elizabeth McKeown, 46, is charged with murder after she intentionally drove into Barbara Foster, 57, of Springfield, Missouri, according to what she told police.

McKeown was stopped at a busy Springfield intersection, behind Foster. Frustrated that Foster wasn’t moving, McKeown accelerated her black Mustang into Foster’s car. Foster then got out of the car to inspect the damage and yelled at McKeown. As Foster returned to her vehicle, McKeown ran her over. The Washington Post reported:

According to police, she told investigators “I tricked her, you know, make her think I was going to be nice, be still and everything.” Instead, she said she slammed her car into Foster and “cut her

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“Ordinary men” do not shoot their wives and daughters — sociopaths do

Lance Hart of England shot his wife and daughter, and then himself.

Claire Hart, or Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, had just escaped her emotionally abusive and controlling husband. In July 2016, Claire’s grown sons, Luke and Ryan, packed up her and their 19-year-old sister, Charlotte, and moved them into a rented house.

Five days later, the controlling husband, Lance, shot Claire and Charlotte in the parking lot of a local sports center. Then he shot himself.

A Lovefraud reader just sent me a story about the tragedy that The Guardian newspaper published last year. You can read it here:

‘We didn’t recognise that he was dangerous’: our father killed our mother and sister

After the shootings, Luke and Ryan … Read more

5 prison inmates steal $560K from military personnel in love fraud scam

Wendell Wilkins, Rakeem Spivey, Jimmy Dunbar Jr., David Dempsey and Antwine Matthews were indicted in a sextortion scam.

Five inmates in a South Carolina prison managed to scam 442 members of the armed forces by using smuggled cell phones to initiate love fraud scams. They posed as underaged girls, contacted the service members, and then blackmailed the victims for $560,000 in hush money.

US Attorney Sherri Lydon held a press conference in front of the prison in Columbia, South Carolina, and announced charges against five men:

  • Antwine Lamar Matthews, 28
  • Rakeem Spivey, 27
  • Jimmy Dunbar Jr., 37
  • Wendell Wilkins, 30
  • David Paul Dempsey, 31

In addition to them, 10 more people were charged with helping the scammers collect … Read more

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