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Domestic violence advocate allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend

Nathaniel Mitchell (Tarrant County Correction Center)

Donna Alexander, 34, of Grand Prairie, Texas, was a domestic violence advocate. She founded an “Anger Room,” where people could blow off stress by smashing things, rather than their loved ones.

But Alexander herself was allegedly attacked by her estranged boyfriend, Nathaniel Mitchell, 34. Mitchell brought her to the hospital with severe head injuries. A week later, Alexander died of her injuries.

Mitchell has been charged with murder.

Anger Room founder allegedly beaten to death by ex knew relationship ‘Would be the death of her’: Sister, on People.com.

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Con man smiles and winks as he’s sentenced for scamming four women

Mauricio Palomino.

Mauricio Palomino, a contractor in New York City, was sentenced to three to nine years in prison for scamming his former girlfriends. Apparently he thought it was funny. He laughed and joked with his lawyer, and then winked at a news photographer as he was led out of the courtroom.

Palomino took a total of $80,000 from four women between 2012 and 2014. He racked up charges on their credit cards and accepted loans from them that he never repaid. He was also accused of threatening several of his victims.

Con man ‘gigolo’ was all smiles at sentencing, on NYPost.com.

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Reality TV surgeon and his girlfriend charged with drugging and molesting women

Grant William Robicheaux, 38, a California orthopedic surgeon, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Laura Riley, 31, have been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting two women.

Authorities say there may be more victims. The couple had video taped hundreds, if not thousands, of sexual encounters with women.

Four years ago, Robicheaux appeared on the Bravo television show, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male.

It sounds like these two should star in a show called, Dating Rituals of Depraved Predators.

O.C. surgeon, girlfriend, charged with drugging, sexually assaulting women, on Foxla.com.

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Cheating dentist convicted of murdering his girlfriend’s toddler, and trying to have her killed also

Bert Franklin (Oklahoma City Jail)

Bert Franklin, 35, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his girlfriend’s 19-month-old son, Lincoln Lewis. Franklin dropped the boy on his head, kicked him, and then held his limp body while he ate a piece of pizza.

Once arrested, Franklin tried from jail to hire someone to murder his girlfriend, Roxanne Randall.

Franklin will be sentenced on October 19, 2018.

Married dentist murdered girlfriend’s toddler — then tried to hire someone to kill victim’s mom, on People.com.

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Florida woman loses $52,000 to her con man boyfriend

Blayne Jeffrey Frederick

Catalina Rosas, of South Florida, thought she met the perfect man in Eric Benson. He claimed to be an art dealer and stocks and commodities trader for wealthy clients. He certainly acted the part.

But everything he said was a lie, which Catalina found out the hard way. She described her ordeal in an article for Huffington Post:

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Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman arrested as part of Keith Ranier’s Nxivm cult

Keith Ranier (YouTube)

Now, a cult for the rich and famous. Clare and Sara Bronfman, heiresses to the Seagram Company, gave $65 million to Keith Raniere, who founded a self-help group called Nxivm (pronounced “Nexium,” like the heartburn medication).

Last March, Raniere was charged in federal court with coercing women to have sex with him by threatening to reveal damaging secrets about them.

On July 24, Clare Bronfman was charged with conspiracy and criminal racketeering.

The organization even had a secret “sorority” for women, who were branded during the initiation ceremony. It was run like a pyramid scheme of “masters” and “slaves.”

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Woman allegedly planned to kill her mother to get money for online love scammer

Roxanne Reed.

Roxanne Reed had fallen for an online love scammer. The 65-year-old woman from Raleigh, North Carolina, was sending him money.

Reed thought she was talking to a physical therapist and business owner from Texas. But that man’s identity had been stolen by the scammer.

Reed sent text messages to the scammer, saying she would kill her mother, although it’s unclear how she’d get money from that to send to the scammer.

Woman plotted to kill her mother for online love scam: police, on NYPost.com.

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Watch online: He Lied About Everything

Dr. Paolo Macchiarini.

I just watched the documentary He Lied About Everything, available online at InvestigationDiscovery.com. It’s the story of Benita Alexander, who as a NBC News producer, was seduced and scammed by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, a world-famous surgeon.

I think Benita was incredibly brave in telling her story. While the good doctor was love bombing her, they both recorded plenty of videos. Benita, I’m sure, thought she was recording her fairytale romance. I don’t know what was in Macchiarini’s mind, because he obviously knew his whole involvement was a fake, so essentially what he recorded was evidence of his psychopathy.

No clear motives in Las Vegas and Aurora, Colorado mass shootings

James Holmes, convicted of killing 12 people in Colorado.

James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 others during the midnight showing of a Batman movie in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Steven Paddock killed 58 people and wounded 800 who were attending a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both of these cases were in the news recently as experts said they do not have a clear motive in either of the two mass shootings.

Woman talks of escaping Danueal Drayton, possible Tinder serial killer

Danueal Drayton, 27, was arrested on suspicion of brutally slaying a nurse from Queens, New York, whom he met on Tinder. He was arrested while holding another woman hostage in North Hollywood, California, and confessed to six other slayings.

Zynea Barney, 26, said she met him last November. Her description of their involvement reveals multiple strategies typically employed by sociopaths:

  • Continuous pursuit
  • Asking about her goals and dreams
  • Interested in what she had to say
  • Pretended to have similarities
  • Constant contact
  • When she broke it off, he begged her to take him back

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