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Why I wrote ‘The One That Got Away’

One that got away_cropBy Brigitte Knowles

It was 2011, a good year. I made $235,000.00 in my business that year and was at the top of my game. I went out for drinks with a girlfriend in Delray Beach, Florida. My life was only about work and I did not realize that I was out of balance. I had not gone out to a club for years and at 55, I was not a frequent dater, celibate for 5 years. I was ripe for the picking.

I did not know that there were Financial Predators in this world. I was targeted by an Italian man who professed true love and wanted to do real estate business with me. He asked for … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Splitting’ – Critical help for divorcing a personality disordered husband or wife

SPLITTING: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, by Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD, and Randi Kreger, coauthor of Stop Walking on Eggshells

Review by James Sullivan, Ph.D.

Advertised as “the legal and psychological advice you need,” this is an invaluable guide for those in the vulnerable position described by the title. This is a most readable book, the text supplemented with helpful charts and bulleted notes.

The authors pay attention to the myths and realities of the courtroom and the “dynamics of persuasiveness.” They warn against thinking that judges will find the behavior of the PD (personality disordered) person obvious. In fact, the very features of PD people make them believable. These individuals are, … Read more

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‘Gone Girl’ and a missed opportunity

I went to see Gone Girl this weekend, spurred by reports from several Lovefraud readers that the film reminded them of the psychopaths in their lives.

In my opinion, the story was a realistic portrayal of psychopathic behavior until it descended into psychopathic cliché.

Here’s the official synopsis on

GONE GIRL — directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn — unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife,

Read more

Mary Ann Glynn: Book Review of ‘The Psychopath Inside’

Mary Ann Glynn ad newThe Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain — by James Fallon

Review by Mary Ann Glynn

I first came across James Fallon’s research on a show about psychopathy and the brain on the Science Channel. I was fascinated by what he found out by mistake about his own brain, which has added an interesting and significant spin to the discussion of nature and nurture in psychopathy.

For thirty-five years James Fallon has been a neuroscientist educator and researcher, and has engineered major breakthroughs in stem cell research. His research lab led to the creation of three biotech companies, one of which won a national award from peers. His main areas of … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: Never Date a Dead Animal

Never Date a Dead AnimalYou can certainly say one thing about Never Date a Dead Animal The Red Flags of Losers, Abusers, Cheaters and Con-Artists: It’s a book with attitude.

And perhaps attitude is just what any woman who is, was, or always seems to be tangled up with the wrong type of man needs.

Author Nancy Nichols refers to her audience “Shoe Sistas,” and exhorts all women to find their “Girlfriend Within.” Who is this girlfriend?

My Girlfriend Within is a styling, strutting fashionista; she loves designer labels, handbags, jewelry and shoes. She feels especially sassy in her red patent-leather high heels. My Girlfriend Within is my super-sized, uber-magnificent alter-ego.

I can depend on my Girlfriend Within. She helps me

Read more

BOOK REVIEW: The Secret Life of Captain X

CaptainX_sizedGrowing up, she was taught that a woman’s success in life depended on a good marriage. She pursued show business instead. But still single the age of 39, she decided it was time for a change, and left the bright lights of New York City for Arizona.

There she met a dashing airline pilot, whom she described as “funny, intelligent, committed, family-oriented, successful, caring and loving.” Or, at least that’s how he presented himself in the beginning.

She fell for him. Fell hard. They married. For her that was the beginning of 22 years of confusion which, she later realized, was psychological and emotional abuse, inflicted by a psychopathic husband.

She’s divorced now, but her husband put a … Read more

Why I Wrote ‘Discarded: One Mother’s Journey with a Psychopath’

By Indie Mom

Discarded lo resI never started out to write a book, let alone a personal memoir, laying bare the most intimate and personal details between my husband and me and our children. Looking back four years since he left our family home, I can barely believe the repressed stories that have surfaced, and even more, stories that make complete sense to someone other than me.

Because I had endured years of gas lighting, projection, triangulation and manipulation at the hands of my husband and father of my children, I looked and felt like a very unwell person when I tried to share anything with our closest friends and family members.

Eventually, when our house of cards came tumbling … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table

Sociopath at the breakfast tableI recently received a review copy of The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table Recognizing and dealing with antisocial and manipulative people. The book was written by Dr. Jane McGregor, a lecturer at Nottingham University Institute of Mental Health, and Tim McGregor, a consultant, writer and mental health practitioner.

This is a slender volume, only 111 pages, plus appendix, index and resource listing. It provides a good overview of the sociopathic disorder, how sociopaths affect their targets, and what targets can do to recover. However, if you’re looking for a thorough discussion of these topics, you’ll need to augment your reading with other sources.

The sociopathic transaction

One of concepts proposed by the authors was very interesting the … Read more

Why I wrote ‘The Muslim Romance Trilogy’

 By Juliet Montague

Parts one and two of Juliet Montague’s Muslim love story trilogy.

Why Am I Having Sex with a Muslim in My Basement?

Not Without My Dogs

I had not before kept a detailed diary. Looking back at previous journals, one would simply find a note here and there reflecting a doctor’s appointment, a luncheon date, an audition, a listing appointment, a reminder to call my mother. My realization that I was into something profoundly foreign, intriguing, and sexually awakening, I began documenting each and every phone call, text message, and encounter with my own personal Aladdin.

I had truly … Read more

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