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“Charlie Brown” actor charged with stalking girlfriend

Peter Robbins, who was the voice actor for “Charlie Brown” in several Peanuts cartoons, was arrested for stalking his former girlfriend and threatening her plastic surgeon. Robbins paid for the girlfriend’s breast implants and wanted his money back.

Voice actor for Charlie Brown arrested in Calif., on

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Robbins threatened the lives of his ex-girlfriend and son,the plastic surgeon felt her life was in danger;he beat the dog repeatedly…….but according to the DA he’s “no threat because he’s well known in that area,watched by children every day,etc”With lawyers like that,the spaths are laughing at us!

Ox Drover

Charlie Brown is a stalker, and pee wee herman is a pervert! Te world is coming to an end.


Now, now…….his attorney said that he’s just “distraught.” Threats of murder, beating a defenseless animal to intimidate victims, and chokeholding a victim ….. isn’t that what EVERY “distraught” person does?! Please….pardon my sarcasm, but Robbins’ behaviors are textbook examples of what domestic abusers do on a regular basis and it galls the HELL out of me.

WTF?!?! With all of the Laws in place against stalking, harassment, domestic violence, and so forth, one would think that this kind of behavior would start becoming more infrequent. From what I can observe, it seems that domestic violence/abuse, stalking, harassment, and the rest of it has INCREASED with no end in sight.


what’s the saying? “Laws are made to be broken”Spaths stalk,harass and beat their victims….and their lawyers get them off!

Ox Drover

It’s funny to me that we have so many “laws” and “rules” in place now but not ONE OF THOSE LAWS OR RULES HAS STOPPED A SINGLE CRIME FROM BEING COMMITTED.

We have drug free zones around schools. We have gun free zones around schools.

It is against the law to rob.

It is against the law to rape.

It is against the law to murder.

But funny, writing a law against something does NOT stop it from being done.

Criminals in general I think do not fear jail. They never think they will get caught. They are special.

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