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Co-workers didn’t identify a sociopath, but knew something was wrong

con manIt reads like a typical Lovefraud story, where a guy seduces a woman with claims of love, financial stability, and even military service in the Special Forces. But the story is posted on Reddit, and it wasn’t posted by the victim, but by one of her co-workers at a big box retailer.

The co-worker posts:

She recently meets a guy on OKCupid (let’s call him Miguel). Miguel claims to live in a bigger city than ours, an hour away (we are in the middle of nowhere in Kansas) and that he is 35 years old, also claims to be a virgin, and takes an interest in Jane.

They chat for a while, and she’s very excited. Once they establish a fondness for eachother, he claims that he has a $250K in savings, and a job at Cessna that pays $65 an hour. He has a nice apartment and 2 cars, one of which is a ’69 Dodge Charger. (Sounds too good to be true, right? We all agree. Everyone, but her.)

They agree to meet for a first date, and he says he’ll drive down here to see her. While driving down here, he claims to get into an accident on the interstate and is left hospitalized. Jane is devastated, the rest of us (who she was telling this to) all just assume that he was lying to her and this was his way of getting out of the date and her finding out that he was scum. We didn’t think there’d be any more communication afterwards. We were wrong.

The story goes on, describing behaviors that we would all recognize as typical of a sociopath trying to seduce and control a new target. The co-workers actually become fearful for Jane — the only thing they can figure out is that the woman’s life is in danger because she’s about to become a victim of human trafficking.

This post is a really interesting look at how deception and manipulation appears to someone on the outside.

My co-worker may soon be a victim of human trafficking, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.



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Read the post and comments on Reddit, and this really affirms that if your date’s life sounds like a SOAP OPERA, that is a sign he’s a sociopath.

She’s lucky to have caring co-workers who stood by her side, instead of bolting and running!

She needs to become a regular Love Fraud reader, read every book she can about sociopathology and participate in Mary Ann’s bimonthly teleconference. She also needs to get counseling with a counselor who is familiar with sociopathology.

This isn’t a quick fix, as she’s very lonely, and I understand that, but she needs to give dating a rest and stay away from Internet dating. Instead, she should double date with one of her TRUSTWORTHY co-workers.

Hope she realizes how LUCKY she is to have co-workers and church members looking out for her.

Sounds she also needs to work on her self-esteem, as well.

Thank you to ALL of you for sticking by her!

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