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Convicted con artist Patrick Giblin again pleads guilty to scamming women

Patrick M. Giblin

Patrick M. Giblin

Patrick Giblin, 52, formerly of Ventnor, New Jersey, yesterday pleaded guilty to scamming more than 10 women out of $15,000 to $40,000.

Giblin did this between January 2013 and December 2014 while on parole for previously scamming 132 women out of $320,241. Here’s Lovefraud’s original coverage of the story:

Patrick Giblin trolls phone dating lines, taking money from 132 women, on

According to U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman, Giblin’s most recent adventures in phone scamming went like this:

From January 2013 to Dec. 16, 2014, Giblin allegedly posted advertisements and messages on telephone dating services throughout the United States. Giblin cultivated a telephone rapport with the women he spoke to on these services, falsely claimed that he would be relocating or travelling to the woman’s geographic area, and falsely represented that he wished to pursue a committed, romantic relationship with each woman.

He then lied to the women about needing a loan, which he never intended to repay, for relocation or travel expenses. Giblin received money from the women he spoke to on the dating services via interstate wire services such as Western Union and MoneyGram. Giblin also directed women to transfer money through one of these services onto a payroll/debit card that he used. Giblin used some of his victims’ money in order to purchase airtime minutes for cellular telephones, which he in turn used to defraud additional women.

In October 2014, Giblin travelled from Atlantic County, New Jersey, to Albany County, New York. Giblin, who was on federal supervised release from a previous conviction, was not allowed to leave the state. While traveling in New York, Giblin continued to defraud women and used money he received from women to purchase additional airtime minutes and contact more women.

As part of his plea agreement yesterday, Giblin will be sentenced to five years. But after the five years are up, he’ll probably go right back to scamming women. It’s all he knows how to do.



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It’s been a couple years since I’ve posted. As my username explains, I’m a male victim of a female abuser. I sometimes feel like I should post more often as I almost never see male victims of women.

I did the right thing by having ZERO contact from the moment I knew I had been duped. SHE is the one who turned this whole thing into a “romance scam” just for the thrill of the lie. There were NEVER any sparks flying between the two of us even though she is extremely attractive.

And yes, she “BECAME just what I wanted in a significant other” as all the experts will tell you……non-smoker, frugal saver, good mother, hard worker, kind to others, etc…..ALL LIES…..I found out from the other office workers: “are you kidding me? She ‘smoked us under the table’ EVERY DAY!” She knew just when she would be seeing me and carried smoke neutralizer spray…..Gotta keep up the CON to get the big prize, after all, now, DON’T we?

Then, 27 months went by with complete, successful NO contact. She showed up a couple days ago intentionally, just for a sick thrill, knowing I would see her. Her daughter turned 18 and her mom (the psychopath) purposely moved her to an apartment where she KNEW I would see them all around the place…..She purposely is driving and parking THE CAR I BOUGHT HER so I will see it and be reminded of her “great achievement” in life of LYING to obtain ill-gotten goods.

All the pain and rage came flooding back. I managed to live through the hell she caused and thought I nearly had it beat back (although I don’t believe I will EVER be the same)…. I suffered unspeakable pain throughout 2015-16. I KNEW in my heart of hearts she’d show up again, somehow some way, but, you’re never really prepared for it. Believe me, the “money” part is only about ONE percent of the hell I’ve endured.

I was conned out of about $33,000 in 2014 between the nearly new, fully-loaded sedan and 8 grand in cash. I endured a 15-month long series of pure lies via text, mostly. I still can’t figure for the life of me why the attorney I met with told me I didn’t have a case and refused to take the case. He even warned me that if I go to the police, I could get in deep trouble, myself, for FILING A FALSE POLICE REPORT!

The convict in the above article allegedly used dating services to operate his cons. She uses Facebook. She tells WELL over 1000 “friends” that it’s “just her and the kids” and the constant refrain, we “can’t make ends meet”, “the kids are sick (autism to MS–LIES!)” Well, I don’t even USE Facebook at all. I happened to be a “walk up” customer. She had “everyone” believing her daughter was so sick with MS, they were “just keeping her comfortable until the end” (today, “miraculously”, the now plump 18-year-old is healthy enough to move into an apartment with her boyfriend)…

…..Every Spring, she took “donations” (straight into her pocket) at the MS “Rally for a Cure” and even printed up T-shirts…..

Imagine my horror (after all the love bombing for over a year) when I found out she drove her new car straight home to her husband of 10-plus years…..after insisting it was just poor, poor pitiful her and the kids….Oh, how I wish I could post her name.

I feel like I’ve been walking a tightrope for the last 2.5 years because she (they) knows where I live. She even agreed to travel to an exotic vacation spot with me, which, thank GOD, I canceled!!!…. and I believe to the depths of my being that she was going to have her sleazy, low-life husband ROB my residence while we would be gone just so I would have been “violated” on top of being “violated” on top of being “violated”……Yes. A truly pathetic, upright-walking serpent, she is.

Sometimes, the ONLY saving grace I can rely on, is knowing that she was “born this way” and cannot even “help it”…..


VictimOfFemale, WOW…I’m so sorry that you were entangled into this evil sociopaths woman’s web of deception. What a nightmare you endured!!

You have been triggered for sure today by seeing this nightmare of a woman in your neighborhood. So glad that you came here to Lovefraud to vent. It really does helps to vent everything out to people who too endured a sociopath’s betrayal. Keep coming here to vent.

My suggestion to you is to move asap! I know this is the last thing you want to do but with her so close, you just never know what she is plotting…sociopaths are ALWAYS plotting to suck past victims back into their scams because they know it worked the first time.

Also I would suggest you got to Lowes or Home depot & buy a home security system until you are able to move. You can look on their sites…they have home security systems for just a door or just a window for around $15 or a whole system starting around $100. These types of systems just screw into the door frame or window frame and take batteries. The only down side is when they go off a security company does not call you. But with computers today maybe their is a system that will alert your phone.??

Glad you vent! And also glad you know she is a sociopath (or psychopath) and you found Lovefraud.

Take care.


VictimOfFemale, ps. you state: “…and I believe to the depths of my being that she was going to have her sleazy, low-life husband ROB my residence while we would be gone..”


Google” “Oprah Gavin Debecker you tube” to watch their video about always listening to your gut!!

Gavin Debecker is the author of The Gift of Fear…worth your time to read. Your local library may have this book. Also Gavin Debecker has more videos on you tube.

Just remember Sociopaths love to mess with people to have fun so they are not bored!!


J7, Thanks. I need ALL the “shoulders” to cry on I can get….Yes, I am convinced the spath was going to text her husband while the 2 of us would’ve been gone, so he could burglarize my residence.

Luckily, one day back when she was still scamming me in ’14, we were in my driveway and I pointed over to my neighbor’s window and said, “that lady is CONSTANTLY sitting at that window, watching every little thing that goes on around here”. I believe that comment did a lot.

Speaking of her “secret” husband, I took this precious little “wonderwoman” on a date to an NBA playoff game (Spring of ’14). We sat near the court in expensive seats. Only the best for MY date! She had the kid sitting next to us snap a photo of the 2 of us “at the ‘ol ball game”….Later, (ya know, when ya relive all the psychopaths actions? and put 2 and2 together? ) I am QUITE confident she promptly forwarded the pic to her husband while at the game! Isn’t THAT nice? As if to say, “here’s our latest victim, fellow psycho!!!! be home soon!!!” She had absolutely ZERO interest in the game OR the date, but, WAS willing to “sacrifice” for the big prize later! (a CAR, which came about 40 days later–yippee!) (She always had “cover” for her disinterest and aloofness: Sick kids about to die-HA! and can’t pay the bills, etc-HA! LIES!)

I wouldn’t be on here venting right now if she hadn’t PURPOSELY put herself back into my world just recently. Thankfully, I have transferred! It takes effect next week. It’s not far away and there’s a chance she could “discover” me there, but, if she does, I will transfer OUT OF STATE next time. SHE’S THAAAAAAAT AWFUL and I don’t WANT to because my mother is healthy but now into her 80s…. but, again, this psycho is THAAAAAAAAAT AWFUL


VictimofFemale, I truly sympathise with you. What also hurts and disappoints me the most is the fact that there are hardly any legal consequences for these scumbags!
Mine was in a relationship with me for over a year, planning to get married to me this spring . Turned out that he forged all the divorce papers he presented me with, including all the signatures and court stamps ! No consequences at all , got 2 lawyers (I wonder who is paying for them as he apparently never had any money) and the forgery charges were dropped by the prosecutor…
He deliberately tried to infect me with a STI (thanks God unsuccessfully). He lied about being on suppressive therapy to minimise the risk of passing it to me . He lied about his doctor’s appointments and collecting prescriptions! When I told him that I knew he was trying to pass the disease to me he said “well I was ordering the drugs online from Mexico”!
So, I have no case here either because at the end of the day he did not infect me . And even if he did I wouldn’t be able to sue as I live in another country.
I believe he violated his concealed gun permit by running with a loaded gun in the middle of the night around the holiday cottage and then claiming he did not remember doing it! His wife who he made pregnant while being with me and pretending to be divorced , doesn’t want to know anything! I sent her a book about sociopaths and stated that he is a dangerous man , told her she can contact me any time if she wants more information. No contact from her whatsoever!
She is divorcing him now but that’s hardly a punishment for his actions because I believe that would have happened sooner or later anyway!
I also believe he might have travelled to England to meet me on a fake passport but I can’t check it as I don’t have his social security number.
He even got my teenage daughter involved in his sick games and made her believe that she would be my bridesmaid, forced me tell my ex husband that I was getting married to him !
The sickness pity play is so familiar as well! Mine was apparently always ill. From simple upset stomach to polyneuropathy and even brain damage !
And like you stated in your post ,the amount of money I spent on him (paying for him everywhere and buying stuff for him )and the travel doesn’t even worry me that much! The fact that he won’t pay any price for his actions and there will be no legal consequences for him upsets me the most! And I know that his family and quite likely the soon to be ex wife are covering up for him allowing him to feel above the law and conning other unsuspecting victims !


Hi Donna, there is a new series on the Bravo Channel called “ Imposter”. The woman ends up marrying a young man then proceeds to charge up his credit cards, steals his savings account money & then flees but not before leaving him a video message telling him he is a “nice guy, if he were not this probably would not have happened to him”. Not sure if she is a sociopath, narcissist or hooked up with a gang thieves run by a sociopath?? It’s differently Lovefraud!!

If you look on their Facebook page they have posted a long trailer to give you a good sense of the show.


the Imposter = on Bravo Tuesday at 10 E/9C



Consider committing to no contact. You mentioned that she knew you would see her. If you commit to not ever seeing her no matter what, she may sense this and leave you alone. In my situation, when I was finally done with my ex psychopath in my own mind, he left me alone.

For most victims, maintaining no contact is the surest best way to heal. It’s normal for you to feel anger from being betrayed. You can’t change her nor change the past, but having absolutely no contact is something you can do to protect yourself from more pain and stress.


Yes. I agree. No contact is the best way to heal. Thank you for the words. It WAS working until she PURPOSELY appeared again. It really ticks me off when I try to explain the story and people walk away thinking “uhhh, yeah, that’s HIS side of the story, but, we ALL know there’s HER side, too” This WHOLE ordeal is 100% ONE-SIDED. I am a person who minds his own business and keeps his head down and works hard for a living.

I can’t believe I had made it 47 years on this planet WITHOUT encountering THIS level of EVIL. The closest thing I can remember is a kid in my grade school who lied constantly. One day, we all traded papers to grade the other person’s spelling words. He erased letters out of my words and added incorrect ones. I KNEW I had a perfect score and was furious to see that several words were marked as wrong. I was SO relieved as I brought it to the teacher’s attention and she looked at me for a long 5 seconds and said, “I believe you.” (My nickname, after all, was “Super Speller”…You could even see the erase marks and a different pencil lead had added the wrong letters) I think that was a very KEY moment in my life. Perhaps it taught me that EVIL can’t prevail over me?

About 18 years went by. I saw the guy at a ball game, called him by his FULL name and he answered to it. I told him exactly what school we went to and even brought up the famous spelling word changing incident of ’74.

“Uhh. Sorry. You got the wrong guy”….I KNEW he was lying. I just walked away shaking my head. I didn’t think I’d run into a life-changing MONSTER WOMAN when I was 47.

Thanks again to all who comment and reply.

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