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Date Differently: How to recognize, escape and heal from sociopaths


DAndersen_72dpi_250x250Donna Andersen is today’s featured interview in this important series for women:

Spot the Frogs and Find the Prince
How to Date Differently and Create the Love You Crave

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to spot the Red Flags of Love Fraud
  • Why women don’t listen to warnings about romantic partners
  • Risk factors that make women vulnerable to sociopaths
  • Three steps for protecting yourself from sociopaths
  • The surprising silver lining of being involved with a sociopath

This is a great interview packed with information. It is available FREE online, but only until April 19. So if you want to hear it, sign up today.

Spot the Frogs and Find the Prince
How to Date Differently and Create the Love You Crave



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I can’t tell you enough how much I learned from this site. So many of you helped me and although I am moved past my horrific experience i still read these posts and articles. .

It is so scary these creatures walk the earth


I hate the analogy of “Prince Charming”//// sorry, but I do.

It was based on a Disney fairy tale that ‘assumes’ that all young girls are looking for this ‘prince’. WTF?

It maddens me to see this come up so many times. No such person exists…at all. Like Sea World, which corrupts and tortures animals, the ‘legend’ of a Prince Charming should go down the drain.


You DO know that this is 2016???


2016? I don’t think the year has much to do with it! I think unchanging human nature has everything to do with it! “Hope springs eternal in the human whatsit,” and all the rest of it. People are always hoping for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too, even if that doesn’t exist either.

Don’t forget, it’s not just females who are so often on the lookout for their Prince Charming. It’s men as well who are hoping for that ideal “dream girl” to turn up. (And, just as often, getting screwed by her. But not always, by any means.)

The only thing that’s changed is that it doesn’t seem to be as fashionable to ADMIT to these aspirations any more. Superficially at least, cynicism is the order of the day. It’s 57 years since Bobby Darin sang that oldie:

So I don’t have to dream alone…

But if we go to YouTube and inspect the comments people have posted under it, many of them teenagers, scads of them still hold true to that old dream (for better or worse), while rejecting the cynical trash that passes for much of our “music” today.

If romance has been on the wane, as far as music goes, in my view it all started to go downhill way back in 1977 when Kiss sang “Christine, Sixteen.” As a tribute to their own “dream lover,” the song started off conventionally enough. “She drives me crazy… Can’t live without her,” and so forth. Just the same, for centuries past, most traditional love songs have had nice words to say about the loved one. “Sweet Sue, five foot two, eyes of blue, she’s my candy girl, earth angel,” and things like that. What did Kiss have to say by way of recommending young Christine to their listeners?

“She’s been around, but she’s young and clean!”

Now what kind of way to serenade your lady love is that? They made it sound like they were selling a used car! A line like that drives a stake clean through the heart of romance!

Still, though it may be 2016 (and some things have gone further downhill in the forty years since then), and despite the shortcomings of much of today’s music, the romantic dream is still alive and well in the hearts of many. And as long as people look before they leap, I’m not going to be the one to kill it.


I met a guy. Known him for a year. Haven’t kissed him, haven’t done the other thing. He comes over every Saturday. He comes over and helps me out with things and then he goes home. I am getting a little more attracted as time goes on.

But, between you and me. Not only is he short, but his shoe size looks to be about a size 5 or size 6. You KNOW HE ain’t got no….

I am so tired of waiting three years before I have sex, and just to find out the guy has a pinky finger size weenie. I refuse to go there!!!!

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