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John Robert Charlton arrested for murdering and dismembering woman he met online

John Robert Charlton (

John Robert Charlton (Montana Dept of Corrections)

John Robert Charlton, 37, of Washington State, has been arrested in the gruesome murder and dismemberment of a woman whom he met online.

A Seattle-area homeowner found body parts in his recycling bin, which were later identified as belonging to Ingrid Lyne, 40, a nurse and mother of three children from Renton, Washington.

Lyne went with Charlton to a Seattle Mariners baseball game on Friday, April 8. She was reported missing the next morning.

Charlton had a lengthy criminal history. In 2006, his parents filed a restraining order against him. They said he told his mother to watch the movie Hannibal, about a serial killer, and to “beware.”

Grisly details revealed in murder of Renton mom; suspect claimed he was too drunk to remember, prosecutors say, on

Police reveal what suspect said after gruesome slaying of Wash. mom, on

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Why didn’t Ingrid Lynn check on this guy before meeting with him? She could have done this any number of ways…Spokeo, for instance…instant background check including criminal record.

I am blown away by her negligence in this matter…don’t mean to sound harsh, but WTF???

AND SHE HAD CHILDREN. I would be the last person to blame a victim, but this just blows me away.


Why didn’t she do a background check? Probably because the information she had about people in general and the guy she was dating in particular didn’t give her any reason to.

Although it is extremely disturbing and sensational, the odds of something like this happening after a few dates are not very high. (Like airplane crashes make us cautious about flying, when it’s statistically riskier to travel by car mile for mile)

The victim may have met him in public places for the first few dates. She may have felt secure if she met or knew people who knew him but did not know his criminal past. Spaths can be very good at fooling people. The text conversation between the murderer and the victim’s mother indicated that she knew of him and didn’t have a reason to mistrust him.

This morning a repairman came into my home to repair the A/C system. Although they work for a firm that’s been in business for a long time and I think I know something about them, I really don’t know about their background. I could have gotten names and did a background check, but it’s a small risk I’m willing to take rather than to spend the time and money checking up.

The victim in the news account may or many not have been negligent, but I don’t think there is enough info on the steps she took or didn’t take.

Most everybody participating on this site has been deceived and harmed in some way by a spath. They can be very clever. My ex psychopath fed me a lot of information and corroborating sources and people about what a great guy he was, and kept me away from the people who knew of his evil. He is still doing that with his new targets.


You give an excellent example of how sociopaths isolate us. People make an error thinking isolation is about not letting their victim out of the house. But, isolation comes in many forms.

For example, isolation happens when they control INFORMATION, when the sociopath keeps us from speaking to certain people (or keeps others from speaking to us by telling them we are unstable or liars or sick or avoidant, etc).

I did try to affirm (corroborate) what my ex told me was accurate, it wasn’t a lack of seeking on my part. My ex controlled my information and he control other’s information about me. It was ALL about protecting his image. His image was everything to him. Afterall, it’s hard to scam people if the truth is out there.


After I left, my ex had to scramble to get some scams in place to support him. I ran into one of his victims the other day. He [the victim] apologized to me for supporting the ex during the divorce. Apparently the ex scammed him and his relatives out of a LOT of money under the guise of “NoMoreWool did lots of bad things to me boo hoo”. Now that the town is on to him, the ex has moved away. I hope he stays away for good.


I relate a bit, except many people and the system in general are still deceived by my ex psychopath. A couple of folks apologized to me for supporting the ex spath, too. I had almost forgotten, until you mentioned it here.


So true, very good points you make that help with understanding what happened. My ex totally controlled everybody’s information about each other. I summed it up as he lied to others about me and to me about others.
Exactly as you say, the purpose is to deceive and control others – to manipulate others into doing and thinking what you want them to do and think, instead of what they would do and think if they knew the truth.

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