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Documentary reveals the shameless practices of big business divorce

“I think death would be easier than a divorce.”
“People can get as much justice as they can afford. Most people can’t afford any justice.”
“Follow the money”

Divorce Corp, a documentary narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky, will hit theaters in January 2014. The tag line sums it up: Marriage is an institution. Divorce is big business.”

Interviews with divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, judges, and litigants reveal the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry. The film’s creators, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Joseph Sorge, Philip Sternberg and James Scurlock, had no idea when they began their project that they would uncover the dark corner of the judicial system where fiefdoms and tyrants still thrive, where the supreme law of the land is routinely ignored, where children are taken hostage for profit, and where lives are destroyed as a matter of course called “Family Law.”

Divorce Corp is the not only the name of the film but also the name of the organization that created it a nationwide grassroots movement to reform the US family law system.

Divorce Corp movie trailer

More about Divorce Corp, the company and the movement

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Being married to a sociopath is hell on earth…divorcing one is the bottom of hell on earth.

The divorce lawyers (& the Judges) do not care about the client or what the victim endured during the marriage…sadly the lawyers want to drag the divorce on as long as they can all for profit while it emotionally continues to break down the victim even further because she/he is still connected to their abuser. I have witnesses my soon to be ex h literally mind control, trance and manipulate EVERYONE including the judge in the court house (he especially loves using “pity play” with them) , it just goes to show that anyone can be sucked into a sociopaths web of destruction without even knowing it. Thank you for posting this Donna it’s good to know that others see the truth in the court system.

Donna check out there is an article posted on there today (12/14/13) that caught my attention and you also might be interested in it too, brace yourself the title is (I kid you not): ” I’m a high-flying lawyer on £150,000 per year – and it’s all because I’m a psychopath! Woman claims mental condition is secret of her success”.

I wish the Daily Mail would interview this “high-flying lawyer’s” long list of victims that she has left behind it would definitely give a more accurate picture of this female psychopath’s lack of character and abusive ways. ps just to let you know also that the Daily Mail site only post a few responses at the bottom of the article and they are all monitored and I doubt (sadly) that they would post a educated response such as yours to their article, if you are interested in responding to them it might be better if you desire to write a response and send it to the editor of the paper via email, maybe they will do an article on your info to fully educate their readers on the truth about psychopaths destruction. just cut/clip the article name then do a search on the daily mail site for the article.

Well, whaddaya know? Although the salary this woman brags about was quoted in pounds sterling, the subject of that Daily Mail article is the same person calling herself by the pseudonym “M. E. Thomas” that Donna wrote an article about back in May. She’s the same spiteful hag who boasts, among other things, that she enjoys “ruining people”! Obviously she’s someone to avoid like the plague! Here’s Donna’s original article about her:

Confessions of a Sociopath

And since I’ve noticed a problem with the Daily Mail’s mechanism for listing articles from previous days, here for convenience is their own article from last Friday:

I’m a high-flying lawyer on £150,000 per year

Hey Jan7, thank you for the note about the article in the dailymail with the psychopath BRAGGING about being a disordered KOOK!!

How characteristic of that personality disorder that they violate people on every possible level–even possibly violating their own — sworn to — professional code of ethics–and then parade out their reprehensible behavior as a badge of honor!

It’s so textbook, it’s laughable!

The trait of feeling they are “above the law” and the impulsivity of the risk taking behavior of taking advantage of their training and license to decieve people and then be proud of it!

One can only hope that their cause and effect loop comes around to tighten up on their playing fast and loose with the practice of legal procedure.

It’s thieves like these who gain control of powerful positions through their machinations that bring about the destabilizing of proper and prudent practices designed to prevent harm from destroying people’s lives.

But kooks just don’t *get it*. They lack the capacity for empathy that is an attribute of the advanced and evolved human being.

Kooks are developmental throwbacks that insidiously infect the community and society with their noxious and predatory ways.

That’s why they make us all shudder in horror as we watch their creepy moves!

But as they say, forewarned is forearmed. They are in our world. Everyday. And we must endeavor to identify, corrall and then body swerve away from these emotional and energy vampires.

And hey! Let’s look on the bright side! At least when they wear their neon sign saying KOOK HERE!!, we can take notice and distance, distance, distance!!!

The lawyer for my divorce (which went on 2 years) charged me 35k and when I told him I had serious concerns over the way he had failed to include some issues in the mediation, he wrote to me
“firing me” as a client. I had to pay a new lawyer to conclude my divorce and meanwhile, the original lawyer sent me an email saying he wanted to take me back as a client. (ha, billed me for that email, too!)

I refused to go back to this man. On the last bill he ever sent me, there were three repetitive charges with the same listing of:
services rendered for mediation, i.e., pay thrice for one service.
I called to question his clerk who bills and was reminded to pay in full very soon or else they would call a collection specialist.
I had always paid this firm before the due date. I made $28 per hour for my job as an RN and he made $250 an hour, but I had pulled monies from a small inheritance left to me by my mom. If it weren’t for my mom, I would have no divorce. It was called the good ole’ boys network of lawyers in the city from which I finally obtained a divorce. They had a habit of telling a client that the docket was just so full that one should expect at least a year delay to make it there. Meanwhile, guess who bills for that year?
A common tactic was to tell a client that the lawyer was too busy to attend a matter and the client would be helped by a young associate in the firm. Said associate would not know one’s case and furthermore, keep one sitting for a couple of hours in their office going over the same information but in a different manner.
Bills come for all those non-productive hours. It is much like the Tom Cruise movie “The Firm”.. lying in hours spent on one’s case and over-billing which is difficult to prove.

This is a timely topic as lawyers seem to be protected against consumer complaints. In contrast, if a surgeon botches up one’s body, he/she will be sued asap by the ambulance-chasing lawyers who advertise heavily on TV and in the Yellow Pages.

It’s hell enough divorcing a social path, but having an attorney as a social path and financially being unable to get another attorney was a whole new level of hell. Years after, I can’t even think about my divorce without getting physically ill. The attorney that was suppose to protect me screwed me worse than my ex did!!!! I feel so violated!!! My attorney set everything up so I couldn’t retaliate to file a complaint. Oh, the lies and manipulation, the horrendous financial drain! It must be really fun for them. There is no where to go, nothing you I can do. I can only hope it won’t happen to someone else, but I’m afraid that is wishful thinking.

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