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Does my psychopath miss me?

Editor’s note: The following article refers to male psychopaths. Women can also be sociopaths, psychopaths and other disordered individuals.

Does my sociopath/psychopath miss me?

The short answer is “no.” The qualified answer is “yes, in appearance, but only as long as you can afford him.”

Since psychopaths are unable to have true feelings, once you are removed from his picture, you are gone forever. Somebody else with financial security will replace you, and then when the money is gone or things go sour, somebody else will replace that person.

Psychopaths, we know, are not able to feel gratitude, love, loyalty or any kind of guilt or remorse that could tie him to you.  During the time of the relationship (where you are responsible for most expenses) he will fake care or love for you, and he may even try to procreate with you to ensure his wellbeing in the future.  His familial devotion will cease once it becomes necessary for him to provide a steady, permanent share of finances.  Money usually goes to support his hobbies, his sustenance, his gym, his entertainment, his grooming, that is, himself.

Because of a suspected affliction with ADD, psychopaths are generally unable to obtain the skills necessary to make a living, resorting instead to “hoover” others, until they are declared persona-non-grata and/or are unmasked.

When they are able to get a paying job, however, they are extremely selfish with their own-made monies, being notoriously cheap, as opposite to being extremely generous with somebody else’s “moola.”

Because we spend so much positive energy with our psychopaths, because we love them so much as a reflection of our own needs, we would like to think that they secretly love us and wish they could come back to us, changed, if possible. But reality proves the contrary:  they are disordered folk only concerned with themselves. Unless you win the lottery.  Then, they will come back at the speed of light.




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All I can say, to this, is you’ll be missed when you first QUIT being available to him, giving him unlimited sex, providing some service (which he will say, is hurting HIM). Or perhaps money loans. The first NO or two will bring a reaction..guaranteed. If you stick to your guns, and say NO to repeated tries; he may whine, cry copious tears, yell, scream profanities, DEMAND what he feels you will OWE HIM, badmouth you to ALL of your friends, his friends (if he has any), anyone you work with. Then, he’ll just one will know what or where he went. Just gone. If I had had the courage to stand up for myself, listened to my intuition early on, this is what he would have done, with me. No apologies, no remorse, just GONE. (and later after the fallout, you would come to know how close you came to disaster, which I wish now, I had done).

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