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Dr. James Kauffman: military fraud and drug dealer, hired a hit man to murder his wife

A few weeks ago, ABC 20/20 broadcast a show about the murder of April Kauffman in 2012. Last year, her husband, Dr. James Kauffman, was charged with hiring a hit man to shoot her in their home. In January, James Kauffman hanged himself while in prison awaiting trial.

The crime took place in Linwood, New Jersey, which is practically in my back yard, so I’ve been reading the news coverage for years. I began to suspect that the good doctor was a psychopath early on — when he remarried shortly after his wife’s death and tried to collect on her insurance policy.

Yesterday, a new story came out — James Kauffman had claimed to be a military hero, serving in the Vietnam war. Apparently that’s one reason why April found him attractive. Well, all his stories of heroism in battle were false. Just like my psychopathic ex-husband, James Montgomery, Kauffman never served in the military.

James Kauffman’s fake military service factored into wife’s murder, warrant says, on

For the whole story, watch the ABC 20/20 show online.

ABC 20/20: Family Secrets

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Sadly, April Kauffman’s abandonment issues with her family of origin, set her up to be involved with this cruel sociopath. It is amazing that this “bottomless pit” narcissist, had to pretend to be a military hero, even though he was an outstanding doctor.

Often we have “open wounds,” from early childhood, that we are often unaware of, that impact us in adulthood.

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