Empathy among college students declines

A recent study analyzed data about 14,000 college students collected over 30 years. The shocking findings: today’s college students are 40 percent lower in empathy than students from 20 or 30 years ago.

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The job market sounds like it is opening up to you and I see and hear that to be a reflection of your new and renewed hope and confidence in yourself. A result of bitter learning, but a result no less.

True tears are no measure of truth and buckets of them do not add up to a sip of real tenderness nor bond when they come from the disordered. And sad that the true measure of what they are comes from the bottomless despair of the victims. It galls me that there is no retribution for this, but there isn’t and unless there was a dedication of a lifetime to fixing the problems. there won’t be.

Donna, Kudos here to you and to Dr. Leedom for choosing that work. Many of us in survival mode wish we could do more, but understand that to support this and you may be all for now.
One day, the grassroots on this will swell and burst. It is the way of things and these are early days. Oprah Notwithstanding.

One, to come back to the location in process, Nature will take its course with all, but technology like the voice recognition software should help you get back your communications without pain. I am interested in knowing more about how it works.

Survival will make the most difference and I look forward to a HUGE HUZZAH for the gain of employment for you. And if this one doesn’t work out, the HUGE HUZZAH will be given for your progress and determination. You have not, nor will NOT lose anything.

Sending your way the ripening energy and warmth of this season to your healing and gain.


silver –

I so do wish we could have tea.

the speech reco. software is still refusing to install properly. will talk to the friend who gave it to me this week.

one step

Tea is good. Skype?
Donna has permission to give you my contact information.



Silver – yes.
I’ll contact Donna.

one step

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