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From trauma to Pro Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos overcame unthinkable trauma as a child to become a magician, motivational speaker, and a successful professional football player.

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Ox Drover

Thanks for posting this, Donna. We all need some “feel good news” once in a while for sure! Christmas day is one of those days we do! LOL Thanks.

That young man is very wise…there are just some things we will never know the answers to, and in his case, why his father did what he did, and why his father’s family never contacted him after the trial…

I’m sorry about the cancer gene, but at least he can now get tested. He did get the important things from his genes and his environment though, and that is a conscience and some good sense! Those two things together make for a good life.


I read some articles online about this family tragedy. The father, Alan Dorenbos, is out of prison. All three of his kids have nothing to do with their dad. In one article, Jon said that during his father’s trial, his dad looked at him with this cold, black stare. Jon said that he hasn’t tried contacting his father and vice versa. He also said that he never wanted revenge and that he has forgiven his father. Amazing story.

Ox Drover

Here’s some links about the murder and the trial.

It is interesting the “different” opinions of what kind of a man he was that came from family members and from co-workers. He obviously masked some of his traits with people he was less intimate with.

The more I read about the man the more he sounds Spathy!

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