Genetically prone to cheating

People who have a particular gene, scientists have found, are more likely to cheat on a romantic partner.

Read The love-cheat gene: One in four born to be unfaithful, claim scientists on

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nolonger – i read an article by marianne williamson about weight. she has a new book out about food and weight. i am not a marianne williamson fan to say the least, but what i read really touched me (so much so that i wasn’t able to do a writing exercise she suggested…it freaked me out. but i know i will circle back around to it, after my internal system calms down a bit.)

one-I’m no familiar with her at all. I’ll have to look her up. I read a great book by Jackie Warner, my favorite trainer, called “This Is Why You’re Fat”. It was good. I’m going to get the armband called bodymedia that they where on the biggest loser. It gives you all sorts of info about your calorie requirement and how much you burn. etc. and it also monitors the quality of your sleep. I’m going to look up Marianne Williamson.

The sociopath that abused me physically and emotionally and emptied out my bank accounts is a Methodist preacher. The way our situation was revealed to me was through his cheating ways. He dated several women even while we were married and dared me to say something. I was scared to talk about it because he would threaten divorce or say something he was going to do to the children or just get out of control with his anger. I don’t understand why a sociopath has a tendancy to want several women at the same time. Can someone explain that to me?

(Skylar raises her hand and waves it frantically)
Everything they do is about winning, but not winning fair. Only winning by cheating is fun. They keep a score board in their stupid little heads and they keep track of how much they gave vs. how much they get.
Example, you might not approve of this, but I often gave my exP permission to stray. From the beginning I actually encouraged it. I’m not that stupid anymore, but I wanted to be sure he was happy (it’s more complicated, and convoluted than that, but you get the picture) For the last 15 years we didn’t share a bed.
He swore he had no interest in anyone else. But he was cheating the whole time, from day one. Why didn’t he just tell me? BECAUSE IT WOULDN’T BE CHEATING.
Remember the score board? He counts that as a win for him a lose for me. It’s a game to them and that’s how it’s played. Every time you believe a lie, that’s another score. When they make you show emotion, that’s a big score.
They are obsessed with getting more than they deserve because they think they deserve it all for being so smart and being ABLE to cheat. When you ask them WHY did you do it, they say, “Because I can.” That proves to them that they are superior. Their little fragile egos need that proved to them over and over again. As soon as the game is over, they need more proof. More women, more cheating.
So you can see the circular logic:
they cheat because they can, they can because they are superior, they are superior because they cheat…

And it’s all fun and games till they get hurt! Then watch the wailing, anger and hatred come out! Lately I’ve been really observing people around me at work. The woman who just “slimed” me asked for me to be “friends” with her on facebook…lol Why can’t she be “friends” with me now, here in real life? Because she wants to find out about me to use info against me I think. I don’t trust people anymore.

Hi Ana,
Oh yes, once you cause a narcissistic injury: There will be blood!
How did she slime you?
It’s hard to trust anymore for me too. The red flags are our first line of defense, but they’re everywhere.


the first time i pushed back against the sock puppets, a howl rang out. of course, i didn’t know they were sock puppets at the time – i thought they were shitty friends and family – but boooy did she get nasty. i put up with it for about 2 months from one of them, and about 2 seconds from the next. you know, if she hadn’t howled and snarled she could have strung me on longer..but then, they are not necessarily able to maintain the con when the n. wound becomes more important.

that’s an interesting dynamic – that switch that flips between win win win (because they are being successful at conning), to being wounded and lashing out when they feel they are not successful at the con. why does it tip? when does it tip? what’s the dynamic?


from the article at the beginning of this thread – ‘In cases of uncommitted sex, the risks are high, the rewards substantial and the motivation variable ”“ all elements that ensure a dopamine “rush”.’ so , they are low in dopamine……can’t tell you the way the sock puppets went on about needing dopamine to literally be able to live.

so, she knows a bit about herself. never said she was stupid…just evil.

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