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Genevieve Kelley fled to save her daughter, now goes to jail

Genevieve Kelley

Genevieve Kelley (holding flowers) with supporters. (Facebook)

In 2004, Genevieve Kelley of New Hampshire fled the United States with her daughter, Mary Nunes, then eight years old. Kelley said that her ex-husband, Mark Nunes, was sexually abusing the girl. New Hampshire authorities said the charges were unfounded.

Genevieve felt that the only way she could save her daughter was to leave. For more than 10 years, they lived in Costa Rica, along with Genevieve’s new husband, Scott Kelley.

Arrest warrants were issued for Genevieve and Scott Kelley.

Genevieve returned to the United States last November, and Scott returned in April. Both were arrested and convicted of custodial interference. Scott Kelley served five months. On Monday, Genevieve reported to the county jail in New Hampshire to begin serving a 10-month sentence.

Her daughter, Mary, is now 18 years old, and the court can no longer force her to see her father.

Genevieve’s attorney is Alan Rosenfield of Colorado, whom I met at a Battered Mothers Custody Conference a few years ago. Rosenfield said his client had no choice but to flee to protect the child’s safety, according to the Daily Beast.

“I was glad to have had the opportunity to meet Mary in Costa Rica,” Rosenfield said, according to People Magazine. “She is a wonderful, loving human being and Scott and Genevieve saved her life by their actions.”

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Read beyond the headline. Notice the inconsistencies. Read the NY Times link. You will see that the REAL Sociopath here is probably Genevieve Kelley. Look at the facts. Mother was ordered to go through a psych eval. SHE NEVER COMPLETED IT. Instead, she FLED THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. Father won custody. Look at this from the other side and you’ll see that the probability is that MOTHER IS THE REAL SOCIOPATH.

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